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WE Full Metal 1911 Single Stack Latest Edition Airsoft Gun
[01729 / WE027 / GBB-409 / GP-WE-1911-STD]
$106.11 $85.00
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by C. ERICKSON verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 26 April, 2008
verified buyer
For: WE Full Metal 1911 Single Stack Latest Edition Airsoft Gun
Just recieved this gun a few weeks ago, and have been to two skirmishes since, both times it has performed amazingly. The gun is an all around great buy, and a very good price for the quality of the pistol, Western Engineering has done it again! Pros and Cons-
Nice Looking pistol, feels like the real thing, realistic weight
Comes with Two Magazines, each holding 15 rounds, with a large gas chamber
Conservative on Gas, i use Green Gas, i can get about a mag and a half out of one fill
High Flow Gas, its a bit confusing to me, but the gas output is quite high, the chamber in the single stack mags is really large i suppose
Accurite, i can hit targets at about 70ft every time, and with a quick double tap i can get someone at 100ft
Blowback Action is not to hard, but you can feel it, unlike some pistols
Safety is in two places, there is a handguard safe that you must have depressed to fire, some people find it annoying, i find it quite easy to get used to
Single Stack Magazines, they are easier to load in my opinion
The Magazines get cold Much quicker than a normal M9 magazine would, this can lead to shattering of important parts
IF you are unfamiliar with the workings of a pistol, they can be a bit confusing at first, practice with it a bit yourself before going to a skirmish
Overall, this gun is a great buy, well worth the money. The quality is stunning and the cons are few and far between. amazing gun, make sure you are familiar with it, and all your guns for that matter, before heading to a skirmish. VERY VERY FUN TO USE. ASGI has continual amazing service, as i have come to expect from them!
by T. SHELLY verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 13 March, 2008
verified buyer
For: WE Full Metal 1911 Single Stack Latest Edition Airsoft Gun
This is a great gun. It is one of the best I have worked with for this price range. It is full metal, aside from the plastic plates on the side of the grip, which I'm sure you can replace for something better. Western Engineering has done a great job with this. Here are some of the features.

-It has two safety features, one being the grip safety, where you can't pull the trigger unless you have a light pressure against the back of the grip, and the other is on the side of the gun. This safety feature can be engaged when the hammer is pulled back, and locks the trigger, slide, and hammer from moving. This is very handy when you have it in a holster.
-This pistol has a fully functional blow-back system, and when your clip is empty, it will lock back with the slide catch.


-Amazing feeling, indistinguishable from a real gun.
-Operation is very realistic, especially when it locks back when out of ammo.
-It has a ring at the base of the grip where you can tie a retention lanyard (bungee cord)
-Good velocity, very high gas output (Mine was rated at 335 FPS with 0.2g BB's and green gas)


-Due to the high output of gas, the compressed gasses cool very quickly when released. This slows down the firing rate and velocity if fired in very quick succession.
-The orange tip at the end sticks out a bit, and can't be screwed off. It is cheap plastic, nothing compared to anything on the gun. It really doesn't belong :) (easy to take off with pliers, very soft plastic. Just sand down the end if you take it off)

The pros of this gun greatly outweigh the cons, and is a very well designed pistol. I highly recommend this gun to anyone. Just make sure you get a lot of gas!
by C. COSTELLO Date Added: Tuesday 11 March, 2008
For: WE Full Metal 1911 Single Stack Latest Edition Airsoft Gun
Great gun, just got it in a trade for a different pistol, And i like it.. fells like the real deal, nice blow back.. everything.. have custom grips on mine which i very nice... The only thing is if you hold the gun ejection port up, and cock it, the slide lock will fall out.. I dunno, maybe just mine.. Simple fix really... nice gun, great side arm.
by J. LEE Date Added: Tuesday 11 March, 2008
For: WE Full Metal 1911 Single Stack Latest Edition Airsoft Gun
Absolutely excellent gun,have had mine for about 3 weeks and expierienced no problems whatsoever.If you get a proper fill of gas in the mags they will expend every round in there.As the other reviews have said,I used the real one in Iraq and I swear if it didn't have the orange tip you'd swear it was the real deal!!I've only had one problem with mine doing rapid fire and that was the gas getting sucked up and not emptying the whole mag- and that was only once!! Double taps work quite nicely.All in all it's well worth the bucks
by J. MCLEAN verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 08 January, 2008
verified buyer
For: WE Full Metal 1911 Single Stack Latest Edition Airsoft Gun
I love this gun. It is just simply amazing. It is amazingly accurate. I made a very tricky shot with it once. Someone was hiding behind a tree and I ricocheted a shot off another tree and hit him in the back of the head.
by J. WANG verified buyer Date Added: Friday 23 November, 2007
verified buyer
For: WE Full Metal 1911 Single Stack Latest Edition Airsoft Gun
A truly awesome pistol. Very realistic, hefty at about 2+ pounds, completely metal except for parts of loading mechanism in the magazines and plastic dark-brown grip. Slide action is very smooth, and a good recoil kick. Color is a dark gray-black.

I purchased a propane adapter and it works wonderfully with propane. BBs are easily loaded through a hole in the front of the magazine: just pull down spring and drop in BBs. Orange tip can be removed by pulling back the slide and then pulling off the tip (Don't bring the gun out of the house without it on!).

Iron-sights are too small to be used unless if you take slow aimed shots (for target practice and not in a skirmish). Fairly accurate at 15 meters, and very powerful, 320+ fps.

Charge a magazine with 5 seconds of gas (I used propane) and you should have enough to shoot through all 15 rounds.

There are 3 safety systems on the gun: Manual safety, dual-pressure trigger, and half-cock. The standard manual safety ("fire selector") can't be switched to safe unless if the firing lever is fully cocked back. Dual-pressure trigger means you can't press the trigger unless you're holding the grip and thus pressing down on a "rear-trigger" which unlocks the safety. Half-cock means you can cock the lever halfway so that the gun doesn't fire when the trigger is pulled.

Also, I found that there is no decocker on the pistol, so you must decock to half-cock by firing while holding onto the lever; otherwise just unload the magazine and fire while fully cocked to bring the lever back to uncocked position.

The pistol is an excellent buy, it's realistic, powerful, cheap in price, and comes with two magazines. I personally love the thinness of the pistol.
by T. LIU Date Added: Sunday 04 November, 2007
For: WE Full Metal 1911 Single Stack Latest Edition Airsoft Gun
ok this is a brillaint gun for anythign whether it be for ww2 airsoft reenatments or plinking around this gun looks exactly like a real 1911. yes it comes with a orange tip if you live in the usa but it can be removed easily lock the slide back get pliers twist the orange tip carefully off get a tissue polish any excess off and your ready to own
war story
"MEDIC" yelled a hit man i ran over the hill past my unit to this guy that got "hit" in the leg i pulled out a stretcher and put him on the stretcher and put a band aid on and was taking him back to cp when all the sudden a german shoots at me and then i pull out this thing and pop teh guy in the neck and keep on going back to cp then all the sudden a grenade hits the guy that got hit and i got hit too and fought off like a whole word of germans and took teh guy back to cp and he got repaired and we wen tback to the frontlines and i owned everyone and saved ppl
by T. LIU Date Added: Saturday 06 October, 2007
For: WE Full Metal 1911 Single Stack Latest Edition Airsoft Gun
a while after my ww2 airsoft unit started out and we had a few matches i realized the garands mag capacity was too small but hey it was a garand so i realized i needed a side arm and so did the rest of my unit so we decided to try it was so amazing whenever i go in close engagement i slign my m1 over my shoulder and take this out and kill half the ppl its amazing totally reccomend it
by J. MERCURIO Date Added: Friday 05 October, 2007
For: WE Full Metal 1911 Single Stack Latest Edition Airsoft Gun
This is a great sidearm. It has a solid construction, it is accurate, it hurts like a B****, and looks similar to real ones i have fired. The reason i give it a 4/5 is because the magazine release button broke and i had to send it in for repairs, and it isnt very efficent on gas. (and the magazine feed piece is plastic which can break if you let it go when fully retracted.)

If you are a hard core 1911'er, this is a good choice. Don't use it as a primary... but when you need to quickly swap to a powerful sidearm, this is the gun for you. Nice piece here, and cheap for mostly full metal.
by S. HOGE Date Added: Friday 28 September, 2007
For: WE Full Metal 1911 Single Stack Latest Edition Airsoft Gun
God, amazing purchase! I don't regret buying this gun one bit!!!! The weight, look is soo authentic. It is accurate within a few inches from 160 feet with .23's. You truly wont regret buying this gun. The only thing I dislike a little bit is the amount of gas this thing uses, it can only get off about 10-12 shots if you go rapid fire, then your out of gas. Overall, its an A+ gun. Ive bought a WE before but this one is 100% better. Even the full metal construction feels more solid.
Displaying 41 to 50 (of 64 reviews) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
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