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H&K HK45 GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun By KWA (Black)
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by B. CROUSE verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 21 July, 2015
verified buyer
For: H&K HK45 GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun By KWA (Black)
Product Information:
Excellent bang for your buck!

Being a longtime HK fan, I purchased this a quite a while ago. - No negative experience yet.

First game I used it was in a CQB field as a primary, since my MP7 shot too hot. - Had no problem engaging players at 50 to 100 feet down the main straight of the course. The thing is absolutely capable of scoring a hit on a 5 by 9 inch target (which would be a face) at said ranges provided the hop-up is dialed in and you aim center mass.

I've slid it across rough concrete floors to teammates who have run out of ammo, dropped it (because my holster is rather crap) and it's barely scarred, where other guns have scratched to the point where the aluminum is visible, this one is still black as night everywhere.

Trigger is a beauty, trigger guard is large enough for gloved fingers to fit through, the de-cocker/safety is a charm, so are the hammer and the slide release, which are also easily accessible. Even though I don't used the slide release because the slide itself is textured every-which-where and I just rack it. Contrary to what I was thinking, the back iron sight and front of the slide have just enough space to rack the slide off of something, if you've only got one hand available for operation. + I constantly press check the thing because it looks very similar to the HK I've used in .45.

I hope this thing never dies on me and as of the moment it doesn't look like it will.

In conclusion, this is a fantastic secondary, not a bad primary and a must for every HK enthusiast.

- Durable

- Functions flawlessly

- Doesn't scar easy

- Easily worth the price tag of 155 USD.

- Very realistic (Markings all over the place, mirrors actual firearm's operation, recoil is noticeable enough to mention)

- Outside barrel + orange tip is polymer (but still sturdy)

- Plastic barrel has minor wobble back and forth (but doesn't effect accuracy or operation)

- Gun is really light without a mag in it (could be a pro)
by M. BRINKERT Date Added: Friday 26 September, 2014
For: H&K HK45 GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun By KWA (Black)
Product Information:
Ok.. I'm new to the airsoft world but have a need for a pistol and carbine. So in my browsings of different pistols and carbines I came across this little gem. Now, I own plenty of real firearms so I expect anything airsoft that I get to duplicate/simulate the weapons I'm used to will definately be a shadow of the real thing.. but reading the reviews that have been written on this pistol made me sit down to add my 2cents..

First of all, I own one of the real ones.. not a replica like this, but the actual pistol. And I've got to say that my experiences with it have been exactly like what you all have been describing about this airsoft replica. Amazing!

Yes, the moment you pick up this weapon it molds itself into your grip... becoming an extention of your arm.. it's THAT good! The trigger action is superb,as is the weight and balance. The sight picture is perfect, the recoil is easy to manage, and the controls are all perfectly thought out and placed (especially love the mag catch). I grew up on 1911's and am still a big fan, but this weapon far surpasses that design in nearly every way.

So, just wanted to let you guys all know that the manufacturer must have done a truly excellent job on the design and manufacture of this weapon for it to so closely mimic the real thing. Well, except for that front sight coming loose issue that everybody seems to have.

I had originally planned on buying a 1911 airsoft pistol, but now it looks like I'll be getting one of these.. :)

IMHO: This is the perfect pistol. It only makes sense that this would be the perfect airsoft pistol too.

that loose front sight thing makes me a bit nervous.. I'll just glue it as soon as I get it sighted in.
by D. TURNER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 16 July, 2014
verified buyer
For: H&K HK45 GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun By KWA (Black)
Product Information:
The KWA HK45 is the best pistol anyone could ever own. The full metal slide and the ergonomic grip give the gun great weight and makes it feel awesome. The 28 round magazine is full metal and adds even more great weight to the gun when its loaded and will go at least 2-3 mags before needing another fill of gas. The blow back is very sharp and loud and feels great. The grip is very comfortable to hold and is nice and thick, I've held my friends 1911 and this at the same time and it makes 1911's feel very skinny and small. I very much enjoy trademarks and they are everywhere on this gun, even on the magazine. The iron sights with the white dots are very nice and makes aiming at a target super easy. I think this is the best pistol KWA has put out by far.

Feels better than any pistol I've ever held
Comes with thinner back strap if the original one is too thick for you to hold the gun
Magazine holds a ton and is very efficient
Trademarks everywhere!
Awesome weight
Beats any other KWA pistol
It has a small rail on the bottom for a light/laser

- Minor Things -
Pricey for a pistol, but totally worth it
Extra mags are expensive, like all green gas mags
16mm threads
Holsters are hard to find
Back strap is hard to change but I didn't have to
by J. ABROLAT verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 15 April, 2014
verified buyer
For: H&K HK45 GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun By KWA (Black)
Product Information:
Just recently purchased this gun and it is sooo much fun to shoot it will never get old.

Conserves gas
full metal
satisfying to shoot
Mounting rail

mags are expensive as with any gas gun
careful to to lose sights as they will slide off eventually as mine did :(
Plastic upper receiver
by B. GONZALEZ verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 10 April, 2014
verified buyer
For: H&K HK45 GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun By KWA (Black)
Product Information:
after receiving the KWA HK45, from airsoftgi you realize the quality care GI puts into shipping their items. it came lubed up, and with the chrono sheet. it arrived in a nice H&K black and red box, and nicely packed in the foam. As soon as i took off the orange tip, this gun looked just like a real firearm (BE CAREFUL NOT TO TAKE IT IN PUBLIC).

Ambidextrous slide release and magazine release.

CQB FPS (320)

28 Rnd Magazine

Functioning Decocker

30mm picatinny rail

Ergonomic pistol grip

Metal slide

H&K trademarks!

Swappable backstraps

lock key to keep out unwanted users

3-dot iron sights

KWA 2GX hopup bucking

plastic outer barrel (inner is high quality aluminum)

front iron sight moves from left to right fairly easily
by N. HAMAMOTO Date Added: Friday 24 January, 2014
For: H&K HK45 GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun By KWA (Black)
Product Information:
This pistol is an absolute dream! First of all the ergonomics of this gun are in a class all of it's own. All the controls are in easy reach of your hand and the contour of the grip makes as though the gun is and extension of your arm. This pistol is also one of the most accurate pistols I own being able to hit a torso size target at 50ft without any trouble. Although I must say that this gun as well as any KWA / High-end sidearm does require more maintenance than the norm, but if you clean and lube your gun on a regular basis it will be a reliable and accurate sidearm that will serve you well on the field.

- Amazing ergonomics with interchangeable back-straps included in the box.
- Fully ambidextrous
- Accurate
- Fps (pushing 350 with .20s and 335 with .25s)
- Standard picatinny rails, no need for an USP rail adapter
- Double stack magazine with 28 rounds.
- Gas efficiency, the NS2 system allows for just under 2 magazines for one charge of gas at room temp.
- Full HK trademarks, even on the mags.

- Slightly higher maintenance required, same as all KWA guns
- Front sight post can move or fall off, quick fix with some super glue.
- Mag release can be accidentally hit if not used to USP style mag release
- Lack of hard holsters, although can be found if you look hard enough.
by J. PALASZ verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 23 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: H&K HK45 GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun By KWA (Black)
Product Information:
Umarex HK45 OEM by KWA..
28 rounds
First thoughts on first time handling the gun just fit so well in hand (big hands) swappable back strap, picatiny rails no need for adaptors..
amidextious on everything except the saftey switch/decocking lever.

28 rounds, @ 350fps so awesome for pistols only
works for both left and right handed shooters.

Good to know that Bob uses one..

None that i have occured on the gun itsself... but when I got additional magazines for it check the BB loading area some machining issues was there on one that the BB wont go in at all.. not a dremel wont fix..
by J. MATSUMOTO Date Added: Tuesday 21 January, 2014
For: H&K HK45 GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun By KWA (Black)
Product Information:
I've owned this for about a year now. It is comfortable and has standard rails that don't require an adapter. I used the smaller backstrap and found it made for a better fit. You wouldn't know if you were just stuck with one choice. Shoots right near the CQB limit of 350fps. Has been reliable and accurate. Good mag capacity at 28 rounds. There is some outer barrel wobble due to clearance around the front of the barrel and slide. That bugged me enough to carefully shim it with some strips of mylar tape to reduce this without impacting the free movement of the slide.

Good mag capacity at 28 rounds.
FPS right at the upper limit for CQB
Good overall performance.
Adjustable backstrap.

I found that the way I support this while using two hands sometimes causes an accidental mag release.
Not many holster choices if you are looking for hard (kydex or similar) GCode/Blackhawk/Blade-Tech or other holsters.
I chose this over a 1911 partly due to mag capacity. If the new doublestack 1911 mags were available then I might have have considered a Mark IV 1911.
by C. YI verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 11 December, 2013
verified buyer
For: H&K HK45 GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun By KWA (Black)
Product Information:
After holding a couple of handguns and test firing them, I can say without a doubt that the HK45 is probably the most comfortable handgun I have ever held in my entire airsofting career. After racking up multiple kills and owning this gun for about a year or so, I feel that it's fit to review this weapon.

This gun can do it all; it works well as a side arm, but also as a primary for those engagements in CQB. It has a double hop up unit located in the barrel, making the pistol extremely accurate, even up to mid range engagements. With .25's, it was reaching the same distance as my primary M4. That was with the Hop Up adjusted only halfway. Imagine the range capabilities!

The magazine release, compared to that of a USP 45, is larger and easier to manipulate, making reloads extremely easy and fast. In my opinion, it's superior to the button release, mainly because I have smaller hands. The adjustable back strap is a great alternative to those who don't have small hands like I do.

I would talk a lot more, but there would be too much to cover. This gun is high performance, as expected from KWA. However, this gun also requires high maintenance (see below). Overall, this gun is recommended to the advanced players who know how to maintain their weapons properly.

- Double stacked 28-29 round magazines
- Hefty
- Comfortable and VERY ergonomic
- Blowback feels crisp.
- Versatile

- The take down pin can easily fall out. (Easily fixed with electrical tape)
- You might have to file down the notch for the slide catch, because it wears out over time. However, if you don't to have this problem, pull the slide back instead of pulling down on the slide catch.
- Front sight post can fall off overtime. Super glue it.
- The decocker/safety broke, mainly due to user error. I would advise against using the decocking lever to decock the gun. Just pull the trigger instead to prolong the life of the pistol.
by M. TORTOLANI verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 24 September, 2013
verified buyer
For: H&K HK45 GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun By KWA (Black)
Product Information:
To begin I think it is important to take a few steps back and discuss some physics of gas and its reactions to temperature. (in simple terms :) ) Under cooler temperature gas will have a lower energy threshold, meaning a decrease in your FPS. When a gas is heater to room temperature (or greater) it has a high energy threshold, resulting in an increase in FPS. As a result:

When filling the magazine, store it in a cool place prior to filling. I usually place it in either the freezer or fridge. by doing this, you are bringing the temperature in the mag down, allowing more gas to be placed inside the chamber (allowing for fewer refills at the field). As mentioned above, this now means that your gun will have a lower FPS. However, what you should do after filling the mag is to store it in a room temperature area, i usually put them on the dashboard and let the sunlight warm them as im driving to a game. This will expand the gas and allow it to function at its max performance (accuracy) and FPS level with fewer drops in FPS. However, firing the gun with result in a cooling of the mag as gas is expelled, this is actually a plus, once you are out of ammo simply refill the mag when you have the chance with gas and the same effect is achieved as if you placed it in the fridge!

Ok now on to the actual review of the gun :)
Although the title states that this handgun is full metal its not 100% correct. The slide and the internal components are full metal, with some metal areas (trigger/slide and mag release). the lower receiver (including the grip) are polymer. so in a sense half metal half plastic. However, dont fret! this gun is a very sturdy build!

The magazine comprises most of the weight being all metal with polymer plastic at the base. The mag also has the locking spring guide similar to KWA 1911, which makes loading bbs very easy!
Once you load the magazine into the gun the weight easily increase to the real steel's weight! feeling very solid.

The biggest thing i love about this gun is the feel of the pistol grip in your hands. Almost seems to be an extension of your arm, I kept the standard back piece as i found switching them is very challenging and can lead to accidently breaking the grip guides.

as far as performance goes... couldnt be more impressed!! The accuracy is above and beyond anything i could have hoped, simply point and shoot and your bbs will definitely go in that direction (i have only used .20 g so far and have had great results)

The gun definitely has a kick and sound that will make heads turn, very strong kick which almost in a sense simulates the real steel's kick (I have trained and used the real steel HK45, also similar trade marks found on the gun and magazines)

It also field strips just like the real steel. I would suggest taking it apart and cleaning/re-oiling it (tutorials can be found on youtube) prior to field play.

Lastly, the threaded orange bit is removable. It is glued in place by some strong super glue. I was in the process of removing mine and the i was only able to get most of it off, the rest is still in there but by taking it apart you can sand it down as the outer barrel is plastic and can be worked on without compromising the inner barrel.

sturdy and reliable
amazing pistol grip, very comfortable
HK markings
strong kick


not completely full metal (brother has a full metal KWA 1911 and that thing is truly full metal, upper and lower)
orange tip difficult to remove (but and easy fix if you botch it)
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 14 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 
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