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Condor Outdoor MOLLE Rip-Away EMT Pouch (TAN)
[04894 / MA41-003]
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by J. GRIFFITHS Date Added: Tuesday 31 December, 2013
For: Condor Outdoor MOLLE Rip-Away EMT Pouch (TAN)
Product Information:
I bought this kit to put on my battle belt for my medic loadout. When it first arrived, I was impressed by the amount of medical supplies you can fit inside. I was also impressed by how solid the pouch is when attached to the velcro. It isn't going anywhere until you pull it off. Later on, I tried on all of my gear and found that I couldn't properly rip the medic pouch away. That is the only problem that I have with this pouch.

- Holds a lot of stuff in a small package.
- Velcro panel keeps the pouch on, even without the fastener.
- Durable and inexpensive.
- Color is pretty close to coyote brown.

- You have to have it towards your front in order to be able to rip it away. It won't work on a battle belt or the rear of a plate carrier.
by C. WALSH verified buyer Date Added: Friday 12 August, 2011
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor MOLLE Rip-Away EMT Pouch (TAN)
Product Information:
I bought this for Operation Pine Plains 5 in Upstate NY, a mil-sim game of 21+ hours of continuous gameplay at the Ft. Drum MOUT training site, the past few games I have gone too I have seen various injuries at the site, from hand-burns from crappy smoke grenades burning through the sides to bleeding faces due to BB fire and the ever present heat related casualties.

I got this for the simple fact I wanted something small and something I could forget about. it's light, even loaded with your basic First aid kit (I have loaded it with more, a Stethoscope and BP cuff for the heat/fat guys) along with some gloves and a scrump pad. It all fits rather nicely.

Thankfully I didn't have to use it but for a scant few blood all over my face due to BB shots and nobody was seriously injured. I thought it would just stay on my vest, doing nothing, but when I was supposed to be given a medical bag for my vehicle for the fire department they ran out as 3 or 4 of us became EMTs at the same time. I now have this in my vehicle as a temporary replacement.

Since it fits my BP cuff and Stethoscope, and basic trama/bleeding control, it can easily be used as a first responder bag. Since the FD would be right behind me with the main bag anyways, I don't really need something too big.

If you're an EMT that wants to carry gear around easily on the airsoft field, with easy access, this is fantastic. The rip away works great, and the pack won't just magically fall off of the velcro. It's build well externally. and the internal contains all of my basic crap that I would need as a first responder

It is small, but I consider this a pro, as you can easily get yourself carried away with the "What if I need..." and end up carrying more medical equipment then you could ever hope to use. It makes you bring the essentials, which is all you need.

it's also 20 bucks. That's fantastically cheap for what you get.

I really don't have any. You have to have it in front of you if you expect to get it out though. It's not very backpack/back of the vest friendly, so it does compete with magazine molle space
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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