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MagPul XTM Modular Rail Panel (FG)
[05446 / MAG410FOLGR]
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by M. FEASEL verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 16 May, 2013
verified buyer
For: MagPul XTM Modular Rail Panel (FG)
Product Information:
These are great to cover a rail. Much better to hold onto rail covers, then the sharp metal rail itself. I like these versus long rail covers, because you can fit them around attachments such as lasers, lights, sights, foregrips, etc.

I have my M416 set up with back up iron sights, a scope, a foregrip, PEQ battery box, and a light. With these i easily got the rails between all items covered. It's nice because typically i use my foregrip. However when prone (with outstretched arms) it's easier to grip the bottom of the gun rather then the foregrip. Also my metal ris Rails have scratched and cut things such as pouches, and my pistols grip when i have my rifle hanging on the side.

Installation is simple. Reinstallation is just as easy. You basically put them on the rail, and force them into each other. That's it. However i do recommend some channel lock plyers to connect them completely. by hand you can connect them 90, which is enough, they won't fall off like that, but their will be a small gap between them. 100% is same thing, just no gap. Taking them off consists of having some sort of small object (like an allen wrench, or bolt) to press on the connector. You can either push on this (bit of a pain) or have a second object (such as a mallet or other large surface/decent weight object) to hit just once on the first object. Very easy.

If theres one thing i'd improve, it's that they needs to make these with a rubber grip. The plastic, i mean it could be worse, but it could be better. Especially a softer (more squishy) rubber. The other is if they could make camo ones, such as multicam, or at least ACU. If you get OD+tan of these and mix them together, it makes the gun look strange, but does help with camo some what. My entire ACU load out is 100% blend in to the outdoor woods, i hear "where the he11 is he?" all the time, but my gun stands out.

easy assembly
Compact for fit around/between accessories

Wish it came in multicam or ACU. oh well
Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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