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(Discontinued) JG MK36C with Crane Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
[07556 / JG608-6]
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by A. SHAMROV verified buyer Date Added: Monday 17 October, 2011
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) JG MK36C with Crane Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
First time using this gun and after 4 hours of airsoft I came home with my arm hurting more then when I learned to lock my room. long lasting battery where it didn't die on me the first game. All parts are hard plastic except for bottom front rail, magazine, iron sights, and the part of the stock that attaches to the actual gun. I Got this gun for $108 when it was on the Shocker deals for only a day or two.

-Solid Body

-Great metal high cap m4 mag

-Extendable stock

-Accurate to the point where you will see the bb's go in a Straight line and they wont fly in random directions (unless windy)

-High Rate of fire

-Got it on shocker deals for 108 with $2.50 handling fee.

-Comes with a small packet of white bb's

-Weighs in at around 7 pounds without mag full of bbs (some upper body strength required)

-Cant aim with iron sights when wearing full face mask

-battery is stuck in side stock unless the use of excessive force, I just leave it in there and charge while in there.

-Fire selector a little stiff and you will need both hands to bring it back from full auto to safety due to it being a little far away that my fingers couldn't pull it up.

-Magazine is wobbly from left to right but that has not been a difficulty.

-sad that it doesn't come with vertical grip or red dot sight.

-Crane stock is wobbly and feels very cheap compared to the rest of the gun.

-due to M4 mags, this gun lost its Ambidextrous Mag release, its on the left size
by R. KRUGER Date Added: Sunday 14 August, 2011
For: (Discontinued) JG MK36C with Crane Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The ROF is good, not too fast not too slow (with a cheap 1200 mah 9.6v battery). There's been alot of dust down the barrel, and it functions fine, the hop up is easy to reach. This gun is also easy to disassemble. It features rear sights similar to an M16, with a small hole sight, for long distances and big for short distances. All in all, this gun is amazing, it has never jammed. This gun has been dropped many times and survived alot of dirt. I say you should get it right now, just another fine product from JG.

Easy to disassemble and reassemble
Nice sights
Easy to reach hop up
It's a G36, dude.
Good ROF.
Not wobbly at all, very sturdy
Ambidextrous EVERYTHING, besides mag release

Not ALL metal, there is some
You have to be careful putting batteries in the crane stock, I got my nunchuck batteries jammed in there.
Pretty heavy
Awkward mag release (For me, because I'm used to M4s)
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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