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Condor Outdoor Commando Chest Rig (Digital Woodland)
[00996 / CR-005]
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by L. BARNES Date Added: Sunday 26 June, 2011
For: Condor Outdoor Commando Chest Rig (Digital Woodland)
Product Information:
Well i got this when i went to the ASGI store. It can hold 2 M14 mags very tightly but is not hard to get out. They just are a bit deep so that makes it harder to grab them but i stuffed paper in the bottom so it didn't go as deep and was faster to grab. The radio pouch is nice but is deep and just stuff paper in the bottom to fix it, it can also hold shot gun shells which is nice. The utility pouches are very big and i use one and a dump pouch and the other to hold a water bottle, ammo, spare battery, and spare pistol mags. The admin pouch is VERY DEEP and Roomy fits almost anything. This vest can fit any size at all and can be tightened which is good and is a fast take off to degearing. With out a front chest panel or a back or side it does not give that much protection but gives a lot of ventilation which is good. over all a good bye 5 stars

fits ak mags m14 differential types of mags
high quality material
lot of pouches
good air flow cause of no chest,back,or side plates to protect (could be con for people who can't take pain)
a lot of different colors to chose from
if a bb hits any part of the vest you won't feel it
HAS VELCRO AND buckles to make it nice all around for transporting and in game use.

No chest plates
NONE except for you not owning this vest GET IT NOW!!!
by J. NAUMOVSKI verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 19 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor Commando Chest Rig (Digital Woodland)
Product Information:
This is a great multi-purpose rig. While it doesn't have the versatility of a MOLLE-equipped rig, it is a great choice for a wide range of players. The main feature are the magazine pouches, which each hold either a total of 6 AR-15 magazines, 6 AK magazines, 6 G36 magazines, and a huge amount of SMG mags. Behind the ammo pouches is a misc. pouch for maps, documents and other thin objects. I use it for my wallet. On each side there are utility pouches which can hold anything you want. On the left shoulder (sucks for lefties) is a radio pouch that can also fit one extra mag.
Keep in mind that this rig is not meant to be totally protective. It only covers a small part of your midsection and shoulder area. I am very happy with this purchase. Thanks so much ASGI!

price: the thing costs $20
quality: great quality for price
versatility: huge variety of pouches/game types
adjustability: easily adjustable straps for height and girth
pouches: deep enough for most rifle magazines, velcro-equipped, velcro tabs fold down, drainage holes

First of all this thing costs $20 so keep that in mind and is meant for many magazines types
quality: stitching is good, but not great
buckles are also okay, but may be chipped/broken by incoming fire, also a bit difficult to open
pouches: meant to accommodate most mag types, so are a bit too deep to easily pull out AR-15 magazines, however that problem is easily solved by stuffing a cloth/bandana in the pouch and/or using a MagPul/MagPul type device.
by P. LUISI verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 28 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor Commando Chest Rig (Digital Woodland)
Product Information:
For how cheap it is, it is also really nice. The 3 mag pouches hold my 5 G&G mid cap magazines and my G&G backup hi-cap mag perfectly.

The straps, in order to prevent the shoulder straps from sliding off, need to be crossed in the back, you might need a hand with that.

Adjusts very nice, even to skinny guys like me. It sits very comfortably on my body and it does not impede my movement at all.

May not be for CQB players, as the lids on the pouches do not tuck away. Still offers quick access to your magazines.

The wide button-fastened pouch on the front is actually large enough to fit my cell phone, wallet, and keys. The 2 other utility pouches can hold BB's, speed loader, whatever.

Also, the MARPAT color is pretty authentic. I thought it was going to be bright and off palate, but it actually looks real nice and blends with MARPAT cammies very well.

-Easily adjusts for smaller, skinnier players (I'm 5'8" and 130 lbs)
-Very comfortable, does not impede movement, can still get a good weld with your shoulder and the stock of the gun
-3 mag pouches easily holds 6 M16/M4 mags in total
-MARPAT color is very authentic
-2 extra utility pouches, 1 radio/speed loader pouch on the left strap
-Great price

-Could be a con for some: May not be ideal for CQB play, due to the lids on the pouches having no place to tuck away
by N. LABBÉ verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 10 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor Commando Chest Rig (Digital Woodland)
Product Information:
This chest rig is a great value for how sturdy and reliable it is. It can easily hold 6 G&G M4 mags in the 3 ammo pouches, and the side pockets are ideal for carrying speed loaders, extra BBs, and whatever else you may need when playing airsoft.

-Strong material
-Nice Digital Woodland pattern
-Holds 6 M4 mags
-Plenty of space for other items
-Adjusts down to a very small size for small-framed players
-Velcro tabs and Buckles on each pocket

-Large pocket underneath pouches is difficult to use when wearing, not ideal for a dump pouch or quick-access storage
-Large covers on the mag pouches can get in the way during a speed reload, no place to tuck them away
by E. DOROSHUK Date Added: Saturday 26 December, 2009
For: Condor Outdoor Commando Chest Rig (Digital Woodland)
Product Information:
This vest is a great addition to any player, who wants a cheap yet reliable vest. I do not own a set of MARPAT, but with my own camo it works amazingly! The vest holds 6 M4 magazines at least, not including the utility pouches, but they could be used to hold more mags. I am going to see if I can hold P90 Magazines in the utility pouches, but I am not sure if they will fit. The utility pouches can be used as dump pouches as well. I recommend this to any outdoor player, but probably not CQB because the magazines do have covers on them. Overall great quality, a great vest for any player. You save a lot of money compared to MOLLE vests which go for around $50. If you want to get a great vest and not break the bank, then go with this, it gives you more money to buy whatever you need!

6 Magazines
Utility pouches can be used for a variety of things
Radio pouch can be used to carry cell phone, speed loader, I put lip chap in mine
Super nice quality
So cheap that ASGI must not be making money off of these

No customization
Slows down reloading time
Leaves chest wide open (its airsoft, get used to being shot)
by J. HUNGATE Date Added: Sunday 31 January, 2010
For: Condor Outdoor Commando Chest Rig (Digital Woodland)
Product Information:
Just bought this from a friend who got it here, and all I can say is WOW. I'm 5'7 and 160 lbs, and this fits people smaller and way larger than me. The 3 double mag pouches can be adjusted to hold AUG, AK47, G36, and M4 mags with ease. Each pouch can hold up to 2 AUG, AK47, or M4 magazines each, and are easy to get out. they are held by a strip of velcro and a buckle, but you can take the velcro off. The radio pouch can hold a multitude of stuff, but I currently use it to carry a small Sunny D drink. B^)

Same color as real MARPAT.
Mag pouches hold up to 2 AUG, AK47, M4, or one G36 mag each.
The 2 utility pouches on the side can be used for dump pouches.

by D. SHERIDAN verified buyer Date Added: Monday 14 December, 2009
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor Commando Chest Rig (Digital Woodland)
Product Information:
Just got the rig today, so I cant speak for it's ability to perform in combat, but I can speak for construction and other features.

One: Very easily adjustable. The straps adjust very quickly, making adjustment very easy for people large and small alike.

Two: Material seems decent enough. For $21 I didn't expect the quality of Eagle Industries or PANTAC, but it seems decent enough to manage for most regular combat situations.

Three: Capacity looks to be outstanding. The two side pouches are definantly big enough for a pistol, and the other one can be used as a dump pouch it is that big. Also, the large pouch in the middle stretches the length of the inside of the rig, making it very usefull for random storage of things.

Decent material
Good adjustability
Good Capacity
Fit is nice and tight with quick adjustment

The only con that I forsee is that I am a lefty, and the radio pouch is on the left shoulder, so if I choose to put a radio in that pouch, shouldering the weapon will be a problem. Other than that, no real cons that I can see.
by P. HOYE verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 08 November, 2009
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor Commando Chest Rig (Digital Woodland)
Product Information:
Storage brimmed, lightweight, and durable for a price that easily is a steal, this chest rig is a must have for any assault player who runs frequently, or a sniper who needs something easily concealable.

-3 mag pouches that can hold all of my AK-47 magazines, and can probably hold 2 M4/M16 mags each
-2 large pouches on each side that can hold grenades, larger mags/multiple mags, or even a pistol
-1 large storage compartment in the center that is very protected (for maps/intel)
-1 radio holder on one of the straps
-Weighs almost nothing from the backpack like material
-Bargain price
-Marpat Woodland looks great

-Straps are a bit loose, but with some tightening, they work fine
by H. EDWARDS verified buyer Date Added: Monday 26 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor Commando Chest Rig (Digital Woodland)
Product Information:
this is a great buget rig. the pattern matches my marpat uniform nearly perfectly. its very comfortable especily for hot feild matches. the straps have such good padding i actually rigged my G36K as a backup to the strap and its the best damn thing ever. so you can easily switch 2 full sized rifles if you can be creative. the pouches hold alot of diffrent mags. the front 3 can hold AK mags if the buckles are streched all the way. (or a box of mike and Ike's :P) the two side pouches can hold any mag i can think of. i usually use one for my dump pouch and the other to have a bag of ammo. the document pouch is very water resistant, kept a map wet in the heavy rain. and the thing will fit just about anyone. i'm skinny as hell and its fine and if fits my 290lb cousin fine.

cheap price
good storage retail

no molle but u can get a belt cheap here 2 if u already have pouches
i'd suggest a vest if your playing CQB with decent FPS
no spot for a holster if you have one. again just get a belt.
by T. BIEDA verified buyer Date Added: Friday 25 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor Commando Chest Rig (Digital Woodland)
Product Information:
Okay first things first, I just got this chest rig in today, so I am reviewing a brand new product. This chest rig is a must have for anyone looking to carry all of their mags and bb's for an extremely decent price. The entire rig is made of pretty rugged nylon cloth, and has some extremely long adjustment straps. The straps are so long that I have about an entire foot of each strap hanging off, and I am a pretty stongly built 6'03", 245 lbs., so I am confident that this will fit almost anyone. Only relatively small people will have a problem with the straps falling of their shoulders, as the shoulder straps are set pretty wide. The pockets are actually pretty big, and each of the three small pockets will each fit two M4/M16 mags, one G36 mag, and maybe four MP5 mags if you really shove them in there. The two large pockets on either side can fit anything from a bag of bb's, to a double-stacked G36 clips, to even a moderately-sized pistol. The loop side of the velcro on the outside of the small pouches can be covered up with a hook-sided piece of velcro attached to the inside of the pouch if you just don't like velcro. The only cheap pieces on this rig are the clips to close the pockets, put there really not that bad. All in all, this is a very good chest rig for the cost.

Fully adjustable
Great capacity
Rugged nylon construction
Awesome camo pattern
Easily fits over clothing
Very snug- Good snug, not Bad snug.
Hydration packs, MOUT slings,and almost all other slings are easy to wear over the Rig
Good for almost every situation

Kind of cheap plastic clips- if you don't like plastic clips, quit being a cheap-a** and buy a better rig
Loose threads that need to be burnt off- DO NOT CUT THEM, heat-seal them!
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