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Action Army Type96 Teflon Cylinder Set
[11557 / B-02-006]
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by N. SWINEY verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 02 April, 2014
verified buyer
For: Action Army Type96 Teflon Cylinder Set
Product Information:
This cylinder is extremely tough, and will increase the longevity of your MK96 APS2 rifle at least twice over.

Gets rid of that pesky silver shiny cylinder
Requires no modification to install

Tough to install (have a pro do it, took me 2 days to do myself)
Pain to get the bolt back on
Nothing else!
by J. DELSENY verified buyer Date Added: Friday 25 October, 2013
verified buyer
For: Action Army Type96 Teflon Cylinder Set
Product Information:
I got this cylinder to replace the cheap aluminum stock cylinder that came with my ASG AW.308 (Type 96). I was a little hesitant about the teflon coating, but for the price, I was willing to give it a shot. Over all, it is decently constructed, a solid feel, and a nice weight (I prefer heavy cylinders, rather than light ones that could warp easier). The teflon coating is a lot more durable than I expected, and actually provides a much smoother gliding action for any nylon piston washers than polished SS. The piston seal seems fine, and will likely provide enough of a seal for most standard upgraded springs, however if you plan on using a crazy spring, then a polished SS cylinder would likely provide a better seal. I did notice that the cylinder head had a sharp edge at the nozzle opening (where the BB sits), but a little light sanding with 150 grit paper or deburring tool easily removed that. The only big flaw, for my rifle, is that the machined nut on the end is smaller than the nut hole in my bolt arm assembly. the length is correct, but because it is smaller, the cylinder is not held at that point from rotating slightly. To compensate, I just had to tighten the cylinder screw really well (maybe some thread-lock?) and just keep checking that it hasn't loosened.

I don't expect the teflon coating to last forever, but I purchased this knowing that, and have added some nylon rings in my receiver and smoothed up any edges that come in contact with the cylinder.

Decent construction
Solid feel
Heavy weight
Very true (straight)
Smooth action (with nylon guides for piston)
All around good value

Sharp lip on cylinder head (easily removed)
Incorrect sizing of machined nut fitting at the end of the cylinder (for ASG AW.308 rifle)
Teflon coating can wear off (no way around this, teflon coatings are what they are, a coating)
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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