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Madbull PS90 Barrel Extension
[04591 / MB PS90 OTB]
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by E. VON DASSOW verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 13 April, 2014
verified buyer
For: Madbull PS90 Barrel Extension
Product Information:
This barrel extension is a smooth, solid piece to add to the length of your DMR, SMG, or even your sniper kit. Having installed it on a CA m15a4 with a 650mm inner barrel, the aluminum inner barrel is completely covered by the closed tube of the extension, and the perforated 'flash hider' length has no inner barrel to be seen through the vents, so it looks extremely flush. I can confirm that most tight bore barrels including Angel Custom and JBU will fit inside this guy no problem. Its construction is durable and one-piece, and it has a very clean look once attached to the end of the AEG. Its threading is clean ad surprisingly durable. It takes to dirt and scrapes very well and still holds most of its original finish. Many silencers of the same length will be twice the price but still not of the same low profile, durability, and tightness of this piece. In an overpriced Airsoft world this is a steal and will suit anyone's needs, so long as you've got a CCW 14mm thread. Great buy!

Clean Look
Flush with Inner Barrel
Good Threading
Perfect Length
Excellent Finish

Expensive for a piece of metal w/threading, but hey, that's Airsoft
by J. HARTER verified buyer Date Added: Friday 06 November, 2009
verified buyer
For: Madbull PS90 Barrel Extension
Product Information:
This is a great deal if you want to use your P90 in the field. It adds a good amount of length to your gun but isn't extremely long. The paint job is very good. There was one little problem and that was I had to file down the inside of the outer barrel of my gun to fit my inner barrel through. (But that's gun's fault not the extension) it also adds a very nice bell like tone when you release the charging handle :) (or that could be the inner barrel)

One of the cheapest barrel extensions on GI
looks good
extra accuracy (w/ tightbore)
only $60 (including a GI M4 tightbore)
looks good with P90 RIS
good finish
It's a Madbull

its so amazing it may blind the unworthy (may be a pro)
increases gun's length (duh)

That's it, if you're P90's range isn't cutting it this is your best option by far
by R. MORENO verified buyer Date Added: Monday 05 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: Madbull PS90 Barrel Extension
Product Information:
Simply beautiful on my p90. I kind of wanted to steer away from the silencer look for hiding the inner barrel so this choice worked out great. Sure it resembles the civilian ps90, but personally I find the gun has a much more comfortable look to it.
The metal it's made of is very nice in quality. When i rub my hand on it it makes a nice "schwing" sound as I come off. (glad that didn't sound sexual...) and if you give it a quick flick it rings. Not sure if that's a turn off for some people but I love it.
I actually dropped the gun on this extension and was happy to find that no damage was taken to the gun or the barrel itself.
If you want a good look to your p90, this is an awesome choice, I love it

Great metal material
Screws on tight
Looks great

it has the PS90 look if you're not into that
adds quite a bit of length, but that's what's going to happen if you're adding length to your inner barrel anyway
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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