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Echo 1 STAG-15 Full Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
[02356 / ECHO AEG M4 TC (JP-13)]
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by J. BLAKE Date Added: Tuesday 21 January, 2014
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 Full Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I been using this gun it great i added barrel extension and wow does this gun shoot it really nice


Dont like the full stock hard to sneak around corners
by J. NORRIS verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 01 January, 2013
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 Full Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Very powerful right out of the box, however could, just like any other aeg, use some internal reinforcing. The plastic body however does not like to play well with other upper receivers, be them metal or plastic. Additionally attaching a R.I,S, to the upper just doesnt seem to work, It wont secure the outer barrel. Finally, To whom it may concern front sight is not removable, at least not easily. Hence forth rating of 3 for cutting corners on the plastic body, or at least the quality of the plastic I should say...

Accurate and hard hitting from the box
Metal where it counts
front and back swivel
Mag well has no problems accepting other mag brands
Echo 1 Internals
Plenty of room in the stock for the battery
Detachable carrying handle

Non-removable front sight (Again to whom it may concern)
Plastic body
Other upper receivers typically don't fit to well on the plastic lower
by L. BAKER Date Added: Monday 31 May, 2010
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 Full Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
An amazing gun has yet to disappoint me. This gun shoots hard and fast, it is very easy to take apart extremly easy to upgrade. The only things i recommend you up grade is the hop-up and the barrel, im not saying they are bad but if you want an even better performane get a 6.01 or a 6.03 and a diffrent hop-up unit

very well made
only $170!!
easy to strip down and clean, upgrade, and maintain
everything is metal that needs to be
solid echo 1 gearbox
its an echo 1!!!

non-metal body(but strong enough to drop...trust me)
could use 1 or 2 upgrades
by T. RUGGERE Date Added: Friday 09 April, 2010
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 Full Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
My friend and I just tried out this gun today. Just let me say this thing is a BEAST. The ROF is amazing with the included 8.4. The mag fits nicely and has almost no wobble. Feels nice, about 6.5 lbs when put on a scale. Lots of metal parts: barrel, front sight, mag, carry handle, rails, rear sights, trigger, trigger guard, dust cover, charging handle, the butt plate, the selector switch, and both sling mounts. All the internals are metal, or so the box says. Quite accurate with .2g bbs, shoots around 380-400 FPS(chrono varied) I have found 2 bad things on this gun, however. The flash hider IS glued on, which isnt really a problem since its illegal to take it off without replacing it anyway. And, the battery compartment is VERY tight and it takes some skill to put the battery in right. All in all, very good gun for the money, definitely worth it.

-Weight (could be a con for some)
-Decent amount of metal for a plastic body gun
-Full stock is nice
-Hand-guard is comfortable to hold and comes off easily

-Flash hider (not a con for me, but could be for some)

Other then that nothing, if you don't want to spend over $200 on a great M4, get this gun and you won't be disappointed!
by A. VA Date Added: Saturday 20 March, 2010
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 Full Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
The echo 1 stag-15 Tactical carbine is an alright begginer gun. I bought it last year at shorty usa (Sorry GI but they are closer) and it has served me alright. It is very bland with a cheap plastic forgrip and plastic body. The included battery is decent, but overall this gun is not that impressive. It has a nice price, but with not that much more money you could get an Airsoft GI G4 carbine or something. That is what I think I am going to get instead of this. Other than that, its an okay gun.

Airsoft GI, I have one question....Which holds more juice....a Crane stock battery or a Large solid stock battery? I don't mind the solid stock at all for the large capacity it has for a battery but is crane stock the same deal? Thanks.

*Solid barrel
*Full stock
*OK battery
*nice mag.
*OK iron sights
*High RPM
*Decent FPS

*Foregrip (plastic)
*short battery life
*Front Sling connector is very loose and tends to wobble.
*Iron sights broke on mine, so be careful!
by A. RICE Date Added: Friday 27 November, 2009
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 Full Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun was the best i have ever bought. i have 6 other guns and 4 of them are broken. the gun came out of the box shooting 370 fps and about 900 to 1000 RPM. its not to hevey and not to light (about 6 pounds) this guns great for beginners, pros and collectors. oh yeah and its an echo 1!!!!

Great fps (370)
Great rof (900)
great accuracy (about 150 ft)
good weight (6 1/2 pounds)
carrying handle is removable and has weaver rails under it
300 round quickwind mag
no cheap china plastic
THE PRICE!!!!!!!!!

plastic flash hider but it comes with a metal one (paint the tip Orange) so Nothing else
by K. DOMINGUEZ verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 29 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 Full Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is AMAZING. It out shoots just abot anything, this is my first AEG but I have been playing for a while. But it broke by my fault. I was using .20's from walmart and they broke the gun. Luckly it is at ASGI rite now being fixed. It is a very amazing gun it will get the job done for anything. CQB, Sniping, So dont go buy a $300 Dollar gun when you can get this. I broke a Glass bottle through a box at $46 feet away!

Is amazing at distance
Hits hard and leaves giant bruises.
You will control the battlefield.
Accuracy is out of this world!
Great price.
Amazing FPS.
Lot's of metal.

Can fall apart.
Plastic body, but i deal.
Dont use Walmart bb's!!!!
by I. MORAN Date Added: Tuesday 21 July, 2009
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 Full Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I got this gun a while back about a year ago and i have had some great fun with it rewcently the barrel started to wobble so i opened the gun and looked inside and found the bolt that was holding the barrle in was stripped but i felt i could bare with the wobble but after my last game the barrel just slid out and no it i completley broken i love echo 1 but i have been looking around and have found countless cases fo this barrel breaking and wobbeling and i would love to think i could just buy a new barrel but the threading inside the gun its self is faulty ={

metal parts
great R.O.F
comes with a full metal mag
fairly accurate

the gun ultimately kills it self after awhile
by D. POTVIN verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 27 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 Full Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is amazing! I just got it a few days ago and it looked amazing right out of the box. I charged the battery for about four hours and then stuck it in the gun and was blown away by the rof. (15 bullets a second) It can shoot through carboard, cans, and crack glass bottles. It also has an amazing range and hurts really bad. Some of the other reviews I read said that the barrel wiggled but mine doesn't at all. The clip holds 300 bbs which is great for a machine gun considering how fast you can go through bbs. It is almost full metal, weighs about ten pounds, and the size is almost the same to a real M4. The battery goes in the but (which is different to other electric guns) and is a tight fit. (but thats fine with me) If you want to put a scope on the gun the front sight may get in the way. One thing that some people may not like is that you have to buy .20 gram bbs for this gun because the twelve grams will just break inside the gun and strip the piston but the .20 gram bbs make the gun more acurate and hurt more. Really i was just tired of constantly have to buy some thirty dollar gun then have it break a few months later so i saved up and got this and turned out to be the best airsoft buy for me yet. So if your looking for a great gun with a reasonable price then BUY THIS Gun!!!! ( and thanks for reading )

Long Range
Almost Full Metal
High Cap. Magazine
Rof (15 bullets a second)
Great Size (pretty big)
Realistic Weight
Reasonable Price For A Gun Like This
Looks Like The Real Thing
Extremely Sturdy

Battery Is A Tight Fit
Front Sight Can Get In The Way Of A Scope
You Have To Put .20 Gram bbs In Which Are Great But Cost More
by M. HUDSON verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 30 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 Full Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
When i first got this gun i thought that the finish (matte black) was amazing for the price (unlike a JG's finish which is all grayish). Also, the guns shoots around 950 rounds per minute (16 round per second). Since then i bought some rails to eliminate the wobble (still shoots to the right though). The fire selector switch is a little stiff at first but the 20th time you turn the thing it gets a more fluid motion (not loose, but fluid -- sometimes young people get that mixed up) and it makes a nice "snap" sound when it goes to "semi", "auto", and back to "safe".
When i took the flash hider off i didn't see that there was a little pin in the side of the flash hider beside the screw so i stripped part of the threads, but they still work fine(just watch out for that pin when you take off the flash hider). it comes with an 8.4 1500MaH Ni-CD battery(which I still use)so my impression of this gun is, "It's a good gun, just don't bash it into anything hard"

magazines are a nice black matte finish
shoots around 375fps with .20's
sturdy construction
magazine feeds flawlessly

the barrel wobbles
i got a big ol' plastic flash hider :0
shots go off to the right(on mine, at least)
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 33 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  [Next >>] 
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