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Element 210 AEG Spring
$11.00 $6.00
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by J. VALENTINE verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 15 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: Element 210 AEG Spring
Product Information:
A good spring, I stuck it In my JG SVD while making a Cheap but effective DMR.

Im runnign on a Stock Barrel ITs slightly longer than a m16 but shorter than a FSG-1.

Anywhoo I Reassembled the gearbox and Scared myself. Using the Soda Can ChronoGraph from Rewwolf
I was Penitrading the Edge and bottom of a soda Can Like it was paper. And leaving a Nasty Dent on the Top of the denoting the FPS In the 450-490 Range. The SVD untill i remove The full auto Capability is Unskirmishable without a 100foot Engagement zone.

My set up is Stock Gears, Modify Steel Bearings Stock Polycarb Pistion, G&P Explosiove Pistion head, Modify Spring guide.

On .3s i get effective shots to about 180 feet and can hit a Hit a MAn sized target at about 140 Feet with almost every shot. Im hoping a prommy or JBU Tightbore will increase that range.

MAssive FPS
Once agian price for $11 bucks I elive it will last.

Massive FPS (Borderline UNFIELDABLE)

Its orange.
by J. FRYE Date Added: Thursday 15 April, 2010
For: Element 210 AEG Spring
Product Information:
I got this spring for my JG G3 with all upgraded internals. I was disappointed to figure out that it's not actually possible to pull this spring back all the way in a standard V2 gear box. My my box was able to pull the spring back fine but once it gets almost all the way it hits it compression limit(where the coils are actually all touching each-other). At first i thought it was my motor or battery but i upgraded both and had a look inside. It just hit the point and wasn't able to compress far enough to actually fire.

I'm thinking i just missed something that said this spring isnt supposed to work in standard gear boxes or is just for snipers.

Marked down because i thought it was for a normal gear box.

Seems strong and stiff

Shiny :P

Doesnt work in a V2 gearbox. :(
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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