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Echo 1 STAG-15 Commando AEG Airsoft Gun
[02299 / ECHO AEG M4 CDO (JP-10)]
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by H. KENNELLY Date Added: Wednesday 06 June, 2007
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 Commando AEG Airsoft Gun
I got this gun about a week or 2 ago and I love it. Only down side ( due to my impatience ) is charging the battery for about a good 4 hours but other than that, it works great. On the actual package, it says that it shoots around 330 fps and all the websites state that it shoots 350 fps. In reality, it shoots a good 375-380 fps. I sighted in on an empty can of monster from about 50 ft. away and tore holes straight through it, then had some fun on auto with the can lol. Very good gun and i highly reccommend it.
by J. STROOT verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 03 June, 2007
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 Commando AEG Airsoft Gun
Great gun!!!!!!!! It comes with a metal hi cap battery charger and some bbs. It is great for cqb and even desert. I compared it to my friends Classic Army m15a4 and it stacks up pretty nice to it. Overall great gun for the price.
by K. MELENDEZ Date Added: Sunday 20 May, 2007
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 Commando AEG Airsoft Gun
This gun is VERY nice. I picked this gun up today at a shop nearby, and I am amazed. This is my first Airsoft gun that is over $100, and I am impressed. A bit random, but if you feel on the barrel, its not just flat, it has tiny rings on it. Even though you don't really notice it, its nice. I thought this gun would only have a 3 position stock, but it is actually a 6 position, which really helps. I was going to buy a new LE stock + tube for it. I am a bit worried about the batter and charger though, Since this is my first gun and I'm new to airsofting, I don't know when I should take it off or leave it on, but I can get a new battery + charger later. I did not expect the gun to be fairly heavy. Its hard for me to hold in one hand, without the battery, but its a very nice weight. Overall, This gun is VERY nice for beginners, like me, butt all you have to do is get a new battery and charger, and BBs. I still have walmart crappy BBs that I am forced to use until I go back and get good ones.
by P. MAJETTE Date Added: Sunday 20 May, 2007
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 Commando AEG Airsoft Gun
This gun is great, i got it a week ago and it fires great. out of the box metal components are: front and rear sight assembly, dust cover, barrel, base of adjustable stock, carrying handle, magazine, trigger/trigger guard, magazine release and bolts and screws. the sights work great, they have two range settings (one for long range and another for short) that are fairly accurate. This gun shoots through soda cans and into another so it shoots through three layers of sheet metal. this gun weighs approximately 7.5 pounds so i would recommend buying a sling. the fore grip can only hold mini packs and nunchuncks and even with nunchunks some modification might be necessary like sanding. the rate off fire (rof) is incredible around 15 rounds per second using stopwatch and paper witch it obliterates badly. this gun makes dust come off center blocks and makes indentations in mailboxes and metal real estate signs. the stock has three positions fully extended, middle and fully collapsed all very comfortable and useful. One con is the magazine it isn't all that great. adjustable hop up is accessed by pulling back on charging handle and winding the gear. the front sight is three pronged witch i find that it works better. carrying handle is really balanced and looks great on gun. I have used it in a couple of skirmishes and holds up great. it makes you bleed for 20 feet away with shirt on. this gun has exceeded my expectations and is a great gun for beginners and intermediate players. this is why i am giving this gun a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. great gun, great buy others can not compete with the awesome price.
by K. PACKARD Date Added: Saturday 12 May, 2007
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 Commando AEG Airsoft Gun
I picked up the gun yesterday and chronoed it at my local shop. It shot over 360 FPS out of the box. Of course, after a while the FPS might go down slightly, but it is still very high. I did a few small skirmishes with it today and I was very impressed. The gun has a very nice heft to it, so I would recommend getting a sling for it...otherwise your arms will get tired. It's got great range and a pretty good rate of fire with the supplied 8.4v. The only problem I noticed is that the bb curves right a bit, but that is a simple matter of twisting the hop-up unit. Overall, this is a great gun and I recommend it to beginners and veterans alike. For the price, you just can't beat it.
Displaying 31 to 35 (of 35 reviews) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4 
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