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CYMA CM032A SOCOM 16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
[02911 / CM032A(BLACK)]
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by L. JONES verified buyer Date Added: Monday 25 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032A SOCOM 16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is a nice solid gun. All of the parts are really sturdy, except for the barrel heat guard which is a thinner plastic. although not much of this gun is metal, the plastic parts are a really hard and sturdy feeling plastic, and give a nice texture to the gun. As many people have said, the battery compartment is really really tight, and takes some maneuvering (I suggest removing the butt plate). The RoF does seem a little slower than other guns, but is not bad. The mag well is really shallow, so the mag does havea little give left and right, but it's not bad. This gun is HEAVY. It's essentially impractical to try and shoot with one hand, but as long as you've got both hands on the gun it's really not a problem. I'd reccommend a sling though, cause you know what they say, the bigger they are, the harder they hit the ground when you drop them.

The only aggrivating part so far is that the bolt action assembly (which is only for show) came fixably broken. the tension spring was stuck, so I had to take the gun apart and fix it. the action itself is really cool, but gets stuck a lot, there's a lot of moving metal. As long as you don't plan on fake cocking your gun a lot, it's not a real problem.

This gun is very very accurate. The hop up is a little hard to get to and doesn't seem to affect the flight path much, but it doesn't matter. The BB's fly far and straight as it is.

Overall, it's a really nice solid gun. I'd like to give it 4.5 stars, but it can't get all 5 because of some sloppy design flaws.

Feels really sturdy
The safety switch
the fire selector switch
both semi and auto fire with great precision

really tight battery compartment
bad action in the replica bolt action
by B. MARKS verified buyer Date Added: Monday 18 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032A SOCOM 16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I love this gun! It looks nice, it feels nice and it can be intimidating. I have equipped mine with the Leaper red/green dot scope and it shoots very accurately. I'm new to airsoft, so I've only been to two places, both CQB, and while the gun is heavy and long for indoor use, I can get by just fine. Once you've shot someone with this gun, they usually try to say away! For some reason people don't like to get shot by this gun! I'm waiting to try it outdoors where I'm sure it will shine. If you like meaty American guns, buy this. It is a great value. Only problem I have had is the semi/full auto switch is glitchy where it can stick on full auto. That's no problem for me because I prefer to shoot full auto in short bursts of 3-5 rounds which you can do easily and accurately with this gun. But that is only reason I would give it 4.5 stars out of 5. This gun chrono's at 350-355 with 20 gm's stock with no mods at all.

Feel and construction
Rate of fire is pretty good, not great

Selector switch glitchy
by M. WEBB Date Added: Monday 09 March, 2009
For: CYMA CM032A SOCOM 16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I don't know why every gun on this site has 5 stars but I have to admit this is pretty good. The name on the box is actually sniper but this gun is a rifle so dont get confused if your looking for something more "sneaky". If you have a clear shot on somebody less than 20 feet away, you might as well try shooting from the hip. This is a good "On-the-Go" Gun and quite inpenetrable cause I hit it on so many things and its still fine especially when I dropped it on the concrete its 100%.

-Good for the field, small woodlands, or around a medium sized house.

-More accurate and reliable than it looks when trying to precision aim.

-Not too heavy or week for any age.

-Red dot sight and flashlight have loose battery sockets which means you have to hit or bang it to move the battery back to place to get it back to working.

-Clip release lever will snap if its hit a little too hard.

-Sometimes very unaccurate in regular situations.
by D. CARVELL verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 30 December, 2008
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032A SOCOM 16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Okay so I ordered this gun because my brother in law had it. I absolutely love it. I know I sound like every one else just always leaving a 5 star review but this gun definately met my standards which is really hard considering i am a crazy perfectionist. The gun had a nice feel. It felt like a real rifle stock. The seam lines were invisible practicaly. The heat cover and the stock are ridiculously durable, you could hit it on the ground and it wouldn't budge. Everything feels nice and secure fit nothing wobles or shakes. (By the way i am Dwights son so this is not him.)

Extremely durable

Everything that should be metal is metal (rail, internals, trigger, magazine, etc.)

400 round magazine that can be quickly wound with key.

Very smooth gear box

360 FPS (just under the regulation limit in my area.)

Great price

150-175 ft range easy

very safe battery compartment

long battery life.

My bolt catch does not stay to well, but that does absolutely nothing, you just can't hold the bolt back and the bolt is just for looks so who cares.

I wish it had around 400 fps but that can be fixed with a spring upgrade.

(These are really pointless cons, this gun is perfect.)
by J. BERAN Date Added: Sunday 02 November, 2008
For: CYMA CM032A SOCOM 16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is amazing!!!!!
I'm usually a DM (designated Marksman), and therefore, i need to be able to out range everyone
I am the farthest from a noob were as me and my friends have KWA's, Custom sidearms, and tactical gear, so we know our airsoft guns, and for CYMA to pull something like this is not that surprising. i can get head shots easily at 220 feet, and making anyone feel it through a vest. it is very sturdy and hefty, not something u can run around with looking through the sights all day.i slpaed a tight bore in it, so 220 foot head shots is not stock, but is still a phenomenal out of the box gun. get a few mid caps and ur set to go.

FPS and hitting power at long range (.28 gram bb's)
Accuracy with or with out a tight bore
weight and durability
only the outer skin is plastic, all insides are metal
nice iron sights, don't really need a zoom scope, red dot works great

ROF is horrible, but that can be fixed
paint can come off on the rail system easily, no biggy
by W. FEENEY Date Added: Saturday 11 October, 2008
For: CYMA CM032A SOCOM 16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is my second airsoft gun, and I've had it for about two months now. Its quality hasn't diminished since the day it arrived, and I have not upgraded it whatsoever. It chronoed in at 370 fps out of the box, I was putting holes through metal cans at about 120 ft, and the grouping was very nice. Do not be deceived by the shorter barrel; this gun is accurate as hell.
The rate of fire is competent, although I usually only fire in short bursts or semi-auto anyway so this was not an issue for me. I would like to disclaim any comments made about bad FPS, this gun is a monster.
However, right out of the box i noticed that the battery cord was not threaded through the upper part of the gun stock, where it should be. It was folded up inside the compartment, making it nearly impossible to fit the battery itself in. With no way to fix this problem besides a full, rigorous disassembly, I was forced to unscrew the butt plate and jam the battery in by force. This process takes about six minutes, and you may be repeating it A LOT; the battery life runs out after a full day of shooting. Also, the entire stock ratlles around a bit because it is not sealed properly around the reciever; an open space is visible between the two halves of the stock.
Luckily, I think the overall look of this gun counters that problem. every part on the gun that should be metal, is metal, and the wood is quite realistic. And by the way, I am 14 years old, 5'2", and 110 pounds, and the weight and size are not a problem. And for 125 dollars, how can you resist a gun that just feels this awesome to hold and shoot?

HEAT SHIELD (better than any other mid-priced M14 out there, even if it is plastic)

POOR CONSTRUCTION (only in some areas, but does not harm the gun's function)
ROF (not really bad, but not nearly as good as the gun's other features)
by T. MACKENZIE Date Added: Friday 15 August, 2008
For: CYMA CM032A SOCOM 16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I have had this gun for a few months now. First review was out of the box. Now here it has been battle tested and here we go. Every nice for CQC, I did add a sling to it so I dont have to lug it around for hours on end. Added a red dot, which is nice since with the peep sites you have to tilt your head to aim. Have had a few problems in battle where I will go to shoot someone and they duck out of sight as im pulling the trigger so I wont fire and when i go to fire it seizes up. Just switch it to full auto and back and it works. Batteries work good. Ni-Cad works ok but they all suck, nice for back up. I use another one for main and it works awsome. ROF could be better. FPS is ok but wuld want to upgrade if at all possible.

Some metal
high cap mag
full stock for marge battery
ajustable sights
sling mounts

hard to get to gear box
hard to take apart period
FPS to a degree
by J. CURREY verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 12 August, 2008
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032A SOCOM 16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
ive had this gun since feb. and this gun is amazing and i have posted a comment about it before but now tht i know this gun inside and out i can supply more information

AMAZING range im outshooting all of my friends

iron sites are nasty

Not bad fire rate
(can be increased by a small motor)

the hop up makes the single shot jam and shoot wildly
(fixed by adding G&G buck holder)

i would reccomend more mags and ECHO 1 mags for it DONT BUY TM they dont fit
by A. PRAMIK verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 07 August, 2008
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032A SOCOM 16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Very nice gun. Everything is solid and works well. AGI chrono'd my gun at 340 fps

GREAT weight. After using cheaper, lighter guns, carrying this in a match is tiresome.

High cap mags good for long matches.

Great look

Semi/full auto fire

Comes with sling

Overall great gun

Hop up could be positioned better

Semi auto fire sometimes jams up, and needs to be changed to fully auto

Battery seems to run out fast, takes awhile to charge, recommend getting a better battery and smart charger

Thats about it
by A. MOROTO Date Added: Sunday 03 August, 2008
For: CYMA CM032A SOCOM 16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
FINALLY! A SOCOM that performs great and still leaves you with change in your wallet! Very well constructed, HEAVY as hell. Love it!!!!

* Realistic weight, and feel.
* No creaks, no visible seams. Strong ABS and Metal
* Adjustable sights
* Charging bolt works
* Shoots pretty hard; I had this rifle for 4 months and it still shoots 360fps.
* ROF is quite nice for me, I mean I use Semi more so I don't care.
* Battery lasts pretty long.
* Hasn't mis fired, or failed me yet, and I use it every weekend

* The rail provided is a bit too faaaarrrrr away for me. I did, however buy an after market (CYMA) Scope rail, and have a Leapers 4X30 Illuminated Scope.

* The battery space is very limited, and if you're not careful, you may strip the wires to pull out the Battery. If you don't mind, recharge the battery in the Rifle.

* A review somewhere on another website( Where I bought this from) claimed that under the flash hider, is a 14mm ccw Barrel, but there isn't. Oh well, it is nice looking on its own, so that's fine for me.
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