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Condor Outdoor Ghillie Suit Set (Desert, Medium/Large)
[04246 / GSDEML]
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by S. BLATMAN Date Added: Tuesday 02 February, 2010
For: Condor Outdoor Ghillie Suit Set (Desert, Medium/Large)
Product Information:
Okay, I got this just for fun and brought it to a war. I live in Southern California so everything is dead and dry. I airsoft on a team called ladera airsoft (look us up on youtube!) so i was using this with my well l96 sniper,and i was laying on the side of the trail waiting for an enemy to walk into range. Instead of an enemy, 2 random people who were on a hike start to walk by. They walked 3 feet away from me and never noticed me. very fun and cool to use, i recomend for any tactical sniper, meaning tactical, not run into the damn crossfire hoping to get a lucky quickscope. Overall great ghillie!

Very good for blending in
easy to fit
generally menueverable

it didnt come with a gun cover
sticks get stuck in it and poke the shit out of you
not much cons! overall great
by W. MOORE Date Added: Sunday 22 November, 2009
For: Condor Outdoor Ghillie Suit Set (Desert, Medium/Large)
Product Information:
Ok i got this at a local surplus store for $100 and when i first got it i was stoked. It came with everything ASGI listed but a camo gun wrap as well. I live in San Diego and it never rains so everything is dead at the field i play at and it worked very well had people walk right next to me and didn't know i was there. So after a few times playing i noticed something...the suit sticks to everything!!! I couldn't even run and when id lay down id be stabbed by sticks. I'd have sooooooo many sticks and leaves in it it eventually didn't fit in the bag that came with it. Its a PAIN to get the sticks out and nearly impossible to get them out without pulling the gillie out. It even attracted a crazy amount of spiders that eventually made their home in my room.

Cheaply priced
Blends with dead things
Tan digital
Looks cool( untill the 3 time u use it and gave sticks covering it)

Its a perfect way to attract a hoard of spiders in ur room
Hard to clean
hurts when filled with sticks( wear bdus under to help ease the pain)
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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