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Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
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by Z. STOUT verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 17 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
GREAT CQB/CQC GUN. It is accurate enough for CQB/CQC and its rate of fire is crazy (with a Intellect 9.6v 1600mAh NiMH Nunchuck Battery). Some parts are metal (such as the front part of the rail system {where th main part of the barrel is}, the sling mount, the iron sights, the magazine...), but the other parts that are plastic are not a cheap plastic. It is extremely loud. In fact, when I first got to shoot it, my next door neighbor (we live in the country...) knew I got a new airsoft gun (lmao). One of the things I noticed about this gun are that it seems to shoot to the right a bit, but the adjustable rear site helps a lot (although it seeming like it shoots to the right might just be because of the sites {I used them to decide which way it was shooting}). Something else I noticed is that if you release the spring using the forward assist, put the gun on SEMI, and hold down the trigger, the gun will shoot in full auto, but that is a very minor con. The magazine wiggles a bit too, but it really doesn't affect the feeding mechanism. It is also a pain to put the battery in... Something that ASGI forgot to mention: THE FORWARD ASSIST ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING! I believe it decompresses the spring, keeping the spring nice. When I push it, I hear a noise resembling what I believe it to be. If you plan to do CQB/CQC, get this gun, put a UTG LED Tactical Flashlight on it, and kick some A**!

-Made with non-cheap material
-Crazy rate of fire
-Accurate for a CQB/CQC gun
-Adjustable crane stock
-Lasts long (with the battery I used)
-Pneumatic blow-back (more effect when there are BBs in it)
-The dust cover comes down automatically when you shoot 1-3 BBs through it! It will not do this if you dry fire it.
-Awesome logos and decals (Says "INFIDEL" on the inside of the cover :3)
-Working "cocking" thingy (I believe it is called the primer?)
-Primer "safety"
-Flip up/down iron sights

-The "glitch" where if you decompress the spring, put it on semi, and hold the trigger down, it will shot full auto. (Very miner con and won't affect your game play...)
-Small amount of magazine wobble (doesn't affect the loading mechanism, though)
-Shoots to the right, although that might be due to how I was aiming (using the iron sights) and this can be offset by adjusting the rear site
-Small amount of stock wiggle (should affect you too much)
-The battery is a pain to get it and if you don't put it in good, the stock will not fully retract (doesn't fully retract either way, but it almost does if you can mess with the wires that connect to the battery so that they get in the way less)
-Didn't come with a battery
-No manual, but Airsoft GI was nice enough to put a virtual video manual on YouTube
-No AWESOME!!! option in the "Write-A-Review section..."
by J. LEE verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 21 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
Great base gun for ugrading and for CQB. Comes at about 285fps out of the box but with a cylinder swap you can hit 375fps (no spring change necessary). The DD rails are amazing and the sound of this ripping down range is incredible. The accessories alone almost account for the price so this a great deal.

Nylon-fiber body, great feel, very sturdy
Daniels Defense rails are sturdy and feel great
Noveske flashhider
ROF out of box is very good on 9.6v
sounds amazing
450 hi-cap has no feeding probs

Crane stock butt-plate is very hard to remove to access batteries. Ended up breaking one of the three tabs just trying to access the compartment.
Nothing other than that. Great deal
by T. PROFENIUS verified buyer Date Added: Friday 17 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
Ok this gun is amazing it is definently THE best g4 for cqb the gun without the amp is loud and with it its louder if you ever see a vider with the amp not on the flaming hog on some other gun it wont be as loud because thiis gun is just naturally lout i dont know why. if i could i would say 4.5 but i cant

great rof i dont have a crono thing but i would guesstimate around 13-15 with a 9.6
it came with a note that said 310 fps it will probibly settle at 300-295
the g&g abs reciever looks metal at first

the butt plate is very hard to get off
the dust flap for the hop up area always opens up when i shoot
the motor turns in the grip when you pull the trigger like half a cm but you can fell it
by J. GERBER verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 02 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
Awesome, recomend this gun to anyone that loves cqb style airsofting.

330 FPS depends on battery type
5 star quality
trade marks are cool
come with the flash hider really loud

1. The battery takes a couple of min. to get in but you will get used to it quite fast otherwise awesome so far.
by S. GUERRO Date Added: Monday 16 August, 2010
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:

FLIP UP FRONT & REAR SIGHTS (really all you need in a cqb gun)
13-15BBps w/ A 9.6 NUNCHUCK

REAR WIRED CRANE STOCK w/ 5 retractible positions

by I. PAPPARO Date Added: Tuesday 18 May, 2010
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
The infamous flaming hog... All my friends have this gun so I decided to order it myself, and I have got to say this gun is amazing. Not only is it LOUD... it is a very nice gun overall. This gun is perfect because my team plays CQB indoors and it is very easy to move around with this short, compact gun. It is also a bit intimidating with the noveske flash hider noise amplifier. The crane stock is nice and the ROF is decent with a 9.6 1600mAh nunchuck.

Looks clean
Light weight (easy to move around)
Crane stock
ROF is decent with the 9.6v 1600mAh nunchuck battery
overall gun is CLEAN

Body of the G4 is plastic although, you can purchase the metal body separately. I am not complaining because of the low price that Airsoft GI offers.
by M. BOCCUZZI verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 22 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
I got this gun this morning and I have to say...I felt like a kid in a candy store. My first impressions of this gun was that it was very sturdy and was build with quality in mind. The rail is a sturdy metal, and the body is durable ABS. I test fired it without putting the battery in the crane stock, the butt plate is VERY hard to get off, and I have not gotten mine off yet (have not really tried). I like how the forward assist acts as a spring tension release. I put about 200 rounds through with no problems.

One little detail that I noticed is that on the inside of the dust cover is the word "INFIDEL" and then next to it some Arabic writing. A neat surprise!

The mag is stamped 5.56 x 45mm. A little feature to make it look realistic.

One little thing I did notice, I don't know if it is normal, is that (on semi) the first few shots will come out in auto, then be semi. After I broke the gun in, it seemed to go away!

The gun with the noveski is loud! I took it off midway through shooting because I did not want to startle any neighbors...and it was still loud even without it.

I am using an Intellect 9.6v 1600mah battery. Works fine, charged it with the wall charger from my ECHO 1 Stag-15.

The new side art is not as bad as people think. It looks better in person. I do like the G4 label on the side though, lets people know it is a custom gun.

I can't wait to bring it too my arena!

Noveski Flash Hider = LOUD!
AirsoftgGI chronoed 300FPS with .2s
very sturdy construction
crane stock
RIS unit
one of the few G4 guns that comes with front and rear sights
well worth the $230

crane stock butt plate is hard to remove
by J. GONZALES verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 23 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
Ive had this gun since november and its still running strong. I had to wait 3 months for it but it was worth it. At that time they where changing all of the g4s to blowback. its was chronoed at ASGI at 290 fps. I changed out the spring and air nozzle and got it to shoot around 350. Which is fine with me because the ROF is still pretty good. This thing is loud. Ive had people tell me not to shoot near them because I always give out there location. lol. My only problem is I wish the noveske would stick out alittle more.

Great ROF
Love the folding iron sights
Really really light

Inner barrel is shorter then outer
Noveske is to far in the railing
by J. DRYE verified buyer Date Added: Monday 19 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
there is almost literally nothing bad about this gun. g&g externals and internals are some of the best in the industry, and their multi-patented pneumatic blowback system is the best in the business. take that as the base, add a madbull external barrel, tight bore internal barrel, daniel defense rail system, flip up front and back iron sights, and of course the beast socom gear noveske flash hider and you get the flaming hog. you should get this gun for no other reason other than it is the loudest gun on the market and it is worth the money to hear this thing on full auto. it is as accurate as my classic army full length m4 ris that i had due to the tightbore barrel, plus it is very lightweight and maneuverable which makes this by far the BEST CQB GUN EVER CREATED. i used this gun in a woodland battle at my local field and its performance exceeded my expectations. i didnt think i would be able to reach out and hit people at medium and longer range distances, but i was pleasantly surprised to find out that i could. and if the sub 300 fps stats are deterring you from buying this gun, dont let them because once again i still had enough pop to reach out and get the longer medium range kills that i would have been able to get with my full length classic army m4 ris. this gun is a beast. JUST FOR EVERYONES INFORMATION. i got the intellect 9.6v 2000mah crane stock battery, and then 2 days later they said that it "isnt recommended" for this gun. it does fit well, but the excessive amount of wires on the battery make it a tough fit. if you got that battery it will fit, just extend the stock a little and wrap the wires from the longer batteries around the smaller middle one and then stick them in and it should work.

LOUD! i underestimated the sound and it blew me away when i first shot it on auto!
great range for a gun of its size.
good rof. not too much to waste ammo but still enough to definately get the job done.
light weight
crane stock (no peq box)
comfortable grip
flash hider makes the gun look sick.

by K. DINH Date Added: Thursday 22 July, 2010
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
Unless you surf the internet or watch late night TV commercials, you know that size doesn't really matter. It's what you do with it that, um, dictates how effective it is. In this case, that means squirting a high-velocity stream of bbs directly at your opponent's face with extreme prejudice. The flaming hog is like a mini cooper - small, high performance, reasonably priced. What's not to like, unless you have to awkwardly wield some viking handcannon around your local CQB field like you're moving furniture. Have fun with that when the smart shopper on the other team merrily skips through the door and decimates you in the dome. At least you'll impress the girls with your big gun. Oh wait, it's airsoft, there aren't any girls.

High ROF
Surprisingly accurate
Looks great
ASGI + G&G = unholy alliance of extreme build quality

Can be transported without a squadron of blinking "WIDE LOAD" chase vehicles, which, let's be honest, are pretty sweet
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