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(Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II XR-8 Airsoft Gun (OD)
[02454 / SDGE0621OD]
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by A. JAFFE Date Added: Friday 17 December, 2010
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II XR-8 Airsoft Gun (OD)
Product Information:
For starters, I purchased this gun elsewhere due to lower prices. Also, as of this date, the Gen II's, to my knowledge, are no longer in stock, however Gen III's are on the way, so save up for those.

I bought this gun for 160 dollars, and I've got to say it was very much worth it. For this price, of course, it has it's up's and down's, but overall I love it. Not only is it very unique, but it is, to my knowledge, the only good XM8 produced (not counting kits for a G36, I'm talking pre-made XM8).

The TSD XM8 is constructed of ABS plastic. Not the strongest, and it creaks and groans occasionally, but so far no major bending or breaking, very soundly constructed. The gun comes with a 3X scope, but I fount this relatively useless, due to the extremely short eye relief, extra weight, and lack of proper adjustment/focus. So, I've removed the scope and installed a red dot on the rails located beneath it, which is working out fine. Also, after removing the scope, the flip up iron sights actually have some use. They are relatively accurate for being non-adjustable, and as a back up I'd trust them. The stock is retractable, but be warned, it is LOUD. I cannot emphasize how loud this is to adjust. Do it pre-game. The battery is located in the front, and I've managed to fit a 9.6 1600 nunchuck with relative ease. Some metal parts: Scope, flip sights, barrel, flash hider, trigger, charging handle/bolt assembly.

Performance on this gun was good, nothing spectacular but for the price not bad at all. ROF with the 9.6 good. The hop up is metal, easy to adjust, and works very well, no feeding issues at all. Effective range for guaranteed semi-automatic shots is approx 80-100 feet, however in short bursts one could easily hit a man sized target at 100+ feet without much trouble. I've gotten hits at around 150 with ease, but in 5-10 shot bursts. FPS is approx 340-360 w/ .2g bb's. I run .25's and they work well.

The gun does have its downfalls, however many of them are minor. I will start off with the major ones. First of all, the ABS plastic, as mentioned, is not of GREAT quality, but unless you smash it against your driveway I see no problems. The stock Hi-caps SUCK. And I really mean, SUCK! They barely feed at all, even after thorough lubrication. Pick up some ECHO 1/JG hicaps or just use midcaps, both will work fine. The battery compartment severely limits the size of the batteries you can use, but the 9.6 i mentioned works fine. Again, the stock is VERY, VERY loud. You don't even know until you try it. But set it pre game and it will be fine. As mentinoed, the scope is not the greatest. But seeing as that scope itself sells for 50+ dollars, its not a bad freebie. Oh, and the flash hider...yeah its pretty ugly. Replace that. M4 style birdcage flashhiders look great on an XM8 (also, the final versions of the prototype used them instead of the HK style, so it adds realism).

Overall, a great gun. However, the price here seems to be rather high... also it is out of stock. Wait for the newer models, they seem promising (new models rumored to include all the variants, i.e. XM8, XM8 C, XM8 LMG). If you can find one in stock and you want something unique but effective, go for it!

Stacking magazines
Adjustable stock
Free 3X scope normally retailing 50+
Looks great in OD
Flip sights
Good ROF w/ 9.6
Some metal parts
VERY unique, turns heads and brings comments everywhere
People will laugh at you thinking you have a BE SM8. This will throw them off guard... little do they know that you in fact have the TSD!

ABS plastic leaves something to be desired. A polymer body would have been nice
3X scope is not the best... but hey its free!
Decent range, but consider a new barrel/ some internal upgrades to bring it up to par
Included hicaps may have just been duds for me, but grab some JG hicaps or midcaps.
Small battery space, but the 9.6 1600 you can cram in there works great
LOUD stock adjustment! Once again, words do not describe. It's almost like they did it just for kicks so you could run around using your stock as a noise maker on the 4th of July.
Flash hider... Good god it's ugly. And a pain to remove. Don't ruin your barrel in the process!
Out of stock, slightly over priced. Again, wait for the new ones. They look promising.
by Z. OLSON Date Added: Monday 08 February, 2010
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II XR-8 Airsoft Gun (OD)
Product Information:
I bought this gun from another site a few weeks ago and have taken it out to the field several times. It's a nice gun with good FPS, good accuracy, and the scope has nice cross-hairs and great magnification. I didn't have problems like others did with the stock coming out of the back- I guess I'm just not pulling hard enough. I had no issues getting the battery in, although I messed up the locking pin because I didn't read on how to pull it out before I actually did. The mags aren't hard to attach, and clip together well. There actually is a 20mm rail if you take off the scope, which takes about 2 minutes with Alan keys. The rail isn't too long, but you can probably attach most of what you would want to put on it.

Good FPS
Great Accuracy
970 Round Capacity
Solid Construction
Takes most Small Type batteries
Flip up Iron Sights

A little bit heavy
Not great maneuverability for under 40 ft engagement
Retractable stock is very loud to adjust, can give away position if done on the field
Iron sights are useless without the scope taken off

Overall a good buy, especially if you're just starting to airsoft.
by A. FELDMEIER Date Added: Saturday 19 September, 2009
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II XR-8 Airsoft Gun (OD)
Product Information:
This was my first actually "good" gun and my main one for quite a while. I loved the look and it worked really well. I never had a miss feed. The scope is also very nice (3x zoom). The fps were good for the price and the accurate was great. Hopup worked really well too (easy to adjust). Overall, this is a very nice gun (especially for the accuracy). I recomend it to people who like good accuracy and don't want to spend too much money.

2 hicap mags
adjustable stock
good fps
very accurate
adjustable scope (3x zoom)
easily accessable fire controle
easy clip removal

stock does come out of socket if your not too carefull when pulling out but you can just put it back in
scope doesn't adjust a lot (enough for me)
plastic mags (still very surrable)
battery a little tricky to get in
useless iron sights unless you remove the scope
does not come with battery or charger
by R. WINDOM Date Added: Saturday 11 April, 2009
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II XR-8 Airsoft Gun (OD)
Product Information:
When i got this gun i was pretty excited. it was a lot bigger than i had expected, but it was lighter than i thought it would be. for an all plastic body and metal internals it is still kind of heavy but not enough to slow you down. the clips are all plastic and have a small trap door for loading. both of mine are broken now being only 4 months old. the clips can snap together. there is no place that sells extra clips so you better be happy with two. the scope is aluminum and able to be sighted in. the rail which the scope is mounted to wiggles and is hard to keep the scope in the place that you sighted it in. the bad part about the scope is that your eye has to be right against the lense in order to have the full field of vision. i had some difficulty with mine but its ok. the stock extends really far out and has a sling attachment point. the fore grip opens along the black part to access the battery and is kept closed with a locking pin. in front of the carry handle is another sling attachment point on each side. right in front of the scope on the carry handle is the front pop up sight. the other one is in front of the carry handle hidden by the plastic with holes. the black cap on the bottom of the handle will partially come off if messed with. the selector switch is metal and clicks firmly into place. btw the scope is rubber coated. the flash hider is metal and can be screwed off after loosening a small bolt under the hider. the charging handle located under the carry handle is pulled back to open the ejection port where the hop-up is. OVERALL NOT A GOOD BUY. YOU COULD FIND A GUN WITH BETTER POWER AND PARTS FOR A LOT CHEAPER. ONLY GET THIS IF YOU WANT AN XM8 AND CANT FIND ONE ANY WHERE ELSE.

metal internals
high clip capacity
adjustable metal scope
pop up sights
good selector switch
fore grip is ergonomic

plastic body
plastic clips which break easily for no reason
scope rail wiggles and pivots, also cant hold other things, carry handle gets in the way
battery i bought dosent fit well and is hard to get in, when take it out the pressure it puts on the black part makes it hard to push the locking pin out

somewhat heavy
longer than what you think
hard to get clips in and out of mag well
barrel can move if pushed
sling mounts dent and chip easily
by M. HAN Date Added: Saturday 13 September, 2008
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II XR-8 Airsoft Gun (OD)
Product Information:
This in my opinion is the best xm8 you can get on the market today.Its price ranges from 150 -250 depending on websites. Great features the are on and come with the gun! 2 470 round mags!!

Its light weight
its not ABS but a composite plastic like the really one
Fps 280-320
Easy breakdown of body
steel gears
m110 spring
aluminum scope
numerious metal parts on gun

Some of its internals like its piston are crap(can be easily replaced)
The scope cant be adjusted...much
limited space for battery
no rails
mags dont feed well into gun
by T. HERMAN Date Added: Friday 18 July, 2008
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II XR-8 Airsoft Gun (OD)
This gun is all around pretty good. It has a few minor issues, but has good things as well. I got the gray version from airsplat and attached rails to it. It is definately the best XM-8 on the market currently, and has all around pretty good quality. I was a little disappointed in the FPS and accuracy, although now I am used to where it shoots and can adjust to the 3x scope.

Pretty solid
3x scope
6 position stock
great feel
470 rd hi cap
hop-up/charging handle
easy to remove flash hider
easy to disassemble
removable stock (if you have an alan key)

only 315-330 fps
sort of inaccurate (even with hop-up)
some wobbling/creaks
useless flip up iron sights
non-removable scope (unless you take apart the whole gun)
I tripped once while playing, and the shock of my fall blew the scope focus off (apparently this part is useless)
a few useless parts
wish it came in black

overall, this gun is, like I have said, pretty good. But no more than that.
by H. SWENHOLT Date Added: Monday 26 May, 2008
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II XR-8 Airsoft Gun (OD)
i have one of these it shoots harder than a ca i sprayed mine black and attached rails to it, attached a m4 flash hider and put on a m203 this gun is realy easy to strip down and also easy to customize.
by E. SCOTT Date Added: Monday 19 May, 2008
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II XR-8 Airsoft Gun (OD)
I just upgraded all of the internals. I got Systema Spring guide, M120 Spring, Piston Head, and nozzle. And got a Deep Fire Piston. It is a beast now I was shooting .25g bb's and hit some people from 100ft they said it stung! But now after using .25 I am going to go back to .2g I am loosing alot of distance with the .25g. I forgot to mention that the battery compartment is in the front of this gun. It for sure fits 8.4 and 9.6 minis I am going to get a 9.6 2000mah crane stock battery. And this gun has a tight bore barrel in it already which is nice. I don't have a chronograph so I don't know exactly how fast its shooting but i know its got to be over 350fps with .25g bb's! (after I upgraded it)
by E. SCOTT Date Added: Tuesday 13 May, 2008
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II XR-8 Airsoft Gun (OD)
I am very pleased with this gun. I had a JG steyr aug that shot about 290-300fps. But now I got this and I am impressed! I didn't buy this gun from here I got it from evike because it was cheaper there.

Two high capacity mags
Collapsible stock
Very well balanced
Metal 3x scope
Flip up metal sights
Metal hop up
Metal clip release
Metal trigger
Metal cocking lever
SRC Super High Torque Motor
Steel Gears and Bushings
Very well shimmed
M110 spring
Reinforced Gearbox

Fps is only about 320 with .2g bbs
Safe/Semi/Full auto selector is a little wobbly to.
Stock all the way extended is a little wobbly but I don't mind.
The black cap that goes on the bottom of the handle wobbles also.
No rails for mounting things
The orange tip on this thing is huge!

Overall I would have to say this is a excellent gun! And for what you are getting for this price is a steal! I am planning on upgrading the internals to around 390fps. I will write another review once I have done that and say how it went. If you have any questions about the gun such as the internals or anything email me at ([email protected])
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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