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ICS M16A3 AEG Airsoft Gun (Plastic Sportline)
[06795 / ICS-142]
$201.39 $170.99
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by R. HOLSAPPLE verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 06 January, 2013
verified buyer
For: ICS M16A3 AEG Airsoft Gun (Plastic Sportline)
Product Information:
the ics m16a3 sporti\line is an amazing gun espicially for the price, mine wasn't extremley quite like the other persons but a simple shim job will fix that, the plastic on the gun is really nice when i first opened the box i thought Airsoft GI sent me the metal version it had condensation on it, accurate, nice rate of fire, ics famous split gearbox, very long gun as with all m16s, mine came with one magazine but a quick call to airsoft GI and they sent me one. I've heard some rumors that the magazines only fit in an ics lower, its false the magazines fit nicely in both my King arms full metal m4a1 and my plastic jg m4s sytem, they look nice with the thrermal magazine.

nice rate of fire with just a 9.6 v mini
very accurate
comes with 2 high caps
split gearbox
nice quality exterals but i would recommend switching the stock to a different one, it has a seam running through it
i would also recommend changing it to a metal body but thats personal preference
functioning forward assist it resets the spring and gears it is a great feature that all guns should have
overall very nice

it pains me to say anything bad but i must or it would be very biased and unreliable
stock has a large seam running through it (about $20 fix)
mine was not very quite (shim job will fix that issue)
metal body could be placed but not required ( might also need to get one piece hop up i forgot if you do or not might range from $60-over $200 depending on the body you choose)
mine originally had a problem with changing from safe to semi but it fixed it self over time (free)
two pice outer barrel made it a little wobbly but not to big a deal and can be changred for cheapish
(unsure about price)
word for the wise don't take off the handguard it is an extreme pain to get it pack on you shouldn't have to any way just thought i'd say
Overall good gun none of the problems really matter nearly enough to not buy this gun it is nicely made both internelly end externally if your on the fence about this gun it's more than worth it yes there is a full metal dboys witch i not good quality and there is a full metal AGM but its not as good either and there is a jg for cheaper it is nice but not this nice trust me get this m16 from ICS
by L. PRITT verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 05 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: ICS M16A3 AEG Airsoft Gun (Plastic Sportline)
Product Information:
I got this for my father when he came home from Afghanistan so he could play. We looked through many M16s, finnally coming to the conclusion the the ICS M16A3 Sporty would be the best bang for its buck. Not only does it come with 2 magazines, but includes ICS's amazing split gearbox design and its functional forward assist. Its externals are plastic, a good quality plastic though. This is good, since it is lightweight in the field. The magazines it comes with are of good quality and looks great in the gun. But one of my main problems is that the magazines it comes with can only be used it in. The thermold parts of the magazine(the little bumps on it) are designed for the ICS lower reciever. I've tried them with my Echo 1 M8A3 and they did not fit. Other magazines, like G&G mid caps, fit wonderfully in it and add a bit of weight and stability. Being a M16, it has a long barrel, which is good for accuracy. The battery type is a LARGE type connector, so make sure to at least get a large type battery, or a small battery with an adapter. When the gun is fired, it is very quite. The compression in the gearbox seems to be amazing, making it quite.

Overall, I highly reccomend this gun to any novice, average, and experienced player.

Long Barrel
Split Gearbox
Top rail for Optics
Large amount of accessory's

Mags only fit in the ICS lower reciever
Some large type batterys won't fit in the stock
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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