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APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
[12148 / APS AEG UAR BLK / UAR501B]
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by E. VON DASSOW verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 13 April, 2014
verified buyer
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
A necessary disclaimer before starting this review is that my UAR came dysfunctional. However, that's irrelevant for the preliminary. For starters, this gun is a conceptual leap from the conventional Airsoft models in several ways. It retain's an M4 length barrel with its bull pup design, is light weight due to its polymer construction, and ambidextrous to a point of gratuity. The bolt can even be moved to the other side of the gun for left-handed shooters.

Externally: Externally the gun is light and the plastic is just above cheap chinese make, but not yet the rugged, robust material of say a G&G or VFC AEG. The gun is easy to disassemble, and it uses a mostly-stock V3 gearbox and hop up unit. It has four rails and several QD sling points integrated onto its body. It has a three-position selector switch and an extremely long trigger pull (like, over half-an-inch, blech), and two magazine releases, one of which is ambidextrous and accessible with the shooting hand. Its battery is stored in the upper compartment. and easily accessed by removing a small tab/block. The bolt does lock back and is easily readjusted to be ambidextrous. The flash hider is glued on and takes a good period under the heat gun combined with a good vice grip and some determination to remove. Stored in the pistol grip is a small enclosure that can house two CR123A batteries for a PEQ box or light. Disassembly is done simply, beginning with the removal of pins and the separation of the upper-front and lower-rear areas of the gun. Removal of the flash hider is required for disassembly without further modification. Externally this gun has some neat features and ergonomics but lacks the design quality to properly execute them. It has nothing over an L85 or FN2000.

Internally: As mine came more or less useless and at the time I had neither the money or experience/time to do anything about it, I can't say much for most of its upgradeability, except for the fact that's a typical version 3 in most respects. The hop up has a proprietary enclosure however looks like the AK type adjustment. The inner barrel is nothing to rave about however once you remove the flash hider you can extend the outer barrel and make more of an AR or DMR out of this should you choose. It uses what seems like an M4/16 outer barrel type that screws onto the outside of the gearbox.

Performance: Here's where I can tell my unique and wretched experience with this gun. Out of the box it would jam every other shot until it would not fire. The ROF is pitiful until a Lipo is used and I doubt it can handle a LIPO stock. The FPS is near enough to what ASGI says it is, but I never chrono'd it. The vents on the top of the receiver are supposed to be clear however mine were closed off by tabs held on by plastic plates that looked like they had cheap glue holding them on, and thus nearly none of my stick batteries would fit. After disassembling the gun after about fifty shots, I noticed the hop up rubber was jammed into a folded mess and split half-way down the middle, and my barrel was not aligned correctly. I did not at the time have the DIY motivation to fix the problems with the gun. Pathetic as it sounds, I had a very bad experience with my UAR. Otherwise, from what good experiences I've had (like the terrific mags) and other reviews, this seems like a good and unique budget platform off of which to build a stand-out CQB piece. Although, if you're willing to spend the extra dollars, I would just let the bull pup fetish go and find a reliable Armalite/Kalashnikov platform…

Good Magazines
Innovative… (kind of)
Interesting trademarks/markings

Long Trigger Pull
Cheaper Plastic…
Hard to disassemble/Glued flash-hider…
Feels hollow
MIne Came with Below Issues:
Bent Hop-up/Poorly aligned barrel
Covered vents/inaccessible battery space
by A. AMES Date Added: Saturday 29 March, 2014
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is a great gun for mid-level airsofters and/or a great beginning bullpup style gun. It's a pretty amazing gun!

Shoots accurate, reliable, good price, and simple to use.

Very limited battery space, hard to find parts, ugly flash hider, and doesn't support most mid caps.
by J. CHOI Date Added: Thursday 30 January, 2014
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This product is great for first timers because it does not have tons of parts and has a nice weight in the back, which is different for the other guns

Easy to use, weight is in back

The clip falls outs sometimes if you try hip fire, jams sometimes.
by Z. CHAPMAN Date Added: Thursday 28 November, 2013
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I am ordering this soon, and am really excited. It looks awesome, and, from what I can tell, is awesome. The only big downside is that is doesn't come with a battery. I already have a smart charger, so I don't care about that. It's also good that it comes with two mags.

1. looks AWESOME! 2. comes with two mags 3.has two mag releases 4. good FPS 5. nice range 6. has lots of rail space

1. not full metal 2. no battery or charger 3. mags don't hold too much ammo 4. kind of expensive
by J. WARD Date Added: Wednesday 13 November, 2013
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this for christmas and it already does not function correctly. It used to perform great but one day it just started slipping off the gearbox and then a little bit later my full auto stopped working! It turned into semi!!!
Overall, i now wish i could have bought a scar instead of this. Looked great. I am very disappointed. :( wish i could take it back :s maybe if you just clean every game and check internals and soft use can keep it alive

- Quick change spring
- Comes w/ 2 mags
- Comes with better spring
- Completely ambidextrous!!!
- Long barrel for short weapon(Bull pup)
- 2 mag releases

-Mine does not work on full auto
-The trigger doesn't catch gearbox so doesn't fire sometimes
-battery is hard to get in/out
- Hard to use mag release by mag
by C. DOUCET Date Added: Thursday 17 October, 2013
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Deffinatly a good gun. Short package with good range allows it to be used in outdoor amd indoor play. The consept is very ergonomic and feels very balanced and comfortanle up agaisnt your shoulder. Gearbox is a standard version three and one of the better stock gearboxes made by APS. The gun breaks down easy and its simple to get to most anything on the inside. Stock hop up could be a little bit better and battery compartment is a lil tight but other than those two thing its a great rifle to take and run with. Quick change spring system is very easy to use and is extremly handy for switching play styles from day to day.

short overall length
great ergonomics
easy breakdown
verstile platform
farely solid gearbox
only bullpup that uses a standard gearbox
quick change spring system
looks amazing with a suppressor

hop up in mine was not all that great
battery compartment is tight (can befixed if u use a stick lipo though)
not the most amazing trigger (presonal preference though)
by E. VON DASSOW verified buyer Date Added: Friday 26 July, 2013
verified buyer
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
The UAR is an interesting concept as an Airsoft firearm. It combines the ergonomics of future-esque bullpup designs with a compact and feature-packed construction. It has a few characteristics that I would like to see more often in the average Airsoft gun. Frankly, this is one of the cooler SMG's I've seen on the market (IMO). That said, APS's promise that "Compromise is not an Option" in big bold letters on the box is a gargantuan pile of steaming poo. There are loads of ups and downs on this gun that I will cover, however I'll give a brief explanation first.

The APS UAR is an AEG with a version 3 'hybrid' gearbox, courtesy of APS. It sports a genuine metal hop up and a short-type motor, and a spring that will deliver ~350fps out of the box, with another included that promises ~400fps. The gearbox is also outfitted with a quick-change spring system. With a barrel length of 385mm, this SMG makes apt use of the bullpup's famous long-barrel short-gun perk. There are numerous other features, including the quad-rail system, hollow pistol grip, ambidextrous fire selector, triple magazine release, bolt catch, and QD sling mounts. The flash hider is a standard 14mm CCW hider, and the inner barrel extends far into it, so make sure any barrel extensions or flash hiders you buy to replace the stock one are at least two inches or so. The gun also features a quick-disassembly system that relies upon the removal of three body pins to separate the upper and lower regions of the gun and gain access to the gearbox, barrel, and hop-up.

All the technicals aside, I'll now share my personal experience, which, unfortunately, has been rather terrible and is the main reason for the deduction of two stars on this review on an otherwise ingenious step in the SMG field. Firstly, the flash hider is glued on so tight that nothing short of a heat gun, pliers, and boiling water will allow one to finally battle off the flash hider late at night with salty cheeks and bulging neck veins. Hardly any magazines are compatible and even ones that lock will not feed. APS did themselves an anti-favor by trying to sucker in American players to buy their proprietary magazines from China. Continuing, my APS UAR came with plastic stubs covering the insides of the upper vents, meaning less battery space and less cool-factor. It's lame that they allowed guns to come out of the factory like that. Compromise isn't an option? Pffffft get a slogan. The rear stock pad that houses the bolt catch is flimsy and is prone to falling off. Only with electrical tape for padding is it decently rigid in place. The trigger pull for this gun is uncomfortably long, and puts the player at that much more of a disadvantage when playing, esp. in CQB where other players are likely to have instant-response spring action rifles. My UAR fails to feed properly even with its own magazines, opting instead to jam every other round, even on a lubed barrel, charged 7.4v lipo, and fully wound magazine. It chokes and eventually the shooting becomes a dull 'thud-thud-thud' as BB's begin to collect in the hop up. I suspect this may have to do with a torn or crinkled hop up rubber or something. Speaking of the hop-up, adjusting it too dramatically in either direction will jam the gun automatically. The selector switch, although duplicated on the other side of the gun, is hard to reach without changing hands from the typical shooter's grip. I don't have small hands. Lastly but not least, the gun's rate of fire is mediocre at best, and noticeably lower than even sportline AEG's by G&G and Echo 1.

In Conclusion, the APS UAR is a cool idea with some new things to bring to the table, however APS obviously did not invest the care or effort to work even a few of the great variety of quirks, incompatibilities, and shortcomings of this model. I seriously hope that a few upgrades to the gearbox and a full re-lube of the gun will ensure that it starts to even shoot properly. All in all, buy this gun but do so with low expectations and a wallet with cash ready to spend on replacement parts and a lot of kleanex for your late-night crying about what this AEG could have been.

Interesting design...
Comfortable to shoulder, easy to get bearings and line shot...
Durable plastic construction, light enough for younger players...
Magazine releases are convenient
Accommodating rail space...
Quick Change Spring System
Decent FPS

Low Rate of Fire
Counter-Productive Hop-Up
Flimsiness in several areas
Flash Hider is glued far too tightly...

*My Model came with covered perforations*

Bad magazine compatibility
Constant Jamming and Feeding issues out of the bog with a good battery and fair care...
Ridiculous trigger pull...
by M. ALVARADO Date Added: Saturday 13 July, 2013
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I just picked this up two days ago and it rocks. The plastic build is surprisingly strong! It's kind of a struggle to disassemble because the model I bought had a piece that screwed in behind the barrel and the barrel doesn't unscrew. The stock is very heavy because of the gearbox but when I shouldered it everything balanced out. There's ample enough rail space for every little tactical accessory you could want. I should warn you that some high cap M4 mags don't quite feed well (like DBoys), but the mags included work well. This will not fit any midcap mags without some modification to either the mags or the gun. Also I installed a M90 spring from SHS and it BARELY fell below the 350fps limit at Tac City. So if you want to use this in CQB, buy a M90 spring; this gun makes it very easy to swap out springs. I have yet to use this outdoors but indoors it works like a dream

Very user friendly
shoots strong
spot on accurate even with .20's
well balanced
Ambidextrous EVERYTHING
easy to reassemble
extra mag and spring included

a little hard to disassemble
requires modification for some M4 mags
stick batteries are kind of difficult to put in
cheek rest falls off easily
kind of heavy for a plastic body
mags included have little capacity
by E. HUNTING verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 14 July, 2013
verified buyer
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
First AEG i have ever purchased and by comparison to some of the others i have used this is probably the second best i have used the first being my friends FN2000. I want you all to understand that this is due to my rifle i ordered if you order one it may be different so don't hold your breath on any one thing.
First off the material used is definetly tough and not cheap plastic the rails are of the same material the only real metal parts are the flash hider, the pins, and the majority of the internals. ROF is pretty beast but it seemed to have a BB limp out instead of fly out when on full auto well made rifle and good for the price.
Issues which were here and there and only one major issue however most i solved. The battery compartment is way too small like you need a lipo battery otherwise it will have issues or not fit altogether. My solution was to tape it too the side i am intending to order a PEQ box to better protect and hold the battery.
My flash hider after removing the Hex key screw and getting past the glue it would not screw off all the way it simply refused so either the threads are stripped or the glue itself is flipping me the bird and won't go down easy the solution was the twisting piece behind teh flash hider if you want to strip it down to get to the internals feel free to look it up.
Last and final issue was the magazines not only are they High Caps but they are midget High Caps about 2/3 the size of a M4/M16 STANAG Magazine. They hold up to about 100 in the dump compartment and 20 or better in the feed spring. The magwell itself you have the tube the bb's feed into which holds about 3-4 bb's before reaching the piston.
The mags i got with the rifle have a weak spring that you kind have to smack around. The spring inside the magwell does not shoot as hard as i had hoped which was the possibility of shooting the mag out 3 feet while aiming it straight up. Last but not least the mag itself has issues staying in you have to literally ram it in don't be gentle show it who is boss.
Only came with 1 QD sling mount so little sad had to turn my lancer tac 3 point sling into a 1 point sling worked pretty well actually. Word of warning becareful what M4/M16 magazines you purchase there is a chance they will not fit contrary to the rifle suposedly being able to fit them i haven't found one that fits but i only tried one so the search continues.

Well built for the price.
Good rate of fire
Comes with 2 midget High Caps
Extra Spring to upgrade fps
Spring quick change system
Pretty easy to field strip

Manufacturing issues
Only one QD sling mount
doesn't come with the hex keys you need
Minor full auto issue
Won't fit all M4/M16 Magazines
Comes with disappointment incase you didn't get your weekly serving
by J. ERIKSEN verified buyer Date Added: Friday 05 July, 2013
verified buyer
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Crap. Good design for a rifle but APS produced crap this time around. Bottom line, good idea's, bad planning and I feel like APS owe's me 200 for fixing their pos screw up.

Quick list how I got this to work:
Bored out plastic lining inside the battery compartment with 1/2" hole saw (filed afterword)
Dremelled out the last half of the bottom of the battery compartement for fuse access.
Ground down rear outer barrel screw posts so mag well could feed bb's properly
Dremelled chamber to fit properly after lowering the outerbarrel/magwell
Disassembled the hop-up chamber, ground off the attached hop-up nub, glued on one that actually worked.
Yah~ Now the gun works how it should......

Cool and different type of rifle.
Nice ambidextrous features.
Bolt and chamber works pretty smooth.
Light Weight.
Nice and easy spring swap.
Gun Take down easy enough.
Fair enough internals for the price.

Plastic is glossy and easy to see the seam, (200 dollars, that's a big no no)
Battery compartment was designed by a 3 year old with crayons. So many ways to have done this more efficiently.
Said 3 year old also designed AK style hop up unit as well, and as you would expect does not work well at all.
Before production figured out what was wrong, the 3 year old also designed the magazine well before they took the crayons away.
Long story short, 2 weeks later, after a lot of custom fabrication, finally the gun feeds well, I am able to get hop-up, and I can fit the stick battery in the battery compartment that was designed for stick batteries :\
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