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Deep Fire BB Airsoft Grenade (Type 2)
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by J. MCCARTER Date Added: Sunday 01 August, 2010
For: Deep Fire BB Airsoft Grenade (Type 2)
Product Information:
Grenade that looks like a WW2 Mark II grenade. It has a pin, spoon and body, just like a real grenade. Uses gas to pop the outer shells open (reusable) and eject BBs. The timing on the grenade can be adjusted to when you want it to blow.

Reusable. Uses cheaper gas (green/propane) to get the explosive effect. Adjustable timing.

The BBs have about a 5 foot radius, at best.
The upper part of the body is plastic and very fragile, so be careful when tossing the nade into a room. The timing is very unpredictable and has basically two times, short and long. You just have to guess how long those are because I don't know as it is completely random how it blows up.
Use of green/propane gas means limited temperature ranges it can operate in. The warmer it is, the faster it will blow. The colder it is, it won't blow, except in your hands.
If you fill it with BBs, they sound like maracas.
They leak the gas. So, many times, they will not blow at all.
If they are used outside, you WILL loose parts because the spoon is green, the skins (unless you use orange) are green. You will have to customize the body with fishing line to keep the parts together.
The O rings are prone to flying out of the grenade body, thus breaking the grenade.
Beyond that, the grenades are horrible and not worth the money. Though they are a good novelty and great to scare your friends to death when you drop it in the middle of a meeting.
by C. YONG Date Added: Saturday 17 March, 2007
For: Deep Fire BB Airsoft Grenade (Type 2)
OK well here it is the highly anticipated grenade tht so many have talked about but so little have bought
well I bought one and I have to say it's a pretty good nade!!!!

Since all of the shells fall out when it explodes you have a 360 degree field of fire!

also the adjustable timer is very nice. You can make it short to ensure no secape for your oponents or extend it to make them think it's a dud...then...BOOM!! ;D

one thing is that the top of the grenade which is made of plastic can chip and break when hitting a hard surface directly. DON'T WORRY!! it won't crack if it slams against a wall...mine chipped because i threw it over a wall and it landed on concreate.

also u might have problems with this nade opening all the way if it is in tall grass.

the radius of the spread is about 2-4 feet at least from my tests

another tip is to use red gas
green gas will preform very well with this but red gas will increase the spread by almost a foot

srry for da long review but i thought this would help make up the decision for those of you who r itching to buy this but r not sure


when u get good with this thing IT ROCKS!!
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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