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CAW M79 Real Wood Grenade Launcher
[D205701618 / CAWM79]
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by M. FENNELL Date Added: Tuesday 03 November, 2009
For: CAW M79 Real Wood Grenade Launcher
Product Information:
A bad@$$ weapon if you are willing to spend several hundred dollars. I have had good times with this weapon, and it has not failed me. Only buy this if you have are one of the following:
a. A collector with a high budget
b. A hardcore grenadier... with a high budget
This pretty much serves as a main weapon, so make sure you have a very good sidearm to back this up. I have a Tokyo Marui Uzi and Mk23, both pack a good punch up close. If you like AEGs more, just buy yourself a M203 a have a good time. For you that are not swayed by the AEG, this is just a fatty break-action shotty. I would not trade this for ANY airsoft weapon. A word of warning: to all of you that are looking at the ABS version, what would you prefer: a launcher that feels like a toy, or a launcher that feels like a gun? I have fired both, and I have no complaints about the ABS as far as performance goes, but the plactic feel turned me off. If your gonna buy a big dumb shotgun, buy the COOL big dumb shotgun.

The coolest weapon on the weapon wall
Intimidation level can only be beaten by a few other weapons -cough- minigun
Reloading it looks bad@$$
Build materials feel authentic
Can take out a group
Performance varies with the grenade
Shoots nerf rockets; good for tank busting or getting rid of cover

Reloading the grenade cartidges uses lots of BBs and takes a lot of time
Performance varies with the grenade
Expensive (looks at cavity in wallet)
Plastic barrel
Reloading shells (not BBs) takes twice as long as an average reload
After firing with propane, smells like a cow just shat in your barrel
by D. HENDERSON verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 24 August, 2008
verified buyer
For: CAW M79 Real Wood Grenade Launcher
Product Information:
As a collector as well as a player. I really like to see unusual guns show up on the market. I love this gun. It gets lots of looks any where you take it. It is well made and seems to be very durable. I had the opportunity to use one of the full plastic ones and the metal and wood is the only way to go. It just feels like the real deal. The plastic one functioned fine, but felt more toy like. If you use the CO2 high powered shells, you can REALLY reach out and touch someone. As a specialty weapon it can't be beat.

Great looks. Lots of fire power. Well built. Everyone wants to use it.

You need way more than one shell and they ain't cheap. It take forever to load several shells. My gun's safety lever is really loose and won't stay in place. I haven't tried to fix it yet, so I can't say exactly what is going on there.
by M. KOT Date Added: Tuesday 05 February, 2008
For: CAW M79 Real Wood Grenade Launcher
The ultimate choice for asta la vista baby. The wood stock is nice, although I wish the barrel metal. Durable sling attachment points, a flip-up adjustable bloopin' sight. The barrel length helps give better projection than other shorter grenade launchers. I prefer .12 gram bb's for grenades. Inexspesive, better distance. More of a buckshot than an actual grenade. This weapon is best in close-quarters. And intimidating! My only complaint is I got this awhile ago from a different co. and payed like $360 for it. It's good the price went down!
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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