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KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
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by J. HANKINS Date Added: Tuesday 25 March, 2014
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Great gun, awesome manufacturer and distribution nuff said.....
Most solid well built gun I have owned. I currently own the first gen and the 2gx. Both have run strong for years of heavy use. Operates flawlessly either stock or modified (providing correct installation). Asgi is a great, reliable company that cares about its customers and inventory quality. To top that, all Kwa guns come with one of the best warranty programs out there.

True beast out of the box.
One of the strongest gearbox's and internals on the market.
High quality parts all the way around.
No shake or rattling at all.
Kwausa has the best tech support out there.
Like most m4 platforms, one of the easiest to customize to your own taste.
Your basically getting a systema without the 1500 dollar price tag.
After a sp140, gears, engine, and a tightbore barrel i'm hitting people around 280-300ft with .25g bb's every time.

Kwa doesn't offer a stock wiring harness with a MOSFET preinstalled ( no biggie)
Not compatible with all aftermarket upgrade parts (still worth it)
$300 may seem like a lot for a mid level gun but look at it this way, would you rather buy it and not have to worry or buy a cheaper platform and have to keep pouring money into it (trust me it adds up fast).
by K. HUSTON Date Added: Wednesday 16 October, 2013
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Finally had to get rid of it after it saw two years of use, it was okay, wasn't the best though. Great out of the box performance, yeah, but I'm not looking for stock performance. It has a good ROF of around 16-17 RPS on a 9.6v 2000mAh battery, seen better. FPS doesn't need to be that high, though I'm sure some people found use for it. Overall, I'd recommend it to someone who doesn't want upgrades or anything too technical done to their gun.

- feels very nice to field, comfortable
- really good range, killed around 150-200 feet a few times
- takes LiPo out of the box
- consistently good accuracy

- doesn't take well to other brands of mags very well
- air nozzle and cylinder head cracked after about a year, probably should find some better stuff for that gearbox
- too powerful for minors in most fields, shooting 400+
by L. SIGLEY Date Added: Wednesday 03 July, 2013
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
So this is my primary right now. Ill make this simple. Ive had it for 2 years every saturday for 4 hours running an 11.1v lipo mostly on semi auto. Ive had no problems. However, i would recomend a g&g due to the fact that you can do whatever you want to the internals. Just avoid blowback. Regardless this is the best out of the box performance aeg
You will find. Range is about 25-30 feet short of my stock g&g m4 shooting 400ish fps. However this gun has infinintaly better trigger response and rof. G&g mags will not feed well in this gun by the way. I fit the daniel defense omega 12"rail to this gun and run a hammers 1-4 power scope on it. Great
Gun overall however id recomend the sr10 or ris version due to the battery space.

Externals are what you would expect
Im very happy with this gun but its WAY overhyped

Internal parts compatability
Range is average nothin to brag about
(range test showed 200ft ish max range)
Mag release is loosened easily,locktite it
Honestly. Buy a g&g m4 and drop a lonex
A1 in it. Almost the same gun.
by B. DEEHR verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 16 December, 2012
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Purchased about 8 months ago....definitely worth the $300 price tag! Im pretty hard on my aegs with lipos & a lot of rounds and kwa seems to always out preform any competition. This is my 2nd km4 I've owned (previously a sr10). This one lasted me a season without exploding! My sr10 had sum major failure after a full season of hard abuse and estimate of 50k bbs before catastrophic gearbox failure. With some good trigger discipline and a 9.6 this thing would easily preform flawlessly for years I'm certain. Recently I purchased a pts masada acr cqb and from what I read the gearbox is not nearly as amazing as kwa has in their line of aegs so hopefully the acr calms me down and my km4 lasts me a long time.

Beatiful matte black
Nothin comes close in this $ range
I've owned multiple kwa 2gx aegs and truly Engineered to Out Preform
Sling attachments
Easy change barrel
Great range and accuracy(never shot one stock before replacing w/ tb)
Handguard holds my 11.1 1600 Lipo nunchuck
Solid build inside and out
Quit reading and just buy it!!

Not a fan of the pistol grip(have multiple magpul ones. Much better for long days)
Wish kwa would make dark earth aegs
Is Lipo ready but my sr10 did explode after a season
Needs functional bolt and release
Nothin worth not buying this aeg....don't settle for less....
by A. FOGNANO verified buyer Date Added: Monday 01 April, 2013
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
The KM4A1 is the best AEG ive ever owned, and I will stick to KWA from now on as my primary choice. My gun shot about 370fps ou tof the box, and it is jsut light enough to keep a game going. Though I dont use lipos (ever), I have no doubt that this gun can handle them. It shoots about 19bps for me and I havnt had any chops so far. The internals are solid exept for the hop up, which doesnt work at all (after about a year of tinkering with it). Suggest getting that replaced. Also, I was irritated that the Bolt catch was non functional. For almost $300, KWA cold have added that a feature. The sights on this gun are another problem. Nomatter how far left I adjust the iron sights, I cannot zero the gun because the trajectory is too far off for the rear sight to compensate. I suggest optics to make up for this. I bought a 9.6v nunchuck via suggestion of fellow airsofters. The 9.6v nc takes a decent ammount of effort to snap in, even after I sanded down the poorly placed battery walls in the lower part of te plastic handguard. Ill be getting a Magpul MOE stock to hopefully solve this problem. KWA does not send a black flash hider with the gun, which is dissappointing because the orange stock flash hider ruins the otherwise perfect cosmetics of this gun. All in all, I like this weapon and strongly recommend it. The only things I suggest are getting the RIS version (or the MOE handguard after buying the non RIS version), buying another M4 hop up, and getting a brick battery to fit in the handguard.

Heavy (could be a con)
Feels like a real firearm
Charging handle is functional
Lipo Ready
High rate of fire
Decent FPS for an AEG
Very durrable

Hop-up unit is nonfunctional, buy a replacement from a different company
Only KWA or special KWA ready mags work with it (not even pmags)
Nonfunctional Bolt catch
Iron sights were way too off to sight in, suggest optics
Difficult to fit 9.6v nunchuck battery in the handguard- not impossible
Orange flash hider, no extra black version
by W. MAK Date Added: Monday 24 June, 2013
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I got this gun so I could have a reliable primary that I did not have to tinker with the internals or fix it up at all. It has performed that role extremely well. The externals feel solid, and has stood up to my diving and crawling around in the dirt with it, which has only scratched the finish. I use this gun as is with no attachments; the only modifications I have done is rewired the battery from the handguard to the stock, added a crane stock, and slim CAR-style handguard(which requires some modification for fitting).

After chronoing both in testing and on the field, this gun shoots at a very consistent FPS of 375-385 with .20g BBs, which is perfect for the fields I go to. With the hop-up set, it is also accurate up to quite a distance away, and I can even outrange some folks on the field with lower quality guns. The trigger response is also pretty good with my 9.6v battery and I imagine it would be even better with the use of a lipo.

I have not had to open up the internals or gearbox at all except to clean it, and when I did open the gearbox, that was only to change the wiring from the front to the back for my own addition of a crane stock. The gearbox is extremely clean and sounds smooth as you shoot the gun.

I would highly recommend this gun. If you are considering getting your first AEG, I highly recommend paying the extra money for this gun, and don't worry about any parts breaking anytime soon. If you want another AEG and are considering getting an AR, this is the one to get.

- Accurate at quite a long range
- Very Consistent FPS of 375-385 with .20g BBs, 355-365 FPS with .25g.
- Good trigger response with a 9.6v
- Durable externals
- Very clean and smooth gearbox

- Rear sight is a little loose from use
- A bit difficult to get 9.6v nunchuck batteries to fit in the handguard(your mileage may vary)
by C. LAYMON verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 18 December, 2012
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
It's a really great gun out of the box. I just recommend buying a LiPo battery for it. 9.6v or higher FOR SURE. I use 11.1v lipo's in mine, and it's beast. you'll surely hit your target shooting at 23rps+.
If you don't really like the handguard, you can always put top/bottom rails on it like I did as well.

Her name's Krissy. ;)

-Shoots accurate as ****.
-Shoots fast.
-Shoots far enough for field play (I put a scope on mine, it shoots so far).
-It's LiPo ready out of the box.
-No upgrades needed.
-Very durable! it can withstand a good beating.

-You can't fit a very large battery in the handguard. Mini bricks pretty much all. :/
-You can't take off the stupid front triangle sight or else the handguard won't go back on.
-It's not American made. American SOLD, but not made. -.-
-It's out of stock. na na na na boo boo. stick your head in doo doo. :)
by J. DUFRESNE verified buyer Date Added: Friday 08 February, 2013
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I have dealt with multiple other guns ranging from JGs to even a Systema. When I bought this, I was mainly looking for a back up gun, as I have a heavily upgraded ak47. I tried this out stock for my first battle just using a 9.6v( i didn't want to try Li-Po yet), and it was incredible. Now I have given up on my ak47, and only use this. It has served me well. I dominate all the feilds that I go on.

-sturdy exteriors
-incredible internals
-perfect fps(for most feilds)
-great rof
-no need to upgrade right away, good stock

-Small battery compartment(in the handgaurd)
-Not TM compatible in most cases
by L. PENG verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 19 January, 2013
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I received this gun last year, on November 29th, so far i have sent this gun back to KWA twice, first because the plastic hop up chamber broke after shooting twenty rounds through it. Second because of the gearbox breaking after about a full mid cap magazine (the supposed metal gears stripped) now i'm calling them (KWA) again (thank god for their good customer service) and waiting for the RMA #. The only reason i am giving this gun a two star is because of the customer service. When the gun actually does shoot it has terrible accuracy. The wiring is pretty bad and disconnects from the motor for some reason (maybe its just i received a factory defect) Sadly this is the last time i will purchase another KWA product. I really don't understand why there's so much good reviews of this gun.

Mostly metal
Easy to access hop up chamber
Easy to clean barrel
Metal gearbox
Adjustable stock
Good customer service
370 FPS

Horrible reliability
Plastic hop up chamber
Easy to scratch (may be good for some)
Terrible accuracy (flier every five rounds or so)
Hard to find magazines that fits it (suggest buying KWA brand magazine if you buy this gun)
Supposed metal gears strip easily.
Expensive replacement parts
Bad wiring

......... Worst Gun I Have Yet Purchased Period .......
by B. AUBREY Date Added: Sunday 28 October, 2012
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is definitely an awesome gun that I highly recommend! I got this for Christmas last year, but I haven't had time to review it. I got this for an EXTREMELY good deal, and was able to get it for $210. It has an excellent rate of fire (ROF) of about 20 bbs per second. I'm currently running a Tenergy 9.6v battery in it and it works great! I'm going to post a review on youtube soon, so I may update this review in the future. The gun also has a unique serial number on the receiver, which is different from and other airsoft gun. I've had this gun for 10 months now and have put around 20k rounds through it and it's still working like brand new.

The pros heavily outweigh the cons, so If you're looking for an airsoft gun that is built to last, and thats better than the rest, I highly recommend that you get this!

Great Deal!: I got this gun from Airsoft GI about a year ago for $210 brand new with the deals they had back then. I'm not sure when I'll get another airsoft gun, but I do know that if I get one it will definitely be from Airsoft GI
High FPS: 405 with .20g BBs
2GX gearbox is extremely tough and should last you many years
NO pot metal
Steel magazine (outer shell is steel, internals of mag are plastic)
Unique serial number
Barely any wobble
There is black paint under the orange, so it's easy to remove the orange if you want to
Highly accurate

Flash hider is glued on, so if you want to remove it, you'll have to look on youtube for a removal guide (I may post one soon)
Replacement parts are expensive
There are small parts in the hop-up that are very small, so if you loose these, you may need to buy a new hop up unit, which is $30
Bolt-catch is non-functional
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