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MadBull Threaded Precision Barrel Set for Socom Gear/WE MEU 1911 (235mm)
[06933 / MB BARL KIT M1911]
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by D. HERRERA verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 24 December, 2011
verified buyer
For: MadBull Threaded Precision Barrel Set for Socom Gear/WE MEU 1911 (235mm)
Product Information:
so i got this tight bore in the spring and now its about Christmas so ive spent alot of time with it, first off the fitting at first was a little tight i was kind of scared it wouldn't fit at all. after a little work with just muscling it in there it finally fit then a little silicone oil to make it slide easier of course. but if you ask me the tight fit is good because it makes the gun stronger, now i have this installed in a socom gear gold 1911 and the performance is great. i have a thing for heavyweight bbs so my kill range is about 100 ft when it used to be like 40 ft with the stock barrel. on point .20's it used to shoot about 325 now its about 380-390 and i seem to be getting alot of one hit kills because its so accurate. the barrel color is also great because with a black suppressor covering the tight bore you wont be able to see it unlike a silver one, but anyways i recommend this to any 1911 owners out there otherwise without it its just a waste of ammo accuracy and time thanks asgi.

fps jump about 60+ fps
range increase from about 50 ft to 100 ft Doubled in Range!
efficient, alot of one hit kills
extra threaded 14mmccw barrel adapter for suppressor, very nice
tightly seated in the metal frame no wobble

no longer cqb friendly fps is too high
with suppressor makes hard to holster and run around especially drop leg holster i cant run without it hitting me constantly
first installation is a little tight, just don't forget the silicone and you should be fine
by D. TYLER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 01 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: MadBull Threaded Precision Barrel Set for Socom Gear/WE MEU 1911 (235mm)
Product Information:
I got the set and was completely excited about using it. Then I opened the box and saw to my dismay, that although asgi did an excellent job of packing the product, that it was originally encased in a thick plastic/vinyl bag instead of a box or tube... I was very worried that the inner barrel may have bent, as I have had madbull python's bend in the past.

I was happy to find that it was not bent, proceeded to install it (took all of 45 seconds or so) and began my testing. I fired this on propane, chronoed and did accuracy tests.

I am very very pleased.

Still allows 1911 to be used with Serpa holsters when used with a blackside silencer.

Raises fps from around 320 to 390 with .20's (also chrono'ed separately with .25's, went from 310 to 375). All tests done with propane.

Increases accuracy (marginally in my opinion)

Increases range (significantly more than accuracy, so effective range is still somewhat less than a full size rifle, but far enough to be used in large scale outdoor games)

Looks awesome

Hopup is easily adjustable and sensitive. Also easy to turn the dial, but it holds wherever you put it.

Poor quality stock packaging, inner barrel could easily be damaged in shipping or handling.
Requires a silencer be used to cover the inner barrel.
My gun didn't come with it stock.
by D. HANCOCK verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 25 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: MadBull Threaded Precision Barrel Set for Socom Gear/WE MEU 1911 (235mm)
Product Information:
Just got this today. What a great upgrade! Dramatically extended the range and accuracy of my We 1911. It came completely assembled and literally dropped right into the gun. I was shooting at a 1ft. x 1ft. board at 120 ft. away. One the hop up was dialed in perfectly,I was easily hitting 8 out of 10 shots with .28's. Also came with the silencer adapter (14mm ccw) to hid the extended barrel.

Easy installation. Increased range. Increased Accuracy. Great Price, and the silencer adapter.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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