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BOL Basic Fast Smart Charger
[01715 / AC-788A]
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by L. GLANTZ verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 18 November, 2009
verified buyer
For: BOL Basic Fast Smart Charger
Product Information:
i have only had this charger for 1 day but with my 9.6v 1600 mah battery half charged it charged in about 30 mins and a 8.4v 1100 mah 25% charged in about 20 mins so t is a great charger and not really too loud but it does make a noise because of the fan but nothing annoying

fairly quiet
easy to use
quick charging then trickle charge to save battery
comes with large and small type connectors
safer than Chinese chargers

directions only give set amps amount for intellect or sanyo batteries other than that none
by M. TWARDOWSKI Date Added: Thursday 05 November, 2009
For: BOL Basic Fast Smart Charger
Product Information:
This charger is great, it can charge my 9.6V 4500mAh battery in approximately one hour. It is somewhat noisy due to the cooling fan but the sheer speed of this charger more than makes up for such a small "problem".

Quickly charges battery
Comes with mini and large type connecters

Instructions very vaguely detailed
by E. CHAVEZ verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 12 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: BOL Basic Fast Smart Charger
Product Information:
Just wanted to hand out a review for this charger, before I knew of "smart" chargers I usually waited 3-5 hours charging my gun, then my friends, etc so we could all play. So instead of playing when we wanted we'd usually wait a day. This is was customary for me. I didn't know something like this existed. This charger is great! It charges my weapons in about 30-45 min. So instead of waiting 3 hours to charge about 3 guns it would only take 1hr45min to charge them all. Gaming is harshly increased. I strongly suggest using the guide posted in the other reviews. Very helpful.

- Fast
- Fan Integrated In Charger
- Wont Overcharge Battery/Explode Battery
- Easy to Use

- Unclear Instructions
- Somewhat Loud, Not Too Loud Though
by E. GRIESBACK Date Added: Tuesday 30 June, 2009
For: BOL Basic Fast Smart Charger
Product Information:
GET THIS CHARGER! That is really the only thing I can say. Works amazingly: it can charge my 1100 mah battery in less than 30 minutes. This is a great charger for either all day or all night competitions. I originally got this because during all day or all night competitions my battery would always run out and i didn't want to be away from the action for 3-4 hours to recharge my battery. It does its job great. I haven't yet met a battery that couldn't be charged in less than 30 minutes on this charger. Works great!

Easy to use (look at the chart at the bottom of the review page)
Charges fast
Small and large type connector heads
Plugs into a wall outlet (some other smart chargers plug into a car battery)

Kind of big
If you don't use the chart at the bottom of the review page it doesn't work as good
by K. KOMPERDA verified buyer Date Added: Friday 05 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: BOL Basic Fast Smart Charger
Product Information:
it the best a great price and is nice i do say recommend it

it chrages my 8.4 small 1100mah in 30 minutes trickle chrages

can think of any
by K. WONG Date Added: Wednesday 21 May, 2008
For: BOL Basic Fast Smart Charger
Very nice smart charger. I bought it off my local store, but it does it's duty. This smart charger can charge all 4 of my mini- connector battery in about a hour.

The only thing I wish it had was a more clearer instructions sheet. After using it for a while , I can now figure what amps I need for certain batteries.
by R. MITCHENER Date Added: Thursday 15 May, 2008
For: BOL Basic Fast Smart Charger
Out of all the chargers I have owned this is by far the best charger for an airsoft user who uses batterries with voltages lower than or equal to 9.6v. Lets create a list of pros and cons. At the bottom I will give a massive list of acceptable batteries and their currents (make sure to look up the battery model number on the batteries website) I Recomend creating a txt file and then using the control+f to find your batteries model number.

Does not overheat with excessive usage.
Can trickle charge.
Fast charge is actually fast. (Can charge a 1200 mAh 9.6v Battery in under 30 minutes)
Instructions are in Japanese/English
It can work in most countries as it can detect the input voltage/current and adjust itself
It has both small and large type connector heads

Its loud
The instructions are not too clear.
If you do not have the battery model listed its some what hard to find the acceptable current.
It requires close supervision incase to large a current was placed upon the battery.

This charger gets the job done at an extremly fast pace compared to other chargers, it uses an onboard fan to keep the parts running cooly. This item is perfect of anybody who has to charge alot of batteries under or equal to 9.6v in a specific amount of time.

All these are directly from the BOL charger current table.
Batteries and Currents:
Sanyo (Ni-CD)
Capacity less than 500mAh {0.5A or less}
N-500AR & KR-600AE {0.5A or less}
KR-1100AAU & KR-1500AUL & KR-1700AU {2.0A or less}
KR-1300SC & KR-1500SC {3.0A or less}
N-1700SCR & N-1900SCR & RC-1700 & RC-2400 {4.0A or less}

Sanyo (Ni-MH)
HR-3U (AA 1700 ~ 2700mAh) & HR-4U (AAA 700 ~ 1000mAh) {0.5A or less}
RC-3000 & RC-3000HV & RC-3300HV & RC-3600HV {4.0A or less}

GP (Ni-CD)
GP-160SCKR {2.0A or less}
GP-240SCKR {3.0A or less}

GP (Ni-MH)
AA (1300 ~ 2700mAh) & AAA (600 ~ 1000mAh) {0.5A or less}
GP110AFHR & GP 130AFHR & GP200AFHR {2.0A or less}
GP220SCHR {3.0A or less}
GP300SCHR & GP300SCHR & GP330SCHR & GP370SCHR &GP390SCH & GP430DCHR {4.0A or less}

Intellect (Ni-MH)
IB-750AAA & IB-2000AA {0.5A or less}
IB-1200-2/3A & IB-1400-2/3A {2.0A or less}
IB-3600SC {3.0A or less}
IB-3800SC & IB-4200SC {4.0A or less}
by M. WALLS Date Added: Saturday 16 December, 2006
For: BOL Basic Fast Smart Charger
While this does its job, and fast. The box came with no manuals and the website has no mention of this product (most likey BOL website doesnt get updated allot). Anyways, being new to airsoft I had no idea what setting to put it on. Lucky after some digging, I found the correct Amp's that you need to use.

Battery = recharging amps
270mHa = 1.3 amps
600mHa = 1.8 amps
1100mHa = 2.0amps
1200mHa = 2.4 amps
1700mHa(or above) = 3.0 amps

This is the setting you turn the knob to when recharging.

Hope this help. At the end of the day it does the job well.
Displaying 11 to 18 (of 18 reviews) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2 
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