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Madbull Dummy Grenade (OD)
[03690 / MB PS 2 OD]
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by M. CHAVEZ verified buyer Date Added: Friday 07 February, 2014
verified buyer
For: Madbull Dummy Grenade (OD)
Product Information:
These things work great in CQB, and keep peoples hearing intact. Good price and serves it purpose well, and can be used with 2 other mods... 1 is that it can be filled with BBs in the large hole in the middle off the frag on the bottom, and then just place a few layers of paper (just 1 or 2) to cover the hole securely but not to point where it would be difficult to remove. when thrown, the BBs will fly around in about a 8-10 foot radius, depending on how it lands. Its pretty effective and cheap. Something much better though, is to buy some Adult Pops/Pop Pops on Pyro Direct (or any other pyro selling shop that has them, but they are the only one I have found so far that stocks em), in a pack of 600 pops for 25 bucks and fill the core with 2 or so of them, secure it with paper or tape, and when it lands it'll make an epic bang. Seriously. It looks better than a Hokkatsu Thunder B/Flash bang, and it fits in USGI frag pouches or condor frag pouches, and it is almost as loud (the things make around 85 decibels of sound or so). I'm telling you this because it works, and will make airsoft and grenading a lot better for the community. Thunder B's break too much and have too many issues. My team mate threw a thunder B in bunker with 6 people in it, but it didn't go off. It had only been used twice and already broke! These don't break, and have a higher change of working. You could even tape those Pop Pops to the outside of frag to make absolutely sure it blow. Anyways, he had another Thunder B and tossed it in there again and it worked, got everyone out, but we have gotten 8 Thunder B's and only 2 of them work now. They only worked for an average of 0-2 throws. Bottom line is you should get these, I got 4 already and I am getting more for my whole squad.

Works good in CQB/ wherever refs are watching
Many homebrew applications/mods available for them
Look way better than a pineapple frag Thunder B, and more realistic
Can be used as a "Distraction Device" like a Hokkatsu
Uber. I don't know how else to describe these than that.

If you like to pull the pin and reset/play around with it, the paint underneath it will scratch after about 10-15 times of the spoon flying off and make the spoon stay attached when it reaches that point. Filing will fix that though.
Some fields (and especially the players) won't count it as anything if it doesn't explode, unless it hits them on the head. in CQB thats completely different though.
Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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