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UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
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by J. POWER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 28 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
Product Information:
I bought this gun and in my second game took out a whole team within 3 minutes, who all had G36s M4s and AK47s. As far as the hop-up I tightened it tell it wouldn't let me tighten it anymore, and it works perfectly. The scope that comes with it doesn't seem to read right when aiming, but lucky I bought a UTG CQB Quick Aim Dot Sight. The Quick Aim Dot Sight reads really well with where your BBs are going and I think is well worth buying if your into quick shots and playing on smaller fields. I haven't used the bipod yet but the fact that you can extend the legs is cool.

All my friends say they can feel that they got hit by the sniper instead of another gun. Helps distinguish if you really got the kill.
Easy assemble.
Fits good.
Sling works great.
Accurate enough for me.
Seems pretty solid.

The scope that comes with it throws of your shooting off which is why I think a lot of people think the hop is worse then it is.
There is a screw hole under the trigger that can bother your fingers, but I just used electrical tape.
by A. DESILETS verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 20 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
Product Information:
To Start with, i purchased this gun 7 months ago and it has never given me a problem. Stock the accuracy is amazing, i was actually getting shots at 250 + feet after a few shots to narrow it in (in a live game), one of which actually arced down below enemy cover and hit them out of my line of sight. I just finished putting an edgi 6.01 tight bore in it and now the accuracy is dead center until the pellet falls out of the sky from loss of inertia at nearly 400 feet. This gun has no wobble what so ever, and is quite enough when shooting that it took the opposing team 4 kills before they even realized there was a sniper and 4 more before they pinpointed my location. More than anything i would like to say that the UTG does not have the problem mentioned in the video as the bolt cannot be pushed down when back, and even if the retaining bolt is loose, (on the back of the bolt) the pin will not fall out. Lastly, this gun is great because its fps is perfect where with a .3 it is 400, which is enough to get the pellet where it needs to go accurately, as well as being allowable at most fields with only 460 with a .2. One bad thing i did find was that last week, in the game before changing the barrel, the hop up snapped suddenly. Luckily, the way the hop up works it simply requires adding a little more hop, then it works good as new, even with the new barrel.

if you have any questions about this gun, or would like an idea of a great way to camo it without possibly wrecking it with paint, send me a message at [email protected]

perfect fps
stock accuracy is great, even better with an edgi 6.01
some upgrade parts are being made for it
no creak
orange tip is very easily removed
unbelievable quite for the fps it is shooting
very balanced
heavy (maybe a con for some, but for me it helps keep the gun stable when standing)
NC star scope is AMAZING
with a little bit of camo you can disappear in a bush, yet have enough barrel to get a clean shot
can punch though leaves and maintain a relatively good accuracy
great sling mount positions (I can easily put it on my back an run with it)

hop up broke after about 2500 shots, not a big problem (actually none at all) as all i needed to do was add more.
may not be the best good if your less than 13 as it requires patience to get multiple kills.
by J. CHIN verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 12 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
Product Information:
The major problem with this gun is that the BB curves straight up after a certain distance...making this sniper rifle extremely inaccurate. This was with the hop up completely off as well. I have not tried using heavier BBs...but maybe those will remedy the problem.

The bolt is great to pull back and use.

Mine came with the NC scope which looks really nice since it has color lense on the front.
While the bipod is wobbly...it's better than nothing
You have to assemble this gun when it comes in, but that was easy. Don't over tighten your screws!

Bolt Action Fun
High FPS
Relatively silent

The BB curves insanely upwards
by J. MEJIA verified buyer Date Added: Friday 04 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
Product Information:
This is a great rifle and scope package. The rifle is very sexy looking and comfortable to handle. I zero'ed my scope in at around 180 feet and it works great. I was hitting my friend nearly every time I shot and it still had some sting at that range. I use .28's in this rifle btw and they seem to do the trick. The rifle still chronos at 420-430 FPS. My best snipe so far was from one hill top across a valley and on another hill top which was around 200 or so feet. I literally heard the bb hit the guy and watched him walk off and call hit. It was a beautiful shot.The bipod is wobbly but my brother who is in the army told me that the real sniper rifles and bipods have similar wobble so I think it is supposed to. Either way, it does not affect my shot so I consider the bipod functional. Buy this rifle if you enjoy sniping!

Great range. (my rifle is zero'ed in at around 180 to 200 feet accurately and it still goes further)
Great FPS (420-430 with .28's)
Looks sexy (I have camo burlap blind cover material wrapped around my gun like a ghillie)
Great scope (I got an NC star 3X9 40 because the leaper's was out of stock)
Easy to assemble

None I can think of.....if there are some they are minor.
by J. COTTON verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 03 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
Product Information:
The accuracy of this gun is ok but the pellet curves so i suggest 28g pellets. It is a really powerfull gun. Me and my friend shot eachother with it and i made him blead. It is a preatty light gun. It is mostly made of plastic but it is strong so you don't have to worry about it breaking. The scope it comes with is really good.

Nice Scope
Strong Plastic

Bipod wablse (which dosn't affect my aim)
by C. WEILER verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 27 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
Product Information:
I have just got back from the field of testing and overall I am very impressed with the rifle. It worked first of all, no defects or broken parts, it shot great to about 150ft then started going off to the left a bit after that, and it looks really nice. It is lightweight at first but after using it and carrying it for a couple hours, it gets heavy. Mine came covered in lots of grease, (I think they do that to protect it from rust on metal parts) so after a quick wipe down I was ready to shoot. I was using G&G .25 BBs and they performed reall good, groupings ranged from 3-6 inches due to wind and distance.

I do agree that this gun does need a upgrade or two to really make it stand out. Power is great out of the box but I really do suggest a 6.01 Tightbore barrel and a new hop up and bucking. This will keep those stray shots in check.
I like the bipod on this gun as I did not have a problem with it. I expected it to hold up the end of my gun and relive weight off my arms and it did just that. I like the wobble as it provides some wiggle room to ajust sight on targets.

-Bolt is strong and fun to cock back
-Accurate with .25 or higher BBs
-Mags were easy (for me) to load
-Great power

-Hop up location
-Stock is hollow
by S. GELLER verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 11 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
Product Information:
OK well when I first received the gun I was overall pleased with what was in my hand. It was a beautiful two pieces of a gun. The first thing that caught my eye was the unbearably bright orange tip at the end of the barrel. Seeing as I was going to play in games with it the one thing I wanted to do was remove it. Ha... what a task that was. They glued it on with super glue so I had to heat it up with a blow dryer and then wedge it off with a screw driver, scratching the end of the barrel in the process (-.-). And thats where I found I could then remove the top and get at the inner barrel with the horrid spacers... well heres the pros and cons

-Hard hitting FPS.. 423 after 6 months and using .28g BB's.
-After wearing the gun in and getting proper spacers you can hit a person sized target upwards of -120ft Very good looking after you take off the orange tip.
-The star scope that it comes with is very good for its price.
-Loads easy.
-Not very loud.
-Love the bolt =)

-Piece of junk bi-pod. It wobbles and is basically extra weight...
-Foam barrel spacers (were they playing a joke on us?)
-Glued on Orange tip thats hard as hell to get off
-Hop-up sucked and always shot up and to the right (but gradually faded after say 2000 shots and me playing with it so that it now shoots pretty consistently)
-Like 85% plastic including the trigger but its a strong plastic so no worries about breaking

Overall, its a great gun, takes a little tweaking to get it good which is why I am rating it a 4/5. But it is very upgradable and a great gun for beginners.
by M. KELLER Date Added: Friday 12 June, 2009
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
Product Information:
Not a good fun for the price. If you can find it cheaper you may consider this and its decent if you're just starting out. After pouring money into this gun, I finally have it where I find it acceptable but it still cost me far too much money to upgrade this weapon if thats why you're buying it. If you are still set on buying this, I recommend upgrading it immediately with a PDI hop up and hard type bucking with a new tightbore barrell and finally barrel spacers. It will cost you a bit of cash but you will be impressed with the increased range and consistency you get with the upgrades. I would NOT recommend messing with the cylinder of the gun, it has been modified so that it cannot be opened. If you're going to upgrade the spring you're going to have to buy a new cylinder. Anyway, read the pros and cons.

- High FPS at a relatively cheap price. It will shoot ~400 - 410 with .25's stock.
- Great scope included. You won't need anything more than 4X with the range you'll get with this rifle and the leapers scope is actually really nice. I highly reccommend this scope if you can find it elsewhere.
- Relatively easy to upgrade, even I can do it, although not very cheap. There are a lot of upgrade videos out there as well as complete breakdowns of what parts you'll need.

- Cheaply made. The barrel spacers are not only spaced incorrectly, but they are foam. What a joke. The bi-pod design is flawed, it wiggles a lot and if you're not careful the adjustable feet will break and shoot out the bottom. The hop up is an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE! It broke within the first week, and by broke I mean it snapped in two. The PDI hop up for the Maruzen L96 will work with this but its 60 bucks and hard to find.
- In the grand scheme of things it is not that accurate stock. With upgrades this gun has a lot to offer but stock its accuracy is poor at best. It will give you a good shot every now and then, but its just not that consistent.
by D. MCWILLIAMS Date Added: Monday 08 June, 2009
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
Product Information:
I bought this gun and was rather surprised when i first shot it.m The range is nice and the bolt is not hard to pull back at all. I shot one of my friends with it during a game and the BB stuck into his skin.(LOL) The scope is very nice and the bipod is so-so. I like it and HIGHLY recommend it. Unless you are pro then you sould get a SOCOM Gear Full Metal Barret M82 Airsoft Gun. (Happy Face =)

gun it self
good range
very accurate with .30. (Shot a cookie out of my friends mouth at 60 ft. don't try at home.)
easly painted
There was a funny guy that gave it a good review on youtube.

Barrel kind of sucks but hey, it gets the job done
cant find a god damn ghillie cover for it!
by J. HOUSTON Date Added: Monday 18 May, 2009
For: UTG Full Metal MK96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black/Scope Package/Online ONLY)
Product Information:
ok i have this gun and i think its awesme. ive done some reasearch on this gun. on a majjority level most of the guns are great but, in about 1/30 guns that were made completly sucked. so just buy it and pray to God that you get a good one. there is about a 3% cance you will get a bad one. and lately they have worked out all the kinks and all are good. all in all this is a great gun. good range and great for snipeing. do not get this gun if you do not like to be in the action a ton. this is a hard to monuver gun. and the sling they give you brakes after a game or 2. get this gun if you want a great gun

good scope
best range with .25s (200-250range)
if you hit metal or rock with it it sounds like when a bullet hits off a wall.
looks very intimidateing
people say it is sooooo heavy take the bipod off put it in a bag then take it out when you are laying down reduces 10 pounds
bolt is smooth

bipod sucks
blazing ornge tip
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