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Condor/OE TECH Molle Shotgun Scabbard OD
[04565 / 148-001]
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by T. MARTIN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 02 June, 2013
verified buyer
For: Condor/OE TECH Molle Shotgun Scabbard OD
Product Information:
I really like this product and can not recommend it enough to anyone who uses a shotgun as secondary. While it may not be the easiest thing to unsheath, that badarse feel of "whipping it out" is totally worth it. When I went to gamepod awhile back, it was perfect.

Looks Bad Arse!
If your primary looks to go down soon, you can always pull out 'dat shotgun (I use a tri-shot, but any would work)

when attached to MOLLE, it is difficult to unsheath an actual shotgun.
Extra weight can add drag
by C. DANIEL Date Added: Wednesday 19 December, 2012
For: Condor/OE TECH Molle Shotgun Scabbard OD
Product Information:
Shotgun scabbards are pretty hard to find now, thankfully OE TECH has made this and ASGI has it on their website. I like this scabbard, it's durable but a little flimsy and will slide around on your back. It is very uncomfortable to have it strapped on low on your back, so I suggest you strap it in higher up. The only problem is it sticks up pretty high in the air and gives your position away. I don't ever run my shotgun, so I actually use this scabbard to hold my Nerf Mace for nerf kills (I was inspired by Bob at Tac City and saw he was using a scabbard to hold his famous axe). If you're looking for a decent multi-purpose scabbard, I suggest this.

Holds just about anything
The strap on top prevents anything from falling out if you're bending over
This won't break in a week

Uncomfortable if worn low
Gives position away when worn high
Slides around a lot especially when running
by C. CAR verified buyer Date Added: Monday 21 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: Condor/OE TECH Molle Shotgun Scabbard OD
Product Information:
I bought this scabbard almost two months ago and it has been in several battles and it was okay rendering quite a few problems one was that its to tight at first but after quite a while of use it becomes a snug fit(also that unless you mount it high on your back its really uncomfortable and then you can't get to it!)I wouldn't recommend this unless this isn't your primary(I don't use it until I get my Echo 1 G36C.) its kinda akward for woodland fighting(gets caught in brambles quite a lot.)its good for CQB thats why I bought it(because I play a TON of CQB.)but don't expect to whip it out and get the kill because its a PAIN to get out in the heat of battle.
One last thing is that the MOLLE straps on this thing are junk I highly recommend replacing them.

1.Good for CQB
2.Snug fit
3.fits most shotguns
4.Good for keeping extra guns

Thats it for pros!

1.To tight at first
2.hard to get out
3.Lousy MOLLE straps
4.Hard to mount on a vest
5.kinda pulls away from the vest unless you put it on REALLY tight
6.Gives away your position(its like a freakin' lighting rod.)
7.very annoying for woodland fighting
8.MOLLE attachments on the back are almost pointless
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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