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by J. TURCHI Date Added: Saturday 15 May, 2010
For: Airsoft GI Defender Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
ive had this gun for almost a year now, and i love it! when i first got it had some down parts to it that i wrote in the first review. ive put some upgrades into it like a new lipoly ready grearbox, high torque motor, a new pistol grip, and a lot more. i fixed the hop up problem by replacing the bucking and now it shoots straighter than any aeg ive ever had. its amazing for skirmishes because its not too long and it doesnt get caught on plants and stuff like that. i use ksc perfect .20 g bbs with it and its shoots almost dead accurate at about 100ish feet away. i hit a target from 150 feet away in one game. ive played with this gun in a but load of games and it hasn't messed up or jammed on me at all. this is the best gun ive purchased in my airsoft career. all it needs are a few upgrades and its good to go.

shoots hard (i hurt everybody i shoot with it)
great for skirmishes
has a sharp look and is easy to upgrade internally and externally
hasn't given me any problems once i added my upgrades.

by J. TURCHI Date Added: Monday 08 June, 2009
For: Airsoft GI Defender Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
i just bought this gun and was expecting about the same thing as my old dboys m4, heavy (about 8 lbs). when the gun came in i was blown away at how light the package was. i opened it up and found out the package was about the same weight as the gun. its super light and easy to move quick with. im used to playing more field type games but im starting to get more into cqb so im used to real long and heavy guns. this thing is the ideal cqb gun. it weighs about maybe 4 or 5 lbs. its got a real short barrel so its perfect for close conditions and speed. it pretty on the dot accurate at about 50 to 70 feet but that's all that counts in a cqb game. i put a red dot on it and the aiming is easy and fast. the only thing is that the hop up came turned down all the way and when i first shot it i thought it was all the way up. it has a kinda weird hop up but ive zeroed it in pretty good. the rof is pretty fast and the BBs leave the barrel really fast thanks the tight bore. i recommend cleaning the barrel before you play. it has random ones that just drop down right after they leave the barrel but im sure a good cleaning will fix that. i haven't played with the gun yet, but i intend to soon. but from what i know so far the gun has a nice feel to it and it is very comfortable. the stock is perfect for resting the cheek and the clip doesn't wobble so that a plus.

light weight
small (good for cqb)
awesome crane stock with 6 settings
Daniel defense rail system
short tight bore barrel for fast bb ejection and accuracy (good up to 50 or 70 feet on the dot that all that matters)

weird hop up
could be a little more accurate for farther distances
mag runs out pretty fast so make sure you have extras or carry bbs on you.
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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