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G&G Full Metal SOC 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
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by W. BALDWIN verified buyer Date Added: Monday 27 April, 2009
verified buyer
For: G&G Full Metal SOC 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
My gun came as a lemon, so I will go easy on it. I've had two problems, both easy fixes, but problems nonetheless.

Upon opening the box, I was giddy with joy over my first REAL AEG (i have played for a year or so with loners and LPEGs). I took the rifle out of it's solid packaging (came secured with BBs, 8.4x1600 battery, charger, mag, and chrono slip reading 370) and noticed an immediate heft and length. Both of those are fine, I'm of above-average size and stature (6'2, 190, weak-ass arms, strong legs), it fits me well. the rifle measures at around 38 inches and weighs in at 8lbs unloaded (well balanced, feels like 6 or 7, feels better than my friend's front-heavy G&G M16). At max, with two loaded High-caps on an afro-engineered mag clamp, same battery, and a Leapers Aimpoint (on this website, find it) on the foward rail, the rifle weighs in at about 11 pounds. It is still well-balanced.

The gun feels extremely solid. Everything besides the stock and heatshield are high-quality metal. The stock and heat-shield are both solid ABS. The stock is one-piece and very solid (100% wobble free hear), seems to have metal inserts (or at-least reinforcements) on the lower handguard, the mag-well, and the hole for the trigger. I can not say the same for the heat-shield. It is wobbly and flexes if pressure is put on it. It is barely secured to the outer barrel, I have every confidence in it staying on. It is mostly minor annoyance. The flexing can be easily fixed if you want to lessen tacticool points. A simple application of black-tape on the forward sling mount will dramatically decrease any flexing/wobbling. It also removes the annoyance of having that piece of metal flop around. The body is full metal and features engraved almost-authentic trades (authentic in style, but not Springfield). They read from top to bottom:

US Rifle
7.62 MM M14
G&G (supposed to say Springfield)
0580202 (serial number).

A pull of the charging handle yields a satisfying "Shhck-Kak" (the best charging handle sound ever), and revels the metal hop-up. Too much charging handle-pulling will result in two small pieces falling off. They are both purely astheical and don't detract from the quality at all. A tiny, L-shaped piece on the ejection-port cover fell off, as well as a "U"-shaped piece of metal forward the front sight (brass deflector?). A fully-functional bolt catch and alot of room make hop-up adjustments a breeze. The metal rear-sight is full adjustable left/right and up/down, the front-sight post is solid-metal and fixed, it is removed with the flashider, which is removable but yields no threads. The fire-selector has two options semi&full. It is metal and requires pushing and twisting to switch between firing modes (can't be done with your finger still on the trigger), it is very solid on full-auto, on semi it wobbles when agitated. The trigger assembly is metal. The rear is pulled down with a little force, which separates the reciever and heatshield from the stock. The trigger assembly has an arm on the top, which grips a small switch, which fires the gun. The safety is a small switch that blocks the trigger-arm from moving. It is very easy to "safe" your weapon, it can be done with the same finger as your trigger.
Mags are inserted in the front-catch (located on the GB, serves as a spring-guide for charging-handle as well), and rocked back onto the rear catch (on the trigger assembly.) High-caps fit easier than mid-caps do. It is a little tricky at first, a small familiarization can do wonders.

The gun fires 370 according to ASGI, broke in denting the bottom center of a pop-can with .25s (about 340). It fires well, has not jammed after 6,000 rounds. It has a very high rate of fire, much faster than an ICS MP5 (ICS is known to make one the best motors) It also fires far. I've hit a midget-sized target at 130 ft. Mine is very inaccurate. BBs veer-off, I can't key-hole at 25 feet. I have located the problem in a bad hop-up bucking (it is torn where the piece of plastic in the hop-up unit contacts the bucking, the very place where the BBs are given spin). It is an easy fix, a minor disassembly (requiring but an allen-wrench) and a new hop-up bucking ($20 at most, a very good quality is $5). Mine was a lemon, considering reviews on its stellar accuracy. It will not be penalized as much as accuracy this poor is, but still will be.

I talked about one more problem. I had a defective high-cap. It came not working. It was surely a lemon. I received a replacement, which works flawlessly. I also got mine broken one to work, after realigning the feeding-gears.

The lemons certainly do detract from this gun's quality. They are easy fixes and apparently rare problems. But they are still problems. When this gun is fixed, it will shoot fast, well, and hard. I'll write a new review, which I'm certain will show this gun in a much better light. I would still recommend it to anyone that appreciates a man rifle such as this. My problems were not common, and are easy fixes. I just got bad luck.

This is a review of MY gun, everyone else's seems great, mine isn't. I would still recommend it.

looks and feels great
shoots well
shoots fast
great FPS
a man-rifle
problems are minor or easy fixes
any wobble only occurs when the object in question is agitated
Forward scope rail, perfect for red-dots
Most guns are great, I got a problem

damaged stock hop-up bucking
wobble exists, minor but still exists
lemon magazine
Not TM-compatible, there are few and far between upgrades, of which are expensive
most cons are minor and easily fixable. the one major con, is a $5 easy fix. they still exist when they shouldn't though.
by L. KING verified buyer Date Added: Monday 29 September, 2008
verified buyer
For: G&G Full Metal SOC 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
i have had this gun for about 9 months now and am able to give a good overall review.
To start this gun look wise is amazing. G&G did a good job at making this gun extremely realistic down to the bolt. EXCEPT for the Heat Shield which for anyone who owns this gun knows is a piece of shit./ Its flimsy and crapy and i dont know why they built such a good gun and then threw that heat shield on. But anyways externally it is amazing so 4.5 stars for the body

excellent extrenal body
can EASILY house a 9.6v cause i use a 9.6 3300 mah and still have alot of extra room.
nice toprail to mount red dot scopes
very very accurate. I have been around alot of airsoft guns of all brands TM, CA, JG, G&P, everything and this is as accurate if not more accurate than some of the extremely nice upgraded guns ive seen when it comes to accuracy.
Nice rof but this is mainly due to the 9.6v
fps is good. i cronoed mine myself at 347 with .2 and 321ish with .25s which are what i use

stripped a gear just recently. probably due to running a fast battery but shouldnt have stripped. but im fixing that now.
shitty heat shield
mags. i hate how G&G made it harder to get mags by making their gun only compatable with their own brand mags. it sucks to have to pay 30 bucks for a mid cap

overall this is a good gun. sucks it stripped a gear but thats airsoft.the only reasons for the 4 stars and not 5 is the heat shield and the stripped gear. i own several other weapons and i still choose this as my main weapon. Its a great gun and a really nice buy for a high grade starter package
buy it u wont regret it. and as far as the last review goes 300 is pretty average for a gun and maybe you have an older verson but mine shoots the avertised fps. but either way i have yet to buy a gun that shoots the fps avertised on the website.
by M. RODERICK verified buyer Date Added: Monday 14 July, 2008
verified buyer
For: G&G Full Metal SOC 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
The soc 16 upon arrival was amazing. The look and feel really blew me away. I shot it that night after a full charge and was really excited to test it the next day, this is when my troubles started. I got the soda can, your average coke can and point blanked the bottom, strange only a dent. Again a dent and a slit? Airsoftgi says 380 on my chrono sheet how could this be?? So I got into my car and drove to my airsoft store. The chrono read 299,302 with .23s and then 319,322 with .2s. Lets just say I feel lied to and to be honest I am trying to decide whether or not the return this gun. The performance even at these speeds is still respectable but I just feel jipped. A friend also recently got this gun from here and has the same I guess we could say issue with fps. Overall 3.5/5
by E. BECK verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 03 July, 2008
verified buyer
For: G&G Full Metal SOC 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
I just got my gun shipped to me today (7-3-08) and it is by far the best gun i have ever handled. My gun was cronographed at 395 fps before shipment. the range is absoulutly amazing. the rat of fire it godly. al though a tad bit heavy at 8 pounds ( no batt or bb just empty mag) is very eas yto handle. It is a huge step up from my last gun A marui famas f1 and almost a doube in fps i have put about 2 hicaps through it at the moment and it has performed strunningly. The only problems i have encounterd so far is the top heat guard is very very chea plastic be carefull with this and when i came back in from shooting i eptied the remainder of my hi cap and a little metal 4 prong ring fell out in to the bbs i dont know what this is but it still works fine. This gun is a definate buy for $ 270.00 it is a heavey hitter and will keep heads down.
by R. HALL verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 15 June, 2008
verified buyer
For: G&G Full Metal SOC 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
I love my G&G SOCOM 16, I do cover fire, flanks and snipe a little. It never lets me down. I went to the 9.6 volt 4200 battery and every new field brings guys looking. Great Gun !!!!!!!
by M. SHUMACK verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 19 April, 2008
verified buyer
For: G&G Full Metal SOC 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Regarding the gun, I have to agree with the others.

Impressive quality, accurate to 150ft, looks and feels real. I have shot and handled several real M-14s and one SOCOM. This gun could pass for a real one. I am glad I got it, I just wish I had gotten the standard mag instead of the High Cap.

I bought a Leapers Red/Green dot and was also impressed at the quality. A good match up with this gun considering the max range of 150ft.

If you buy this gun, buy standard mags. The G&G high cap mag that came with the gun didn't last 30minutes on my back yard range. In a sterile, controlled environment, it was weak. It had problems form the outset that just continued until complete failure. You can see my review on the High Cap mag in that section. Hopefully Airsoft GI or G&G will stand behind their product and get me a replacement - STANDARD MAG!
by B. MORENO verified buyer Date Added: Friday 04 April, 2008
verified buyer
For: G&G Full Metal SOC 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
First off, if you are considering this gun don't hesitate. This gun is awesommmeeeee!!!! The fps is pretty high compared to some classic army or tokyo marui. The piston action is so smooth, you can actually tell a difference between this and low/mid-grade guns. Airsoft G.I. tested my gun before they shipped it out,380 FPS! Sweetness! The outer quality is superb,but if you've read reviews or have seen the "You Tube",you know that the top foregrip is flimsy plastic, but thats easy to fix by buying a RAS rail for it. But my final thought is if you like the m14 series but dont like how long and cumbersome they can be,or you do outdoors and CQB this is the best combonation. Also its pretty hefty. Hope this review has been helpfull!!!!!!!!!!
by B. MORENO verified buyer Date Added: Monday 31 March, 2008
verified buyer
For: G&G Full Metal SOC 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Just ordered this gun, looking forward to shooting this bad boy. Have a Echo 1 m4 carbine with peq box, have had this gun since october 2007, and I love it. But I was looking into a new one and I had been hearing real good reviews of the new version of the G&G socom 16. I will write another review on it once I've played with it!later
by N. NG verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 28 February, 2008
verified buyer
For: G&G Full Metal SOC 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
This gun is in my opinion.... perhaps almost everything that would meet my expectations!

fps: rated 385 when i got it from airsoftgi. however, it goes past 425 when i tried the coke can test.

Accuracy: hop up is hard to find a precise hop.. however, it works quite well once set. It's even more accurate than my g&g m16 for some reason..

Rof: This shoots at a high rof when used with a 9.6v. my gun was confused for an smg when people heard it shoot on full auto.

Appearance: Overall.. this is absolute quality. the metal is very solid and gives it a very real feeling. The ABS plastic on the body it nice but at times, it doesn't really match well with the exreme weight of the metal parts. (but then again... it's meant to be some sort of plastic). The Top handguard is what everyone says and what i say as.. crappy. It's not totally degrading to the appearance as you really don't notice how crappy it is until you move it around. (yes.. can you move it around like it's just barely hanging onto the gun) I haven't experienced any issues with it being damaged or falling off in combat. The Trades are quite nice and really give the soc16 a realistic look.

Battery Space: Lots.. a bit too much.. i had to stuff a sock in the stock to prevent the battery from moving around. Used a 9.6v Large.

Weight-To-Balance ratio: the weight is very balanced.. although it's 8lbs, the weight is distributed all over the gun and makes it feel much lighter. (not balanced enough for one hand gunning tho)

Sights: the sights are well made and provide enough adjustability to keep your shots on target.

Magazine: The magazine has a rubberish feel to it even though it's metal. It doesn't really matter but i like the feel of it. It sometimes has trouble getting into the magwell correctly but i guess that just takes some mag-inserting practice.

Function: I personally prefer modern selection switches when shifting from semi-auto since this m14's selection switch takes a bit longer to change fire-rates. It's only a natural thing to the m14 though so it's more of a realistic thing. The safety switch however, is what i find more handy than an m4 or m16 because i can switch to safety or fire in less than a second without even moving anything except my finger. If i were using a m16, i'd have to use my thumb to move the switch and that causes me to deviate from the sight a little bit so i can stretch my thumb to turn the knob into auto. It's merely a personal preference though.. i have rather small fingers. The bolt is VERY nice.. although it doesn't pull back as it should.. the ::Kink:: you hear when you let it go is absolutely satisfying.. something i don't really hear with my g&g m16, jgmp5, or a jg g36c.

Field Tests:
Played it in woodland / semi-urban areas.
The performance is amazing. i'm able to gain greater range than other people who have guns that have relatively the same length as mines. (although some of them don't have tightbores)
I've had a little trouble aiming down the sight compared to an mp5 or a g36c. Of course, it's more of a long range sight and it should be expected. I also have a red dot which works fine with it. It just messes with the balance a little. The gun's ABS does indeed feel quite solid .. however, my buttstock cracked when i dropped into prone and hit rocky concrete. It's not that bad since the body is not only reinforced, the buttstock only carries a battery. +it's somewhat hollow with 1cm thick abs.
I've been able to hit targets around 150 ft or more depending on wind variations with .20 bb's.
The short barrel really DOES help when i'm going through semi-urban areas... If i had a long m14, i don't think i'd be making as many kills as fast as i did since the longer barrel would've hit something while i'm moving or dirt would probably get in it if i drop prone and accidentally drag the barrel in the dirt. The gun shoots rather quiet compared to my m16 and i was able to flank and take out 3 guys without being comprimised.

Overall, this rifle is perhaps everything you could expect (except the top hand guard)
It shouts quality in every aspect (except the top handguard again..)
I can see why some people think the m16 feels like a toy.. comparing my m16 to this soc16, my soc16 feels like the REAL thing. (note: the airsoft guns are toys anyways and the m16 doesn't really differ in performance Airsoft-wise..) I'm sure you'd be as satisfied as i am with my purchase! thanks AirsoftGI and Thanks G&G for bringing out a Exceptional Replica! (with exception for the top handguard...)
by T. CLARK verified buyer Date Added: Monday 10 December, 2007
verified buyer
For: G&G Full Metal SOC 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
I've spent about 5 hours and under a thousand rounds on this gun, and already I'm in love. The accuracy is outstanding, and the range is hard to beat with another AEG. The included 8.4v 1700mah battery provided a high rate of fire and after a four hour battle was only half drained. I switched from a Classic Army M4, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. If you find yourself holding back during games, waiting for a good shot, but don't have the patience for a spring sniper, this is the gun for you. This G&G is worth a second look. Trust me.
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