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UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
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by C. DAVE Date Added: Tuesday 12 August, 2008
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
Product Information:
I bought this gun a few weeks ago, and it is the most accurate airsoft gun I've ever shot! A sniper has to be exponentially more accurate and powerful to keep up with its AEG competitors. But this thing is made to go up against SAWs and just about any electric gun you can throw at it. Once, I owned this kid with a $340 Classic Army from some bushes over 200 feet away! He said he didn't he didn't hear it fire. It's very quiet.

Also you need to remember the FPS does not mean accuracy. This thing is powerful enough. I was able to shatter a beer bottle! The most accurate BBs I've used were the .3s. But if you can get you hands on any .45s, they're even better! You'll just have to pay more.

Please observe my extremely scientific findings:

~Full Metal (the only plastic part of the whole gun is the stock, and that's made of ABS plastic. It's way strong enough)
~Extremely Accurate (I can hit a baseball at 200 feet pretty consistently.)
~Good Bi-Pod (even though the mount on the gun is a little wiggly, the bi-pod's great)
~Good Scope
~Stylishly Intimidating!

~Heavy (you can take the lead weights out of the stock if you know what you're doing. I did.)
by R. MORRISON verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 03 August, 2008
verified buyer
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
Product Information:
I just got the gun a couple of days ago and it is incredible. I studied up alot on this gun and it is better than i thought. It feels great and shoots better. I use .28 and .25 gram bb's. It works best with .28 cause it is still extremely powerful, and has very good accuracy. I was shooting a decoy deer and hit it about 7 out of 10 shots at 175 feet with .28 bb's. I didnt think it was that powerful and that accurate at that range. Its effectie range is probably a little over 200 feel and ill do a test soon. I havent adjusted the hop up yet. The scope is very easy to adjust and very nice with the zoom 3-9.


by M. SULLIVAN verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 31 May, 2008
verified buyer
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
This is my first airsoft rifle, and i have to say that it preforms great. it's strong, and after you get the scope zero'd in, it's dead on. For those of you that arn't the best at upgrading, or just dont want to, this is an AMAZING gun. It feels good in your hand, a big heavy to carry around, but it adds realism. the bi-pod is a tiny bit wiggley, but it's no big deal seeing as it isn't a big flaw. I haven't had it long enough to say whether it will stay this great, but i'm hoping it will =). all-in-all, i say it's a 5 out of 5.

by M. COON verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 17 May, 2008
verified buyer
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
Definately amazing!!! like everyone has already said it is worth every penny, but i suggest getting a better scope with red/green mildot sights cause its hard to see after a little after sunset. but of course who is gonna airsoft then? the gun itself is super powerful and hurts like a mother F***** from over 150 feet away. trust me i tried it on myslef just to see. shot it at a cd too at about 50 feet and it went clean through like with no other cracks on the cd just a hole. it also breaks bottles. as far as range goes its decent up to 150 feet after that it starts to stray a bit, but i was only using .20s so with heaver ones its probably better. Slings a worthless turd.

weight (very balanced and easy shoot despite its heaviness)
power (hurts really bad)
Accuracy (better with the more heavy bbs use at least .25)
Scope (at least you have one, could be better)

Bipod (wobbles a little but if you dont move it wont Duh)
mags (tough to get in and out but they loosen after a while so it gets easier and the bbs are hard to load)

thats it

any way definately an amazing gun im gonna but a new tightbore barrel and spring guide and it will kick ass!!!!!
by L. HATFIELD verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 07 May, 2008
verified buyer
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
Alright the MK96 scope package is about the best deal you can find without adding 500$ woth of upgrades. If you want a cheaper gun plus amazing accuracy this is the one for you here is how it breaks down.


Realistic weight
small grouping
OK scope
Barrel is metal body is strong abs plastic
nice bipod
MEH ok sling

heavy in a big battle
bipod wiggels a bit
sling people say is bad but i kinda like it :P

thats it for the cons


GREAT gun good buy, and amazing price
definatley worth every penny.
by D. WILSON verified buyer Date Added: Friday 02 May, 2008
verified buyer
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
So I just got this gun about 2 hours ago, and after assembling it (Which was literally idiot proof for all of you who are wondering) I took it out back and decided to dial in the scope.

As many people have said, this gun is pretty heavy compared to most rifles, and this one is no different. If you're of a small build, keep the bipod on there. After a full magazine my arms were beginning to wear out a bit. However, the range on this thing is far beyond what I would have expected.

After dialing in the scope, with 6-8 mph winds in the area (not the best time to practice)
25 ft - Dead on
50 ft - about an inch off
75 ft - 2" groupings
100 ft - 3-4" groupings
150 ft - Yet to be tested.

Mind you this is in pretty strong winds, and I'm confident it will be deadly accurate when the winds die down a bit. Also, I'll be repositioning the inner barrel spacers if they're all out of whack.

Pulling the lever back to cock it is a bit strong at first, but after several magazines it starts to hit a sweet spot that a sniper could only dream for. It's very silent, and even smoother than I'm used to compared to my buddies L96.

The magazines can be a bit of a pain to load, but if you're a sniper, you shouldn't be reloading all that often. Sturdy mags though, I'll give them that. If I drop these babies, I'm not going to worry too much.

The scope is crystal clear, and feels very strong. I was expecting a small little add on scope for the extra few bucks, but this is easily the equivalent of a $45 scope.

Overall, I'm very happy with this gun. I've got a lot of work to do on dialing the scope in, and adjusting the hop up, but if you're struggling between this and the BAR-10, go for this one. Then again, I plan on upgrading mine quite a bit, and this gun definitely has potential to be a beast. Happy airsofting, and I hope you enjoy this gun as much as I am.
by L. MARR Date Added: Saturday 12 April, 2008
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
This gun is amazing. The stock and cheek rest are very comfortable leting you shoot for hours and hours and not get uncomfortable. THe scope is is very nice along with the bipod witch is very nice also. the fps and accuracy are amazing. With .23g bbs i can hit a pop can at 150 feet away 7 or 8 times out of 10. It is a great deal and with little money spent on upgrades you can make it a total beast. I can tell you right now that it is money well spent.
by L. TARVER Date Added: Wednesday 02 April, 2008
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
Most people say this is a BEGINNER sniper rifle. This gun is actually just as good or better than the other spring or gas guns you see advertised for $450 that require upgrades. I am an extreme airsoft veteran and I love this gun. The only difference between this gun and other more expensive guns is overall build. With a few replacements and upgraded parts, this gun is just as good as any Tokyo Marui or Maruzen. Do not let anybody tell you any different. This gun is powerful to start with but can be upgraded. Get a customdees 6.01 tightbore inner barrel, a new trigger system, and other upgraded more durable inner parts. This gun is amazing out of the box but can be made just as good as an upgraded $700 gun. I know from experience. This gun is recommended towards beginners AND airsoft veterans such as I.
by J. CARBONE verified buyer Date Added: Monday 31 March, 2008
verified buyer
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
I got this gun about 3 days ago and it pwns! Im a complete noob to airsoft and this was my first gun. i had a war with like 10 of my friends and i did ok but i think it was because i was using .23g bbs. this sniper is accurate with .30s and if you put the scope at the right point it will be dead on. i had another war and i used.28s and i sniped my friend in the nose from about 75 feet away and he started bleedeing (Powerful!). i fixed the hop up and well again its accurate.i like how the bipod wobbles because we play in uneven woods. o yea dont forget an electric pistol or somthing because if the enemy has aegs and they charge ur screwed (happened to me ='( ! ).

Heavy (10 pounds)
Accurate with the right bbs
a nice price with the scope
powerful for long range shots
Bipod is foldable (im a noob so....idk)

Heavy(hard to hold up steady if ur standing!)
every few shots a bb strays up and left
Barrel is full metel and the stock is pretty damn hard too (its not cheap plastic its solid)

Overall 5/5
by T. SPENA Date Added: Thursday 20 March, 2008
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
This gun was my first Sniper Rifle that i've owned myself, I've had it for about a year now, I've shot the Bar10, UTG M324(all gens), Gas Snipers and I have to say this is still my favorite sniper as far as accuracy and consistency. You do however Need to use at LEAST .28gram BB's, anything less than that will be inaccurate and not consistent. On the field I've shot at least 2,000 rounds through it, no problems, Had at least 3 falls with the gun having almost all of my weight on it(200lbs) and nothing structurely damaging it. Accidently bought BE mags for it, they work although needed ALOT of shaving and fileing down. I recommend to just spend the 22$ and get two UTG mags. Easy to take apart and clean, Don't use Bi-pod as much. Have had Many people fear my .30 grams. This can now be easily upgradable with a db precision barrel and a metal spring guide. I also bought OD Elastic bands that go around the gun to easily insert some nearby foilage for camoflauge.

Nice and heavy- Realism (Can take weights out of body if you know what you're doing.)
Cool feel and Look
Accurate with the Right BB's and clean barrel and hopup. (USE .30 GRAMS)
Strong Body, Hasn't broken yet. (You can go on youtube and look at "falling fun PLA" to see me actually fall withthe rifle and continue firing.
High FPS Still shoots 430 with .30 grams(Used a professional chrono, not poormans)

Bi-Pod really Doesnt have effectiveness, at least for me it's just extra weight.
Hopup is a pain to get to as far as field adjustments.
Barrel Scratches easily, You might want to just paint it Like I did.


Great gun I'd recommend it to anybody looking for a NICE Entry level sniper Rifle. If you're thinking about this rifle get it, it's awesome doesnt need Any upgrading and with the right tactics and stealth you'll be a great sniper In no time!
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