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A&K Full Metal Magpul Masada Airsoft Gun (Licensed Trademarks/Black)
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by N. HERNANDEZ Date Added: Thursday 25 September, 2014
For: A&K Full Metal Magpul Masada Airsoft Gun (Licensed Trademarks/Black)
Product Information:
I have had this gun for about two years now and it is everything you could ask for in an aeg. After reading many mediocre reviews of this gun, I feel I must have lucked out with a good one or maybe I have a later generation because I am yet to find a gun that is better than this out of the box for under $300. As far as the exterior, it is exquisite. The upper receiver is cnc steel, the barrel is metal, an, the lower, stock and handguard are all made of the durable polymer you find in most magpul airsoft products. The monolithic rail is great, the stock is completely adjustable, and the ambidextrous controls are awesome. As far as magazines, the hi-cap that comes with this gun was junk but I use the KWA K120s and they feed flawlessly. The handguard will mount anything that fits on a normal MOE handguard which is a plus. The integrated front flip up sight works great and holds its zero, but I use an MBUS rear sight just to match the gun.
As far as internally go, I was blown away. For a while, I just ran a normal 8.4v battery and everything was real smooth. I later decided to go with an 11.1 lipo to see if the gun held up and for the most part it did. The only parts of the gun that failed were the plastic air nozzle and the plastic hop-up, which I easily replaced. Other than that, the 11.1 lipo runs great, with excellent trigger response and a respectable ROF. After about a year of running on a lipo completely stock internally except for the aforementioned parts, the gun is showing no signs of stopping. It shoots about 370-380 fps with the stock spring. I changed it to an sp100 spring which brought that down to about 325, but it seemed like the motor was over torquing the gearbox, so I went back to the stock spring. The range is nice at about 50-75 meters with the standard barrel. I would also like to say that this gun is extremely durable. I have used it to teach some friends more advanced weapons manipulation beforing moving to the real thing so the gun has taking a bit of a beating, but it refuses to give in. Right now this is my go to gun for airsoft and I plan on keeping it that way until it dies on me, even if it takes a few more years.

Solid and durable quality
Can run 11.1 lipo without upgrades
Ambidextrous and super ergonomic
Good range and accuracy
Unique looks
Realistic weight
Basically flawless for aeg under $300

Only cons are the plastic hop up and air nozzle. You should be fine if you stick with a lower voltage battery. It is possible to find replacements though which is nice.
by P. PRUETT Date Added: Wednesday 20 August, 2014
For: A&K Full Metal Magpul Masada Airsoft Gun (Licensed Trademarks/Black)
Product Information:
A&K Masada

I've had this gun for a year and haven't broken done on me yet, but i do keep good maintenance on it.
I recommend the KWA 120 RD mid caps and a flash hider

polymer external
OK internals
6 position stock
good for leftys

Pins that hold the hand guard fall out(i put electrical tape to hold it easy fix)
by J. BRUK verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 26 March, 2014
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal Magpul Masada Airsoft Gun (Licensed Trademarks/Black)
Product Information:
This gun is sweet! It performs really well overall and I is certainly worth the price. I own several more expensive guns than this one and can honestly say that this thing outperforms many of them. If you dont want to pay for the more expensive PTS one, than you should definitely look into this thing!

-Good weight, not too heavy or light
-Not front heavy even with the battery in the front
-Shoots very far and fairly accurate

-Cheap plastic hop up (works well, just be gentle)
-Some pieces extremely difficult to find
-Battery is a bit difficult to fit
by J. MOSS verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 01 March, 2014
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal Magpul Masada Airsoft Gun (Licensed Trademarks/Black)
Product Information:
overall this gun is nice, it looks sweet and is a good alternative to an m4 while still using STANAG mags. The holographic sticker on the side is interesting but i worried that it would give my position away outdoors. the range is great for a gun this price, and the FPS is up there as well. But from my experience with the gun, you are going to want to replace the motor as soon as you can, I know plenty of people who have used this gun and had issues with the gears locking up because the motor is too weak.i do also advise getting a sling attachment point to make the gun a but more useable with slings, not everyone has a QD sling. Lastly buy some Magpul MOE rails to make the handgaurd tactical and much more practical.

Good gun overall
comes with a cool hi cap
battery is decent
good alternative
comfortable (6-8 stock positions)

motor is abismal
holographic sticker is cool but useless
gears are decent
handguard has no rails (unless purchased)
only has QD mounts stock
by M. PARSONS verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 29 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal Magpul Masada Airsoft Gun (Licensed Trademarks/Black)
Product Information:
I love the look of the gun, looks amazing with silencer and red dot sight. Recommend a 9.6 NiMh mini battery.

Great range and grouping
Hi cap magpul mag that it comes with it is awesome
Not overly heavy
Good cyclic rate
Pins push out with .223 round like the real Masada

Iron sights it comes with are not for battle use, they are target sights
Some feeding problems with mid cap magpul mags
by T. JACKSON Date Added: Tuesday 28 January, 2014
For: A&K Full Metal Magpul Masada Airsoft Gun (Licensed Trademarks/Black)
Product Information:
I like the black color but would include the battery so some on can go out to play and make it more customizable

range is good
like the sights
plus the rail makes it good too

would like GBB on it
maybe more choices on mags
by J. DOMACENA Date Added: Monday 27 January, 2014
For: A&K Full Metal Magpul Masada Airsoft Gun (Licensed Trademarks/Black)
Product Information:
This Masada is a great gun for its price! A very nice AEG and definitely a cool gun to have around. This gun is great for ranged engagements and is precise on its accuracy. The MOE handguard allows for attachment of rails in different positions and is compatible with all the Magpul you need. The adjustable folding stock is perfect for different combat scenarios where you need it close to your body for CQB or long enough for fielding. The flip up front and rear sights make it easy to switch to iron sights for when your holos and red dots run out of juice. The ambidextrous parts of this gun are very helpful for when you need to switch shooting hands and lean around those tough left corners for you righties and the right corners for the lefties. The magazine release, the working bolt catch, and the safety switch are both ambi and so is the charging handle, which can be switched to either side if you want to. The complaints I have about this gun are the magazine and the charging handle. This gun is mostly held together by pins and makes it extremely easy to take apart.
But sometimes I find myself sometimes holding the mag in place because the Pmag that came with this gun falls out pretty easily. I'm not sure if this is only with the Pmag that came with the gun, but be ready to have it fall out once in a while. The dust cover for this gun is made of a thin piece of metal that can bend really easily. I would not recommend pulling the charging handle back an immense amount of times in fear of having the thin metal piece, holding the charging handle, and the dust cover snap. Other than those things though, this gun is a great fielding gun and can follow up precise shots at long distances. Recommend it to anyone that wants a cheap ACR.

-Cheap for a Masada
-Pinpoint accuracy at long ranges
-Working ambidextrous bolt catch
-Ambidextrous safety, bolt catch, and charging handle (only if switched to desired side)
-Nice, adjustable folding stock with a rubber butt plate with a cheek riser
-Can use a variety of M4 magazines
-Durable polymer
-It's MagPul

-Wobbly Pmag that may fall time to time, although rarely
-Thin metal dust cover that can bend and snap if charging handle is pulled too much
by T. WISE verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 08 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal Magpul Masada Airsoft Gun (Licensed Trademarks/Black)
Product Information:
This gun is an amazing deal. When I first got it, it looked and felt great. Packaging was a nice box and the instructions weren't chinglish like most instructions I've gotten. The gun has a nice metal upper receiver and the lover is a nice durable plastic. When I first took this thing to field, it chronoed about 350-360 and had a nice ROF with an 8.4 small type. I got a 9.6 small on the way, but it looks like it might be a tight fit. Hope it'll fit with a burst wizard MOSFET. I also got a Magpul MVG for it but it didn't really fit since the holes in the handguard were kinda tight. After grinding it a little bit wider, I was able to get the grip on and now it fits fine. I also got a crack in the stock where it hinges on the gun, but I think its because a friend ran into a tree with it.

Good build quality
It's a freaken Masada!
Included mag looks and works awesome.
no feed problems so far.
Does better than my sig 552

Didn't come with a battery.
Range is not the best.
Rear sight sucked. Won't stay in the down position. get a red dot ASAP
stock can crack easily if you run into a tree while trying to fold it. Guess that was our fault though...
by B. KREICAR verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 05 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal Magpul Masada Airsoft Gun (Licensed Trademarks/Black)
Product Information:
I purchased this gun as my first airsoft gun. My expectations were not high on this gun as I just wanted something that looked cool and would operate fairly well. I found it to be a fairly descent gun (although I have only used it a few times so far). It shoots well with an easy adjustable hop-up, ambidextrous mag/bold release. Handy top rail system, with adjustable stock that can also be folded for CQB. While I have heard this isn't the best most reliable gun, it isn't that bad right out of the box. Plenty of room for upgrades!

-looks cool (it's an ACR)
-adjustable/fold-able stock
-easy to adjust hop-up
-fires well and pretty accurate

-battery is a tight fit and hard to get the hand rail on over the battery ( maybe easier with a stick, crane, or nunchack style battery)
-had the stock slide all the way off with sling and hands free
- questionable internals
by L. MELCHER Date Added: Monday 16 December, 2013
For: A&K Full Metal Magpul Masada Airsoft Gun (Licensed Trademarks/Black)
Product Information:
i have to say its a nice gun tho, perfect for upgrades and is great on a DMR setting. when i first bought the gun the first issue i had was the back flip up sight. when i went to tighten the screw with an allan wrench the screw snapped and never worked again. i didnt have any screws that size so i just hot glued it to the rail. kinda made me mad...

The second issue i had was the incredible amount of barrel wobble. since it is free floating. the battery is the only thing that can stop this. Also there is like barley any room for a 9.6v battery, after a few tries i got it but still its a pain. also with the barrel, since it is quick detach and all, the little teeth that lock the barrel in place eventually stripped and broke off. i have no idea how its on there now but i managed to make it work...

Lastly the most annoying thing this gun has done to me...
being made by A&K i knew i was taking a risk when buying it, so literally seconds before i was about to start the first game of the day, i go to put my mag in the gun(now i dont ram it in and smack it, i just push it until it clicks and lightly tap it to make sure it stays in) i go to test fire to make sure no feed problems, and what happens, a feed problem...
i go to take the mag out of the gun and see this clear plastic ring stuck in the whole of the mag. this is like one of the most important parts of the gun, its what pushes the tab back in the mag to let the bb's go into the gun. but no A&K thought it was a great idea to make it out of plastic. So the whole day i played using a friends pistol and it just sucked. What sucks the most was when i only owned the gun for about 3 months and it was the first official day of use.

I was a beginner player at the time, i did my research trust me, every review said this gun was worth it and its plays great. this kind of ruined my look on the game and basically told me which brands to trust. I feel bad having to write a review about the gun this way but i cant say anything good because i never played with it in a real airsoft setting, sure i shot a can in my yard for fun before but nothing fantastic.

I will say some good things i saw in this gun

Its very low maintenance, like its not hard to clean, take apart, or anything. its great for a beginner like i was and a good way to start. its also a head turner, i was looking into a gun unique in style and not ur typical m4. everybody sees those but not a masada. plus its a bad ass gun in general i mean theres a reason why its the on the photo for their youtube page.

Please take my experience into consideration, im not hating on this gun, if it was made a little better and i was able to play a game with it, i probably would of loved it. but as of now i own the WE MSK gas blow back because i still love the style of the gun but i hate the problems that followed AEG's so i went gas and will never go back, i havent had a single part break and i have won many games with it. But ill be honest i was ready for a gas gun, with all the tinkering around with the masada, taking apart the MSK was a breeze.

Please, please, please do your research and make the right choice, look into an average m4 and play from there, i probably should of done that but didnt and payed the price

easy to maintain
looks cool
realistic weight

cheap parts
over priced
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 24 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  [Next >>] 
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