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ICS M203 BB Grenade Launcher for R.I.S.
[01860 / MA-76]
$140.00 $126.00
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by M. VANDERVELDE verified buyer Date Added: Monday 05 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: ICS M203 BB Grenade Launcher for R.I.S.
Product Information:
I've had this for a while now, and it hasn't let me down yet. Its got a nice build for the most part, but the barrel tube is plastic. But it does what its supposed to. Would recommend.

Durable, smooth operation,
Fits just about any grenade,
nice safety,
fits onto just about any gun with rails, but clearly intended for shorter rail systems.

plastic tube,
by C. CHRISTEL Date Added: Thursday 30 April, 2009
For: ICS M203 BB Grenade Launcher for R.I.S.
Product Information:
I have had this for goin on 2 months now and it still has not done me wrong. So you are clear the only metal on this is the rail and trigger grouping. The actual tube is plastic. I have 2 madbull King grenades i use in conjunction with this and they fit perfectly, its a tight fit but it works. I put my guns through hell and back and this thing has stood up with no problems what so ever. The plastic is actually a blessing in disguise, this isnt very heavy but heavy enough to notice when playing for 5-8 hours. The full metal ones are even heavier. Overall i am very impressed and would recomend this to any one looking to add that once in a while punch to their game.

Nice quality construction
Fits any grenade you can throw at it
Nice balance of plastic and metal
Looks wicked on an M4 with a silencer

Plastic tube (as stated before a blessing in disguise) however i know eventually this will break, but then again what doesnt.
by J. WILLS Date Added: Wednesday 28 May, 2008
For: ICS M203 BB Grenade Launcher for R.I.S.
I recently picked one of these up because I wanted to have the ability to lob Nerf Rockets to take out Tanks and Buildings where we play. I paired this launcher and the included shell it came with to my A&K M16A4 and its a sweet setup. Utilizing the Nerf Pocket Vortex football rockets I can easily lob them out to over a 150 feet with ease. Im sure if I used a more powerful shell I could get em even further but the included ICS shell does a decent enough job. Im also still trying to figure out the best angle to use, 45 to 60ish degrees seems to be about right.

Ok, so as cool as it is theres some drawbacks. The Launcher and shell definately added weight to an already front heavy gun with the full legth RIS. Its like lugging my SAW around all day almost. Its definately not cheap for what you get. I feel all the M203 and shells are over priced. As a BB shower/psuedo shotgun I wasn't impressed at all. Again, it might be more efficient with a different shell. I've only used the included ICS one that came with this. Finally, its a one shot deal, you either buy more shells and pop another in or reload the bb's and gas to the one shell. Buying multiple shells, buying pouches to stash them in your gear etc... gets expensive quick. Reloading them on the field is not the best option either. IMHO unless you spend the bucks trying to go solely grenadier seems pointless.

If your wanting to lob Nerf Rockets and don't mind a one shot deal its not that bad. If you plan to have to utilize it more than once its not going to be a cheap or easy proposition on the field. I've been very happy with this ICS so far and I would definately recommend it.
by J. KEONG Date Added: Sunday 10 December, 2006
For: ICS M203 BB Grenade Launcher for R.I.S.
i got this M203 Grenade Launcher about 4 months ago
it might be a little pricy....... but it really does its job.
it does scare the crap out the enemy.
i really recomend this for C.Q.B.
Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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