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AIM Sports 150 Lumens Flashlight w/ 3 Color Filter Lenses
[07982 / FQ150]
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by D. AGOSTINHO Date Added: Wednesday 26 March, 2014
For: AIM Sports 150 Lumens Flashlight w/ 3 Color Filter Lenses
Product Information:
Ok I got this. This is a nice little compact taclight. It's bright enough to blind you and can take a beating. I have taken several bbs directly to the lens. Yes the plastic filter bent and the reflector inside shattered, causing the stuff that reflects to flake away. But she still shines bright enough. How ever the battery life on this is short if you keep using the light very often. It takes CR2 lithium battery's you can find these at the Home Depot for about $11 for a pack of two. OH JEZZ I just looked directly at it now and blinded myself.

Tough as nails
3 filters

Loose on the rail system
Short battery life.
A bit hard to find where and how to change filters
by S. MURRAY verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 13 February, 2014
verified buyer
For: AIM Sports 150 Lumens Flashlight w/ 3 Color Filter Lenses
Product Information:
I bought this to run it on my scar L and it works flawlessly it gets the job done and as far as the lenses go I only use the red one for zombie games because it just looks cool

Small compact and will fit on most every rail very bright light and has a nice bloom and blinding effect

The on/off switch is a little flexible so be careful when u first get it and get used to turning it on and off and u can't strobe it but nonetheless great little light
by J. BALCE verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 17 July, 2013
verified buyer
For: AIM Sports 150 Lumens Flashlight w/ 3 Color Filter Lenses
Product Information:

Airsoft Pistols, Airsoft Machine Pistols/SMGs.


Though it may also look cool on carbines and rifles with rails, you may want a bigger weapon light for those. Otherwise, this super compact tactical weapon light will still do the job... that is, if you are shooting a gun equipped with this light at close range.

It's basically small and compact, so I would really recommend this for use on a pistol, machine pistol, or sub machine gun only. 150 Lumens maybe bright but I think the rather small reflector dome inhibits illumination range. From your opponent's eyes, that same bright light is an intense glare that can cause a disorienting, temporarily blinding effect at considerably close range. This light is bright enough for CQB and within the usual airsoft pistol range of maybe around 50 to 70 feet. Also that same light will cast enough brightness for you to be able to interpret the silhouette of your iron sights and achieve a sight picture.

To add to the pros, I'd say, this is one of the cheapest of weapon lights to add to your tactical gear! For something as bright as 150 Lumens and with a steel body construction, it's a bargain at $37.83!!!

The rail mount on this thing is too tight for my ELITE FORCE M1911 TAC -- the pistol I originally intend to use it on. So, IF you plan to use it on the same gun, then beware, you will very likely have to muscle your weapon light into position and IT WILL scrape your gun's paint to the metal and IT WILL dull the rail's edges.

Also his airsoft pistol is powered by CO2 and as we all know it, blowback on such a gun can be horrendous. With a fresh new CO2 cartridge, you get a hefty recoil almost the equivalent of a real steel .22 caliber pistol. And it is that same recoil that seem to have loosened its internals and "killed" it... and yes, I only barely used this light and with only six days since that day it was delivered to my doorstep.


For my particularly defective unit, an RMA with AirsoftGI was the only thing to do and rightfully so, it was replaced under warranty. I am now writing this review as a return for the good service they've done and to guide potential buyers of a weapon light. AirsoftGI -- Hoorah!

Optional colored filter lenses, from my experience, doesn't seem to have any advantageous function. Maybe to tell them you're from "blue team" with a blue lens or "red team" with a red lens... so and so... I just find these lenses strange for use on a weapon light.

SUGGESTION: I would suggest a TLR-1 replica for your ELITE FORCE M1911 TAC because of the C-clamp style rail mount that it has. That C-clamp can open further and tightening and securing the weapon light is done with a screw. The screw's length makes way for the rather unusually wider rail mount of this pistol.
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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