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Echo 1 STAG-15 A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun
[01973 / ECHO AEG M16A4 (JP-04)]
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by T. ALLISON Date Added: Sunday 07 December, 2008
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Echo is the best again. i got this gun the other day and am very impressed. DONT let this be misleading, because i got the m120 upgrade in mine, and with .2's its shooting 430. This gun is deefinately nice and probably the best for the price and assurance of quality. Amazing rof, very accurate but i reccomend a 6.02 or .01 tightbore for the ultimate sniper. To make it short i totally reccomend it.

Lightweight (not like a cheapy lightweight, just not overbearingly heavy)
Good mad capacity
Large battery capacity
Good fps out of box even without upgrades
Good accuracy
Love echo 1 too many good things

Not too many. . .
All plastic body (but great plastic and youre not paying for metal anyway)
slightest mag wobble
by T. ROBINSON verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 26 August, 2008
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Very good gun! I've had a few problems with poor wire connection, bad fuse and some stubborn lock tight but they were not really anything big to fix. The gun is extreamly accurate! I also bought a mock suppressor, sniper grip and carry handle mount and the only major problems I had were tight fitting wires and lock tight on the flash hider. The gun has a very high rate of fire! Very good gun. Highly recommended!

high rate of fire
looks cool
high mag capacity
easy breakdown if you know what your doing

bad fuse ( I think it was just my luck)
little wobble in the front sight
a little loud
lock tight ( just pull REALLY hard)
by G. KISTNER verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 09 August, 2008
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Excellent gun,
looks longer in the picture (real gun is as long as an M14 or 40 inches),
great FPS,
do not use a different charger to charge the battery, the fuse will blow, if so, buy a 15A fuse, info in manual,

Great accuracy,
Rate of fire is unbelieveable like 1000 RPM with full battery(it goes faster than my friends Classic Army RPK7),
Long lasting battery, like 7 hours,
lots of metal parts,
no wobble,
magazine just falls right out when you press the magazine release button and its not wobbly,
fire selector switch makes a "click" sound when you change it on a different position,
FPS, it goes far, like 140 ft,
nice engraved trademarks.
easy to desemble,
adjustable front sight,
well packaged,
removeable carrying handle,
wind up tool for magazine on side, can also wind on bottom without tool,
when you cock the charging handle, it makes a cool sound, i love it because it sounds so real,
lightweight (like 6-8 LBS)
I LOVE THIS GUN, and trust Echo 1 to make the best airsoft guns at low price. GO ECHO1!!!!

Battery is kind of hard to get in, however, you'll get used to it,
If you are smaller than 5 ft 7 in, than you'll have a hard time with this gun,
eventual barrel wobble (does not move while shooting), just adjust the delta ring, push it down, to allign the indent on the ring so it alligns with the handguard (you'll know what i mean when you get the gun).
by J. SPIDLE verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 24 July, 2008
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is amazing. no barrel wobble and little mag wobble it's got a large battery with a large connecter it is super accurite with .20 and the rate of fire is amazing. it's not to heavy and not too light. worth the money by far.

ROF (around 18rps)
pretty solid
looks cool

mag wobble
mag needs a lot of winding
by C. ETTER Date Added: Thursday 17 July, 2008
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun
I got this gun about 3 months ago and it hasnít disappointed me yet. I love this gun. The only problem that I have had with it, is that a bb has gotten jammed in the barrel so I had do open it up. But it was easy to fix. I let my friend use this gun and he loved it. Heís actually getting one as we speak so. Oh I have named mine Sheila. Before I used a little m16 form a cheap store and I though that thing was cool, but now its like a little toy gun.

Cons: the only bad thing to me is that itís a little on the heavy side. I donít mind it but if your stocking someone on the other team it gets tiring. And the front sling holder on mine is metal so when it hits the fore grip it makes a loud (TINK). i fixed it by wrapping it with tape

I would recommend this gun to everyone.

great FPS, the mag hold the perfect amount (bit loud)
by P. SHAPLEY verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 16 July, 2008
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun
i received this gun 2 days ago and i love it. the stats say 330 fps but airosftgi chronoed mine at 386 fps. i used it in a war today and it was great. i was getting headshots at prolly 120 feet. the hopup is easily accessable. it came zeroed in pretty well. it also has a great rate of fire.

-very realistic feel and weight
-super accurate, powerful, and amazing rof
-very dependable
-alot of metal parts
-easy to take apart and clean
-battery in the stock gives it back weight and makes aiming comfortable and easy

-battery is kinda a pain to get in but thats it

i would recommend this gun to anyone and everyone
also purchase some extra clips if u have the money for it

very good gun especially for the price
by J. DUNCAN Date Added: Monday 14 July, 2008
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun
Note: This is my Mom's name!! I have had this for 1 year, and it still fires reliably and hard, about 350 fps.
If you are buying this note that the barrel has wobble that WILL be there when you get it. It is easy to fix, just tighten the delta ring at the bottom. Magazine is great, lube it occasionally and it works like a charm. shoots about 370 fps when you get it and tones down to about 350 over time. great gun, very accurate. echo/JG makes the best starter guns on the market. Great for money
by A. MURDAUGH verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 10 July, 2008
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun
I bought this gun when its was 145$ and its still working ive done many games with this gun and got it wet and full of snow. Last game I chornoed it at 385FPS and i kicked ass that day
by J. GREEN Date Added: Monday 07 July, 2008
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun
This gun is definately worth more than $155. I just got it today, with an added 8.4 3600 mah battery. The extra battery came fully charged, and i threw it in the gun. After a few hundred rounds the gun stopped firing. I panicked, figuring i had just thrown $200 down the drain. I opened up the fuse box and the fuse had blown. I jsut took the fuse from my echo 1 m4, and the gun started firing amazingly. I have never seen a stock gun shoot so fast. Its ROF is AMAZING. Not only that, but it shoots really hard. The sheet in the box siad 376 fps. This gun is extremely accurate. In my yard theres a tree next to a stone wall maybe 175 feet from a small tree across the yard. I could hit that small tree with ease, and could have easily hit targets up to the 200 ft range. This is the best aeg i have seen in action. BUY IT. For only $155, y wouldnt u buy a gun thats maybe even better than a CA or TM? 5 outta 5, no doubt
by B. MCCOY Date Added: Sunday 29 June, 2008
For: Echo 1 STAG-15 A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun
Very nice gun! I put a barrel extension on it and the handle mounted scope and the weight and feel are boss. it looks and shoots quite accurate, the only problem I had right off is within the first hour of game play my fuse blew, which was an easy/quick/cheap fix. Grade A!
Displaying 31 to 40 (of 115 reviews) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
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