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* Discontinued * FN Herstal Full Metal FNC AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed by Cybergun)
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by B. KORNMILLER Date Added: Monday 12 August, 2013
For: * Discontinued * FN Herstal Full Metal FNC AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed by Cybergun)
Product Information:
I have been using the G&G FNC for about a year now after U.S. Retailers finally started stocking it. I have always like the FNC design and felt it would make a good AEG add to that I wanted something that could use STANAG magazines without being an AR-15 type platform.

The AEG is pretty heavy so a sling would be advised though the sling point options are kind of limited, the middle point sling mount on the back end of the receiver is placed low which causes the rifle to flop against the user or out right roll over. The body seems hefty enough and should be a solid AEG in terms of body durability, aside from the small parts in the folding stock which are made of such low quality metal and thin-walled material that folding the stock just a few times causes it to fail and break. The finish on the receiver and heat shield is semi-durable but it is not even close to the correct paint job that the FNC actually has and the trade marks on the upper are not protected and is just down to bare metal thus rust is a problem for those spots. The folding stock is positive provided the pin holding it in place doesn't break on you almost immediately and has little to no wobble, folded the stock stays in position and has only a small amount of wobble.

The gun has a fair amount of small details that make the gun stand out, the full length fake bolt and piston which gives quite the sound and feel when it is pull back and let go. The selector has four settings but only three actual working fire modes. The trigger guard is very open, there is a gas regulator with two settings and a gas cut off lever; which again are only for show but they are nice. Being a stock FNC model does not afford the end user with many options for attachments or points for optics so the only one you can get is the G&G mount for the FNC; While it's a good solid mount with a little bit of play it sits far too high to get a proper cheek-wield on the stock to look down your optics so you may have to resort to modifying it and cutting the towers to make the rail sit flush on the actual mount, only THEN does the mount become very useable. The magazine release button is very sensitive to touch or a slight bump, the fin or tooth that grabs onto the recess on the magazine is so shallow that even the slightest bump causes the magazine to drop free, so another design flaw of G&G's design which again makes no sense, how can you screw up a basic AR-15 type magazine release? You may want to buy a replacement or take the stock one out and attempt to add metal to that section in order to fix or alleviate the problem, otherwise enjoy paying more attention to the magazine in your AEG as you WILL drop it accidently.

The orange plastic flash hider is again attached to the threads via some kind of weld glue so getting said device off is quite the challenge. The bayonet lug on the barrel is poorly attached and does not set properly onto the barrel, after some field use the one screw starts to work loose and allows the lug to wobble and slide back and forth along the end of the barrel, not a good design, they would have been better off drilling a hole in the lug and setting it in place with a small pin. The foregrip houses the battery and as expected the space is limited so trying to fit a NMH type battery in could be troubling until you learn how to put the battery in properly, this may not be as big of an issue with a Lipo type battery. Again with the foregrip being the only place for a battery there are not aftermarket rails to that replace the fore-end, it's a very bare bones type of gun.

Regardless of the design choices G&G put into this gun and the lack of options you'll have it's a solid shooter, the barrel length gives you good accuracy and range; the gun is durable (so far) and has worked well for me despite it's problems.

The gun takes STANAG magazines of most kinds

Fairly handy in terms of weight

Folding stock

Because of the size of the mag well most if not all magazines will drop freely.

Selector switch is very positive with an audible tap when it moves to the proper detent and it moves freely so there is little resistance.

Folding stock is fairly solid provided the very small pin holding the spring in place does not break.

The plastic covering on the metal tubes that make up the stock helps keep the heat and the cold metal from doing any harm to your face.

The only accessory rail that is made for this AEG is high quality and is fairly sturdy, I just wish I didn't have to modify it in order to allow me to look down the optic and keep my cheek on the stock.

Overall the quality of the metal that the gun is made out of seems good, everything is very thick and sturdy, aside from the bayonet lug.

The finish is not very good or even close to what the finish on the real rifle is and the trades are just spots where they didn't paint in order to make them stand out, should you get water on them or play in the rain it WILL rust in those spots. Add to that the paint is not very durable.

Since the battery compartment is in the foregrip rail options and battery sizes are limited.

SAW pistol grip is not all that comfortable

The magazine release button is very sensitive, seems as if the fin or the spine sticking out inside of the mag well is not very long so the slightest bump will drop your magazine, which happens often.

Lack of the three round burst, which isn't a deal breaker but there was no point is having 4 settings on the AEG.

Low quality metal for the internal components for the folding stock, the simple act of taking it out of the box and playing with the stock was enough to break a very VERY small and low quality metal (pot metal) part that holds the stock onto the rest of the rifle and in order to fold the stock back out requires very specific movements in order to get it into position without breaking anything.

The end cap of the buttstock is covered in very shiny paint and is not very tactile so it tends to slip around in your shoulder or on your gear.

The accessory rail that you can buy from G&G is fairly over priced for what it is and sits far too high to be useful giving you ZERO cheekwield without modification (while this is not a review for that accessory since it is the ONLY accessory that you can put onto this AEG I felt it needed to be said).

The bayonet lug on the barrel is poor at best; the set screw does not ride on a long enough channel to allow it to press into the barrel so after some field use it will start wobbly and sliding around over time.

Much like my last G&G purchase the orange flash hider was almost impossible to take off even though it was made out of plastic; again G&G feel the need to use some kind of welding glue on the device so the end user can not take it out. I ended up having to melt it off of the end of the barrel after trying many different ways of taking it off, no excuse for that.
by C. PHILLIPS verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 02 March, 2013
verified buyer
For: * Discontinued * FN Herstal Full Metal FNC AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed by Cybergun)
Product Information:
This rifle is supposedly built like a tank. I don't agree with that statement when it comes to externals. Internally this thing is solid enough, and is VERY accurate past 150 feet. Past 200 feet some shots will stray away, but you will have absolutely no problem hitting a man sized target. However the externals leave some bad taste for me. First, the second day I had this rifle the stock broke, a pin fell out of the hinge that holds it together. It broke off leaving the stock very wobbly and unstable. I fixed this by gluing the pin inside the hinge. Now my stock can no longer fold, but it is very stable and has no wobble at all. another downside to this is that if i wanted to take the gearbox out, i would have to break the stock again to get to it because the gearbox is held in place by the same screw that holds the stock on the gun. On the same day the dust cover broke off when I adjusted the hop up while test firing it. I fixed it, because all it took was replacing a screw and after a nightmare of trying to put the gun back together, the thing broke on the other side and I said screw it, I don't need a dust cover and put it to the side for next time that i need to take the gun apart. Aside from a stock that has a hinge point that might as well be made of a piece of paper and a dust cover that refuses to stay on it's screw points, this thing is pretty nice. Though it is'nt $300 nice. Keep in mind that i paid $300 for this thing and treated it like a newborn baby. I was way too easy and careful with it for those parts to break. This is inexcusable.

VERY accurate, long range, no feeding problems with any STANAG magazine I can find, internally well built.

Most external screws and pins are loose, dust cover is flimsy and easy to snap off even just by pulling the charging handle, stock is absolute crap, not much externally you can do in terms of replacement parts or accessories.
by N. WILSON verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 08 May, 2013
verified buyer
For: * Discontinued * FN Herstal Full Metal FNC AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed by Cybergun)
Product Information:
Basically I got this because someone the sales dept. at G&G told me that the F2000 was being discontinued (false), the F2000 is my dream gun, and so after waiting around 3 months hoping that, what he had said was a marketing ploy, and that ASGI had been out of stock with them, I started looking for other amazing guns from G&G and found this jewel. My sorrow was replaced with joy and anticipation to get this in the mail. I have test fired it with my new 9.6v nunchuck, its has an insane ROF and the power is extremely high for an AEG.

VERY high powered
High ROF
Heavy, solid feel
No flimsy feeling pieces
Realistic feel

Spring is too powerful for CQB, and this gun should really be used for field only.
VERY HOT FIRING! My quality control tag said 420 with .2's, and I went out back with my new out of the box no upgrades and some .25's. At 25-30 feet away from the target, I shot through a glass window, put dents in an aluminum shed. and at about 50 feet I was still making dents and cracks in the glass.
Weight might be an issue for some
Only quality issue was that the first day I was using mine, my friend was folding the stock and broke the pin off, it is very thin at a certain point and easily broken, I fixed it by taking the pin and wrapping it with Teflon tape and using a rubber mallet to tap it into place, a bit harder to open the stock but it is better than nothing
by G. JONES Date Added: Thursday 20 September, 2012
For: * Discontinued * FN Herstal Full Metal FNC AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed by Cybergun)
Product Information:
I've had this gun since February 2012. I have an extensive collection and this is one of my favorites.
An outstanding performer on the field. Very accurate and incredible range! It is the only gun that I have not been compelled to upgrade the hop & barrel. It is heavy though compared to most carbines. The thing that impresses me most about this gun is the piston seal, the seal is evidenced by the tremendous difference in sound between a shot and a dry fire. The gun shot a little hot out of the box, but has "broken in" and settled at 390fps. I run a 9.6v Butterfly small type battery and the rate is 16-18 rps. A 75' fixed shot spreads at only 3 1/2" If you like to hit your target without a lot of rounds, this is the gun.

Accurate, accurate and accurate! (Borderline sniper accurate.)
Consistent FPS
Solid, no wobble even in the stock.
Unique, with a standard popular mag.
An outstanding deal compared to what it costs to make other carbines shoot this well.

Takes a little practice to get the battery in there.
Not many options available, though there is a top rail available.
3 round selector position is only cosmetic.
Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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