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Airsoft GI G4-A5 DMR with 6.03mm Precision Barrel Blowback Version Airsoft Gun
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by S. HARRINGTON Date Added: Monday 20 July, 2009
For: Airsoft GI G4-A5 DMR with 6.03mm Precision Barrel Blowback Version Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I needed a designate marksmen rifle / special purpose rifle for my team since I am the "sniper." The Airsoft GI G4-A5 DMR with 6.03mm Precision Barrel Airsoft Gun had everything I wanted externally and is a great platform for upgrading. i will start from the stock and move towards the business end. The crane stock has a compartment for the battery but still maintains its ability to retract. The butt pad was hard to pull off and I was afraid to break the tabs so I recommend you just slide the stock off and install the battery that way to save your fingers. The rear of the body has a metal loop so you can attach a bunch or bungee sling. The receiver is plastic but sturdy. In my opinion the plastic is better to save some weight since I will be carrying a sidearm and secondary for close range. The hand guard is a free floating RIS so I can mount equipment like a bi-pod without any upgrades or mods. The barrel is longer for increased range and accuracy. Internally it is built off a combat machine so that gives me a solid gearbox to build on since the 340fps is a low for a sniper. However, the precision inner barrel is a real plus and will further increase accuracy!!!

-Free Floating RIS with Integrated Flip Up Sight
-Crane Stock with Battery Compartment that Retracts
-Precision Tight Bore Inner Barrel
-Receiver Sling Loop
-Sturdy Plastic Receiver

-FPS is low for sniper rifle...
by J. IBARRA verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 16 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A5 DMR with 6.03mm Precision Barrel Blowback Version Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Its great gun im able to hit targets at 45m, and im using .20g bbs, imagine what would i get if i buy at least .25g, i installed a guarder 120sp spring and a new hop up and im getting 410 fps with .20, almost all the internals are G&G, that's great for the price, the only thing that i don't like its the mag, because it wobble a bit(nothing too hard that you couldn't fix it by yourself) and its not the same mag of the picture

Barrel 6.03

by F. DANIELSON Date Added: Tuesday 14 July, 2009
For: Airsoft GI G4-A5 DMR with 6.03mm Precision Barrel Blowback Version Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is the only gun in the G4 with a tighbore, and for the price is a steal. Comes with a long rail system perfect for a forward mounted bipod. The M16 length barrel is perfect for picking off those guys sitting behind the tree 150 feet out. With the 4x magnification scope I can easily spot and hit my targets out there with ease. Sure the FPS is low, but really distance and accuracy all comes from the hop up unit, and this things hop up unit makes the bb fly straight and long.

= Long barrel with tight bore
= Large rail system
= Crane stock for easy battery storage

= Little low on the fps
= Plastic body
= Would look nicer with an ras that goes to the flash hider
by V. PALFREY Date Added: Friday 10 July, 2009
For: Airsoft GI G4-A5 DMR with 6.03mm Precision Barrel Blowback Version Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
If you're looking for a great sniper, use this as a base gun. It's light, and easy to move. The barrel is long enough to reach out and hit things far away, and the rail is long enough that you can mount a bipod almost at the far end of your weapon. The retractable stock makes the gun customizable for your individual size. I'm short, so I can adjust my length of pull to match. After I got it, I put in a spring, gears, motor, and cylinder head, and I was getting 200' accuracy, just like that.

perfect base gun
light, easy to move
adjustable stock
rail unit

none, really
by M. PRULHIERE verified buyer Date Added: Friday 10 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A5 DMR with 6.03mm Precision Barrel Blowback Version Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This rifle is perfect for mid range combat to long. I havent had time to get a scope yet but lets just say i was out in my back yard shooting the stemms of leaves and making them fall in one or two shots. I highly reccomend this rifle to begginers and advanced players.

moast of the rifle is metal and the parts that are not are made of high quality very durable plastic.
very accurate for an assult rifle. can be used as a sniper.
crain stock battery pouch.
cocking mechanism works sounds and looks sexy but does nothing.
ajustable stock.
both sights are removable.
good weight.
feels nice just to hold.
marine corps insignia on the side (makes it all the better)

loose mag that comes with it.
no scar flash hider
batteries can be stubborn.
(note these cons took a long time to think of some awesome rifle)
by J. CASTILLO Date Added: Thursday 09 July, 2009
For: Airsoft GI G4-A5 DMR with 6.03mm Precision Barrel Blowback Version Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
To start off this is the only gun in the G4 series that is M16 length, which makes it the most accurate. THEN they decided to put a tightbore in this one. I dropped in a Guarder SP110 spring and this thing is shooting around 380-390 fps, putting right where I want it for field games. I was able to hit a 12x12 target consistently at 150 feet with .23g bbs. I was looking to buy an SR 25 but picked up this guy cause even after the battery charger and spring, the final price is still lower than most of the SR 25s out there. Especially with the tightbore already installed for me. The body of the gun may not be metal, but it's very solid, I would take this over those pot metal bodies any day.

All in all, for the price it's at it is an excellent gun. If you are looking for a dmr this is the way to go.

M16 length gun with a tightbore makes for a superbly accurate gun.

The body is made of a very sturdy plastic

Rail system is large enough for almost anything you need to put on

Flip up front sight is built into the rail, so you don't have to worry about it blocking a scope or sight.

Crane stock makes for limited battery selection - I guess ASGI has been selling alot of the G4s cause the only battery I could find in stock was a 9.6v nunchuck 1200mah

The FPS maybe a bit low, but with just a spring you can get up close to 400 fps
by T. WADE Date Added: Monday 29 June, 2009
For: Airsoft GI G4-A5 DMR with 6.03mm Precision Barrel Blowback Version Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I don't know about a DMR...most DMRs are refurbished M14s pressed into service but this one has the makings of a SPR (Special Purpose Rifle). That is why I picked it up. Despite being made from plastic the receiver was pretty sturdy but nothing special and the magazine well was a little loose. But, the rest of the rifle is were all the coll features come into play. The stock is retractable and houses the battery negating the need for a battery box and exposed wires. The battery compartment also creates a good cheek rest. For the rear of the receiver there is a sling adapter. The front end is made up of a free floating RIS with a integrated low profile flip up front sight. The barrel is long enough and the diameter tight enough for good accuracy. Excellent set up for a SPR or DMR.

Free Floating RIS w/ Integrated Front Sight
Retracting Stock w/ Battery Compartment
Metal Outer Barrel w/ Low Profile Gas Block
Precision Inner Barrel
Sling Adapter

Plastic Body/Receiver
Magazine Well Loose
by K. UTRICH Date Added: Tuesday 23 June, 2009
For: Airsoft GI G4-A5 DMR with 6.03mm Precision Barrel Blowback Version Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Being the only m16 length gun in the G4 series, its clear what this gun is meant to do. It says it all in the title, DMR with tightbore. With this baby I was able to touch people over 150 feet away with .25g bbs. The gun comes with front flip up sights, and the front one ends up being part of the rail system, which is nice since I use the Bravo acog scope. Sure its fps is a little low, but with proper hop up adjustment this gun is perfect.

1. Comes with a tight bore out of the box
2. M16 length barrel = superb accuracy
3. Flip Up sights for easy scope usage
4. Crane Stock creates an adjustable stock still with battery storage, better than a standard full stock
5. Noveske Outer Barrel is unique, and looks good

1. Plastic Body, though it is sturdier than those jg/echo bodies
2. Relatively low fps, then again fps isn't everything
by P. BRENNEMAN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 21 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A5 DMR with 6.03mm Precision Barrel Blowback Version Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is epic, when I first got it, all I could think was that it was actually my friends or something and there was no way I actually owned it.

The barrel is quite long, but as a DMR you shouldn't be doing much CQB with it anyway, but if you had to, you can easily remove the silencer and shorten the stock and you can get by. It is very easy to add a silencer or a flash hider, all you have to do is rotate the existing orange flash hider CLOCKWISE in order to remove. The rail system is very sturdy (all metal) and is large enough to fit whatever you need on it, I have a fore grip and a bipod and neither one interferes with the other. Basic M4/ M16 receiver, nothing special, note: the cocking lever on the far aft of the upper rail does not actually cock the gun and the casing ejection window does not open (although underneath lies the hop up). The crane stock is very intuitive and comfortable, sporting four locking positions. A bigger deal for some people than other but the upper rail fits flush with the rail on the receiver, therefore you can place an optic across both rails as I did with my 3-9x40 scope. Overall the gun is comfortable and easy to use and from what research I have done it seems that it is very flexible in terms of what accessories you can add to it, internal, external, and firing assists.

Specifications I wish I would have know to reduce the unknown:
-Gun is about 3 feet long, give or take 4 or 5 inches for the adjustable stock settings
-Rails are very close to if not one foot long
-Stock adjusts from 7" to 11" in 4 increments

-Good portion of the gun is metal, what isn't is then a very durable composite
-Accurate, even on full auto mode
-Flush upper rail
-Ergonomic design (credit to Eugene Stoner, inventor of the Ar15/M16/M4 series
-Crane stock works well, can fit a wide range of crane stock style batteries
-Reasonable quiet
-Easy to assemble, disassemble

-The outer barrel on mine shipped loose, but because it was so easy to remove rails and get to the set screws, that is hardly a con
-Pistol grip can get uncomfortable, but then I got some gloves
-Not ambidextrous, doesn't much matter for 90% of the population, unless you are in the practice of developing yourself as a ambidextrous shooter so you can shoot around any corner, as I am.
-Cocking handle does not actually work, but when would you actually use that?
(Note: It is taking some heavy thinking to come up with some bad things about this gun)
by R. LIMON Date Added: Wednesday 17 June, 2009
For: Airsoft GI G4-A5 DMR with 6.03mm Precision Barrel Blowback Version Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I was looking for a designated marksmen rifle and when I searched DMR this one came up and it fit right into my price range. The precision barrel drew me in right of the bat but it has plenty of additional features that I wanted out of my DMR including a retractable crane stock for the battery and a sling adapter at the rear of the receiver. The RIS is free floating for more accuracy and enable me to mount a bi-pod. I also like the backup iron sights. The low profile gas block with the flip up front sight integrated into the RIS is a clever touch!!!

Retracting Battery Crane Stock
Back Up Iron Sights
Rear Receiver Sling Loop
Free Float RIS Handguard
Low Profile Gas Block

Pistol Grip is a Standard A2
I cannot afford the scope pictured!!!
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