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D Boy Full Metal MK16-L Airsoft Gun (Tan)
[04392 / BI-SCO1T]
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by L. GLISCHINSKI Date Added: Tuesday 10 December, 2013
For: D Boy Full Metal MK16-L Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
Great AEG right out of the box. Even better of a project gun, which is what I made it. The stock piston lasted about 2 years, and the stock gears about 2 1/2 years. More recently I've been doing all the tech work. After nearly three years of ownership, the parts in my SCAR are: SHS m120 spring, Magic Box m16 cylinder, Bravo double o ring cylinder head, SHS full metal tooth piston, raptor airsoft polymer piston head, raptor airsoft 13;! gears, modify rear wiring deans low resistance, element ultra torque motor w/ echo 1 steel pinion gear, madbull 6.03 363mm tbb, and SHS bucking and nub. Externally I have a magpul AFG1 in black, a G&P holographic sight in black, a vfc 416 flash hider, and some 160 lumen flashlight from menards with a strobe function. I get 30-32 rps at 370 fps on a 1200 mah 11.1 lipo by valken energy. The Socom gear Lancer mags feed and fit perfectly in this gun. It's easily one of the most BA SCARs in Ohio.

Easily upgrade able
Awesome bolt catch, though not functioning
Plenty of rail space
Folding stock
Free foregrip and barrel extension
Easily accessible battery compartment in stock

Crappy iron sights (All scars are crappy iron sights)
Battery and charger are crap
Bolt catch not funstioning
No trades
Not compable with Madbull PWS SRX :(
Butt plate easliy lost
High cap is a high cap
Proprietary selector plate (Broke once)

Its a fantastic gun to build up to, and even is pretty good stock. I recommend to players beginning and experienced like myself.
by E. GONZALEZ verified buyer Date Added: Monday 18 July, 2011
verified buyer
For: D Boy Full Metal MK16-L Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
Absolutely Fantastic!!!!

I've been around airsoft, off and on, for about ten years now. I remember the days where there was Tokyo Marui and crap; with no in between. My first AEG was a Marui MP5 SD6. I have since owned 10 to 15 other guns of various quality. From a cheap WELL G3 SAS, to a tricked out MARUI MP5 J with nitro metal RAS. I have to say without a single doubt, that the D-BOY SCAR-L is the BEST STOCK GUN I HAVE EVER OWNED. PERIOD!!!!

First off, don't let the pictures fool you. The upper receiver is not that weird goldish color that it appears to be. Let me assure you the externals of the this gun are breath taking. The annodized tan finish on the upper reciever is gorgeous. It is only equaled by the soft textured, but incredibly strong lower receiver. The gun is almost all metal, except for the lower receiver, stock, and grip. I really was floored by the aesthitics of this gun. By far the most beautiful gun I've ever owned.

Secondly, the internals are as solid as a clone gun can come. It shoots harder than any gun I have ever owned. I heard alot about the crappy shimming on these guns, but when I got mine, its sounded just fine. Its close to 400 fps out of the box, making this ready for field duty without any tune ups. .25 fly out of this gun with terrifying velocity.

There are some bad things about the gun. The pistol grip is pretty cheap. Its solid, and should hold up to regular play, but its ugly. It really brings down the look of the other wise stellar gun. The stock has visible seam lines. Not nearly as bad looking as the grip, but does represent a strike against the gun.

The gun needed a thorough cleaning of the barrel, before it could be skirmished. The shot were coming out pretty wild till I greased up the barrel and hop up. Now it works quite nicely.

All and all, the knocks aqainst this gun, are really nit picky at best.

The gun comes with a sofid vert. foregrip, a really nice tan high cap mag, metal barrel extension, and removable rear sight. The magazine is as beautiful as the rest of the gun, and feeds flawlessly.

With a version 2 gear box, STANAG mag compatibility, and over a 100 mm of rail space; there is no limit to the customization of this gun. I tricked mine out with a new 416 style grip, magpul E-Mag, tan PEQ box, magpul AFG, and baraska red dot scope. It's an absolute work of art.

In conclusion, just buy it. You're on this page right now deciding whether or not to buy this gun. Just buy it. Trust me. At $190 you're getting as good an airsoft gun as you can buy, for any price. The only thing you need to decide is whether to buy this one, or the SCAR-H, which is freaking $160!!!!!! Just buy it.

Just buy it.

JUST BJY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111

Gorgeous Externals
Almost completely METAL
Solid Internal, 400 FPS OUT THE BOX
Easily customizable
It's just AWESOME

Servicable, but FUGLY grip
Visible seam lines on stock
Nees thorough cleaning before use
by K. OLIVER verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 06 March, 2011
verified buyer
For: D Boy Full Metal MK16-L Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
The D-Boy SCAR is amazing for the money. It has great looks to it and the plastic parts are not cheap feeling. It is kind of front heavy. but with a mag and battery in its not too bad. the forgrip that it comes with also helps. the stock is nice and i dont have issues with the buttpad falling off. the four position adjustments are not that big of adjustments but it still works great for me. the cheek riser is nice. especially with the B-2 acog i have on it. the flip up sights are easy to adjust and work fine. the battery is as simple as pie to put in. the barrel extention that it comes with is kind of a dark grey color and stands out because of the black metal around it. the flash hider is cheap but i put a SOCOM gear noveske KX3 on it and it looks sexy. it shoots about 385 fps and the rof isnt bad for a 8.4. it has a springy sound when fired. the mag is good and i couldnt ask for much more. the hop up is nice. i have it barely adjusted and the bbs dont drop for atleast 70 yds. the charging handle on mine is very rough sounding when slid back and sometimes gets stuck. WD40 fixed that tho. they tan colors dont totally match but they are definatly closer than what the picture shows. they actually look really nice. and with the black stuff like bolts and rails black accesories look great on it. i definatly reccomend this gun to anyone. it is a great gun for the price and its also the cheapest SCAR clone.

-good plastic
-good ROF and FPS
-easy battery instalation

-front heavy
-springy sound
-rough charging handle
-grey barrel extention
-plastic flashhider
by J. BELVER verified buyer Date Added: Monday 28 February, 2011
verified buyer
For: D Boy Full Metal MK16-L Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
The DBoys SCAR-L is, for 190 USD, all in all a solid build and it's a pretty heavy gun out of the box, the materials feel good and it's all surprisingly well put together.
The upper receiver is made of metal, so is the "hand guard" which consists of picatinny rails all round, the top is a continuous rail from where the stock meets the receiver all the way to the front sight. This is a great feature that enables you to put any kind of optics, flashlights, lasers or any other accessories you might want to customize your SCAR with. More metal is found in the barrel, sights, charging handle, trigger, fire selector, sling mounts and various other details. The plastic parts are a solid polymer and look and feels like they’ll be able to hold up well with use.

The stock folds like on the real steel and is also extendable and features an adjustable cheek rest, this also doubles as easy access to the battery compartment that is inside the stock. The butt plate is made of high quality rubber and will provide good support and grip for your shoulder. The only issues with this model are the exposed battery wire that could get damaged if unlucky, also some have reported that the mating slit for the locking mechanism have broken off rendering the stock being unable to lock in extended mode. This I’ve only seen one report off and hopefully it’s not a common issue with this gun.

The gun comes with a barrel extension that will make the barrel be in the “Standard configuration” of three available SCAR configs. Without the extension you’ll get the CQB length, and with a folded stock you have yourself a very good CQB weapon.

The flash hider that comes with the gun is orange plastic and of very low quality, I recommend that you get yourself an aftermarket metal flash hider to go with your new gun (14mm CCW). There is a metal flash hider included in the package, it’s a standard M4 type and of ok quality. There’s also a vertical foregrip included, this is of ok quality, screw it on tight and you’ll have a solid, no-wobble foregrip. However, it’s pretty basic and not much more.

The included 8,4V / 1200 mah battery will give you decent ROF, not more, either get yourself a LiPO or a 9,6V Ni-Mh to get more playtime and better ROF. But as an included battery, it’s fine! Just be careful not to get a battery that’s too powerful if you plan on getting a LiPO, you don’t want to fry the internals, reinforced as they may be… The charger that is included is absolutely rubbish, if you have a smart charger, use that and give the included one to Mr. Trash bin…
I converted my SCAR to “Deans” connectors and also got a 7,4V / 1200 mah LiPO from an RC hobby store (18 USD), this will act like a 8,4V Ni-Mh battery as far as ROF go and won’t do any harm to the internals.

If you plan to mount optics, be sure to get a “picatinny riser plate” to raise the scope above the iron sights, this will make looking through your new optics more comfortable.

As far as performance goes, the gun fires hard and straight, I chronoed mine to 405+ fps, which unfortunately makes it too powerful for most CQB arenas, but great for the open field! With some time and a few BB’s trough it, the spring should settle down and allow for use at CQB arenas too.
All in all, the DBoys SCAR is a beautiful looking gun, great feel, good internals and solid building materials! If you’re looking for a SCAR-L with budget in mind you should seriously consider the DBoys version, for the money it’s a great gun, both for looks and feel!

-Solid build
-Nice materials
-Good internals
-Good looking
-Many mounting options with all the picatinny rails
-Barrel extension, foregrip and battery included
-Relatively cheap as fas as AEG's go...

-Horrible plastic flash hider
-Included battery charger is of lowest possible quality
-Mine didn’t come with the printed trademarks on the receiver as shown on the web site
-High FPS (400+) takes it to the borderlands at many fields and CQB arenas
by B. ALLEN Date Added: Monday 27 September, 2010
For: D Boy Full Metal MK16-L Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
So i got this gun for my birthday and was extremely exited about it!!! i really liked the realism and texture of the body. I was highly impressed with its front sight and rear sight (even though its a little small) i dealt with it. an ACOG scope on this gun looks amazing!! the stock is well built but the screw that connects it get wobbly but all you have to do is fold the stock and screw the screw, and your good. i was very impressed with its internals!! very good job by D-Boy for making such a great gun for the price! Almost stealing quality!!

Front and rear sights
ambidextrous selector switch
functioning charging handle
long rails for optics and etc.
trigger is very responsive
high rate of fire!
just below 400 fps(exactly 385 to 397) so i can get in arenas

screw behind stock can get wobbly
NOTHING ( had for approximately 1 year and a half and still impressed)
by Z. WILSON Date Added: Wednesday 25 August, 2010
For: D Boy Full Metal MK16-L Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
This is probably the coolest airsoft gun ive ever shot and that is saying a lot. The gun fires great with great rate of fire and and accuracy. On a full charge this thing fires at 19 bps, and 400-420 fps. I absolutely annihilate my friends with this thing, and they are alll scared of it. The guns features area all great as well like the charging handle sounds awesome, everyone i know say that it is the coolest sounding charging handle ever. the fact that all thje important pieces are metal and ABS plastic, and the rubberized nylon on the pistol grip is a nice touch. Overall worth way more than 190 dollars.

400 FPS
Rate of Fire
Iron Sights
Rails everywhere
Comes with barrel extension and foregrip

Stock Wire (Can be fixed with a liittle electrical tape)
Burns through the 300 round mag recomend getting another
No trademarks on mine but thats probably just mee

by E. DEBRUYN verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 03 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: D Boy Full Metal MK16-L Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
Great gun, the site said 400+ but that was probably with .12s. the tag in the box said 360. which still isnt bad with .20s. but it seems it shoots a lot harder than 360, by alot. it comes with a barrel extention and a foregrip which is cool. the flash hider was a bit tough to get off though to get the barrel extention on, but just unscrew the screw at the bottom and put some pliers to it, and with a little force it should come right off.

Full Metal
Cool Color
With Barrel Extention Looks Kick Ass
300 Rd. High Cap Mag
Performs Awesome
Lots Of Rail Space
Ambedextirous Safety Switch (on both sides)

Screws Sometimes Come Loose (Just check every one in a while, nothing an alan wrench cant fix)
Rear Sight Is Hard To See Through (nothing a scope cant fix)
Too Good Of A Gun For The Price
by N. PENA Date Added: Friday 18 June, 2010
For: D Boy Full Metal MK16-L Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
great gun, i love mine, it feels so natural, shoots great fps and rof, good weight, amazing!


by J. LOESCHNER Date Added: Wednesday 23 June, 2010
For: D Boy Full Metal MK16-L Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
I got this gun today and as soon as i shot it i felt invinceble....this gun is the best one i have ever bought so far.......if you want a great gun this one is for you.

good tac rail space

great fps and bps

folding stock and check riser

comes with hi cap mag and barrel extension

comes with vertical foregrip and battery and charger

non-funtioning bolt catcher

iron sights not so good
by Z. SCHLOTMAN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 25 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: D Boy Full Metal MK16-L Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
I got this gun for christmas. t looked fine and everything. Next week, i go shoot it. It was preety good. So i go and take itt out to a war. out of the blue, the stock falls off. Next, a bb. gets stuck in the gearbox. i am extreamly dissipointed.

Metal, cool sights.

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