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Magic Box Extra Strong POM Polycarbonate Piston (Clear)
[10000 / M-04-02]
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by Z. LITTEN Date Added: Wednesday 23 October, 2013
For: Magic Box Extra Strong POM Polycarbonate Piston (Clear)
Product Information:
I believe the earlier reviewer is speaking of the Next Gen pistons made by Magic Box for the TM line of guns with recoil. They are not the same spec and have areas that would cause the piston to strip out in standard gearbox set ups. Either way, I have personally used this piston in two of my own set ups, and many other instances of tech work that I have completed for others. From DSG/ROF builds to high FPS builds, this piston has been the strongest I have seen. In some cases, slight modification has been necessary for proper cycling in the GB, but overall, I have not seen a more durable piston. The Lonex Extreme Toughness Red piston is not as durable as this one and the Magic Box is still lighter than that. While I believe the Lonex Red to be an amazing piston and I highly recommend it, this Magic Box piston takes the cake.

Very Strong - doesn't strip easily or ever from what I have seen
Very Durable - takes high FPS builds without failure
Light weight - can be made lighter while not losing any of its strength
Designed even for tighter gearboxes such as the VFC

Sometimes requires modification - but hey, not all gearboxes are alike.
Pricey, but this is for your higher end builds. It's talents shouldn't be wasted on simple repairs - even though it would strengthen the repair, cheaper options will do just fine.

Don't hesitate to buy this piston for those custom builds.
by R. GRANT verified buyer Date Added: Monday 14 October, 2013
verified buyer
For: Magic Box Extra Strong POM Polycarbonate Piston (Clear)
Product Information:
this is basically half polycarb half steel teeth, while the steel teeth are great the polycarb is kind of trash from the best I can figure, I've bought 2 of them and put them in the same rifle firing at 25rps and both stripped almost right away with siegetek gears jamming the whole gearbox with chunks of polycard, I had them installed right and AOE properly lined and everything lubed so I wouldn't advise it, it may be I got 2 lemons as I've had to buy 2 airnozzles that where magic box and the first one blew straight out of the gearbox but the second one was great but Im not going for a 3rd on this

steel teeth are quite resilient

the rest of the polycarb strips easy rendering it useless and a waste of money sadly :/
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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