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King Arms Hop Up Bucking for TM Hi Capa/VSR 10
[05978 / KA-PA-10 / KAPA10]
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by A. BIGBY verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 11 November, 2010
verified buyer
For: King Arms Hop Up Bucking for TM Hi Capa/VSR 10
Product Information:
Fantastic bucking, equivalent to the nineball.

Great in every way. Works like a dream, keeps a tight seal, and is durable as hell. I'd highly advise you disregard the other poster.

Stiff (Hard Type Bucking)
Good for high fps
Great seal
Powerful hop on low levels (careful not to over set)

It is possible for it to not set correctly and partly obscure your barrel hole on 'fat' barrels when you put them in your chamber. Just check it once it's in there and push it in with something clean and it will be perfect.

I don't really see this as a con as the tight fit ensure a great seal and perfect air compression; equaling more consistency and a tiny bit higher fps.
by J. TILLER verified buyer Date Added: Monday 16 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: King Arms Hop Up Bucking for TM Hi Capa/VSR 10
Product Information:
Great product! i use this bucking in a sniper rifle upgraded to shoot 550 fps. It can take the abuse that high velocity rounds put it through. I have shot around 2,500 rounds through this bucking, and it is still holding up.

My two cents though. If you can find a nineball purple bucking in stock, go with that one. The nine ball bucking seems to last longer... and has about the same effect on performance as the king arms (both of which are fantastic)

The king arms bucking is however a great alternative to the nineball.

1. This is not a soft bucking, so it can take the abuse high velocity rounds.
2. Creates a MUCH better seal than the stock bucking. which translates to more consistent groupings
3. although it inst the longest lasting bucking, it will last long enough to make the 15 dollars you pay worth it.

1. Pricey for just a little rubber piece (but then again, most upgrades are expensive)
2. If you run this in an AEG, it may tear apart faster from the amount of rounds. This holds true to any bucking you will buy

thats about it.

If you can find a nineball, go with that

if you cant, This is the next best thing.
by A. TOMKINS verified buyer Date Added: Friday 13 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: King Arms Hop Up Bucking for TM Hi Capa/VSR 10
Product Information:
This hop up rubber is prone to over hopping your bbs, killing your groupings and ripping when combined with large outer diameter inner barrels (like airsoftgi's line of tightbores). I strongly recommend avoiding this. Complete waste of money, my KJW 1911 and HFC VSR 10 stock buckings are far better in performance.

-Its red (favorite color)
-It has an interesting inner chamber design to maximize one's compression (You'd have to use it to understand what I'm talking about)

-The piece that holds it in place in Marui based hop up units is oddly shaped and doesn't do its job
-Material is very prone to ripping
-Will not work with 'fat' inner barrels
-Since it ripped on the outside I can't see this lasting long in high fps setups
-Over hops bbs in my KJW 1911 as well as killing accuracy
-Completely incompatible with my HFC USR 11/VSR10 and made the accuracy even worse
-The neat inner chamber that helps create awesome compression I believe also messes up the bb's flight path if it isn't seated correctly and cause erratic behavior such as over-hopping or spewing the bbs in random directions killing accuracy.
-Eventually useless as it ripped even though I didn't even remotely force it
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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