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JG M16A3 Enhanced AEG Airsoft Gun
[02163 / F6610 / AE-5865-T]
$140.00 $105.00
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by A. WILSON verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 23 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG M16A3 Enhanced AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I got this gun a little over 3 months ago, and it's a pretty decent JG. The FPS is pretty good, with .25s it shoots close to 375. The only thing that worries me is that the stock can barely hold the stock 8.4 it comes with. So if i wanted a better battery, say a 9.6, I would have to put it on the outside. Also, the bodies all ASB plastic. My stock moves a little whenever you move it side to side. Overall, a pretty good gun. Take care of it so it lasts as long as it can.

-Good FPS.
-Shoots hard
-Fine internals
-Decent price
-Firm selector switch

-All ASB plastic
-will only last 3 or 4 months probably. Like most JG.
by E. GRIESBACK Date Added: Monday 18 May, 2009
For: JG M16A3 Enhanced AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
The JG M16A3 (Enhance Version) is and excellent gun. Its shoots fast, its extremely accurate, and has a deadly Rate of fire. Its pretty long and a nice weight, not to heavy and not to light. At least in my opinion because the to other guns i use are very light and very heavy. Back to the gun, its great for playing in the field or even if your a sniper. This gun is not very good for CQB though obviously for its size. The magazine is actually pretty good made of metal and holds 300 rds. For me so far it hasn't miss fed, yet. It also has metal in all the right spots which is basically the barrel, the body, the back sights, and the magazine. One of the two bad things i've had which isnt really that bad is a little barrel wobble but barely. The main problem which isnt really a problem with the gun is if you have .20s they will fly up after a certain distance so i suggest getting .30s because i heard that .25s also fly up.

Metal in the right spots
FPS (mine was about a good 430 FPS)

You need .30s which cost more
A little barrel wobble (not a big problem though)
Not good for CQB (but i dont think anobody here was planning on using it for that anyway)
by K. RUBELOWSKY Date Added: Monday 18 May, 2009
For: JG M16A3 Enhanced AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
So far this gun is amazing. All of my friends hate this gun and they have a good reason to, because they're not on my team! The gun feels great and shoots amazingly. Its around 10 pounds which is not too heavy but deffinately not too light. Its perfect weight. The FPS is really good ranging from about 380 to 430. Its nice and long with mteal in good spots. When i say good spots i mean like barrel, body, magazine, and rear sights. Speaking of the magazine its pretty nice 300 rds, doesnt miss feed and lasts me like 3 matches when im not using full auto. By the way the rof is amazing. Out of a Cyma M14, AK 47, KS P90 and this gun this gun takes the cake. One bad thing is that you need to buy .30s for this gun do not use .20s they get tossed right up as the other dude said.

Lots of metal
Sturdy plastic

A little Barrel wobble
You need .30s
by R. NOONE Date Added: Monday 18 May, 2009
For: JG M16A3 Enhanced AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Okay so it has been about 5-6 months now and I can definetly say that this gun is still going strong. This gun is a fast shooter, shooting at about 400fps and at around an average 12-15rpm. My jg is the 2008 version with a metal spring guide, m120 spring, and a jg high torque motor (which is used to pull the spring). The only upgrades I have is a madbull tbb and a madbull hop up bucking (get a sysema bucking because a madbull should only be used to practice putting a new bucking on) and as an external upgrade a madbull dragonfire ris. Truly with these fairly cheap upgrades my gun is getting 50-150 foot kills easily. At first when you see this gun the abs plastic looks fairly cheap which it is, but its not going to break unless you drop it from a respectable height. The stock is fine and the battery it comes with is okay, but I recommend upgrading it to an Intellect 8.4 4200mah and buy a smart charger as well since this things rpm is fine and without upgrades a 9.6 would be a bit overkill. All in all this gun is really great for the price since iot shoots hard, fairly fast, and pretty accurate and it can be an easy upgrading platform.4/5 with upgrades 5/5

great power(400 with .2 and about 380 with .25)
accurate when upgraded with a tbb but with stock hop and barrel its fine
good rpm
very compatible with aftermarket upgrades
no essential barrel wobble
all parts that need to be metal are

bad hop up unless you get a systema bucking and a tbb
glossy plastic but strong (pro and con)
not mentioned in info but the grip isn't the best since my hands sweat alot and it can slip
need more mags
longer lasting battery
needs some upgrades that are fairly cheap and this thing would be beast

pros out weight cons unless your into just getting a REALLY good stock gun then get a KWA
by E. FAUST Date Added: Wednesday 25 March, 2009
For: JG M16A3 Enhanced AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I bought this a few weeks ago and so far I have successfully managed to mess up the barrel so bad that I am going to get a madbull. However, This is a great gun. I shoot cyma .30g bbs and can hit a person around 90 yards. I am shooting the .30 because this is shooting very hot and the hopup, when at minimum, tosses the bbs right up if they are .20 or .25. This problem will stop once It wears in more, and will get some .25g G&G bbs to shoot. Feels great to hold, about 10 pounds, I have the full metal RIS version. The battery is a pain to get it, though I got a intellect 9.6v 2000 mah nunchuck and a wire adaptor for it and now I am pulling nearly 20 rounds per second. The fps is 380+, but not likely any more than 400 fps. Gearbox is reinforced, looks very good, but the hopup is a plastic 2 piece. The reciever comes off like a marui, with plastic tabs.

If your good with mods, get a madbull 6.03mm/509mm barrel and a 1 piece metal hopup, though you need to take a saw and file to the lower reciever for the hop.

-fps 380-400
-rof 900 rpm (15 rps) w/ 8.4v, 1200 rpm (20rps) w/ 9.6v
-big, might be bad if you are a wimp
-lots of metal
-mag does not wobble once its in, or at least not much
-great trigger response, because of the JG m120 torque motor
-seems to be highly upgradable
-very energy efficient

-barrel clogs if you use metaltac .25 like I did, and the shavings melt to the inside and ruin it
-2 piece hopup doesn't give the full potential of this gun, 2 piece hops leak air like mad
-battery is a pain to get back out once its in
-battery is NiCd (memory effect)
-charger is too weak for battery, get a smart charger (this is normal for all aegs)
-its loud, probably since the spring has 2 times more coils on it, they are really close together
by M. HESTAND Date Added: Wednesday 04 February, 2009
For: JG M16A3 Enhanced AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I run a Marine core style Boot Camp for youth, and was looking for an inexpensive M16 A3 to use for training, this gun is great for the Rifle Training. I had read the reviews and you get your Bang for your buck with this weapon. There was no muzzle wobble or problems that I had read in the reviews eigther I got lucky or the M16A3 enhanced version I got, apparently with this version JG has fixed some of there manufacture problems.I would reccommend this weapon, as a starter weapon or for those who want just stop haveing to between $350.00-$450.00 for a gun before you upgrade it. Out of the box it shoots 410 fps, that works for me. I play inddors in our gym, and
with a maximum of 120 feet killing field, you will hit pretty much what you aim at.... "Gunny"

410 fps-out of the box is great.
weight is balanced- especially after you put a scope on it (AGOG)
Battery is big enough to do the job.
Shoots very accurate. I started with .20 and was hitting my target at 90 feet, with no problem.

None- yet, but I have only had it a few days, but have consistently been useing it.
by A. JUGENALTY Date Added: Saturday 17 May, 2008
For: JG M16A3 Enhanced AEG Airsoft Gun
If you are looking for a decent priced gun, this is a good gun to buy. At first, the barrel wobble to the extreme, but I took it down to my friend's house and he fixed with ease. This gun hurts! I bunkered one of my friends on fully automatic and he had tears in his eyes! The stock high-cap mag is not good. It jams a lot. I would suggest getting a couple of mid-caps. This gun is accurate.

Hearing your enemy scream when you shoot them
Easy to clean

Size (Length, if you want a big assualt rifle then this shouldn't be a problem)
Stock mag
by S. AHMED Date Added: Monday 12 May, 2008
For: JG M16A3 Enhanced AEG Airsoft Gun
i was planning on getting this gun, and slappin a long VTAC kit on it. Also, i heard the g&g SOPMOD stock cant take a battery, but i really want to put it on this gun. is there anyway i can keep the battery internal?

any other suggestions?
by T. SMITH verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 15 April, 2008
verified buyer
For: JG M16A3 Enhanced AEG Airsoft Gun
I bought this gun, a 4200 mah battery, and an Airsoft Elite mag. I used it in a few battles and I am very happy with its performance. The Airsoft Elite mag is great and doesn't miss feed. But I had to switch to the stock mag during a skirmish and it miss fed a ton. I suggest buying quality mags. Also the 4200 battery added no extra stress to the gun and the gearbox can handle it no problem. It shoots very accurate with my .25s, I landed groupings within a 1 foot by 1 foot board at 80 feet. It is deadly accurate when you need it to be. I was lying down in a bush with all my camouflage on and two enemies were walking on a trail directly towards me. They were about 20 feet away when I lit them up. They never saw me and walked away with about 40 welts.

Extremely accurate with .25s
Very powerful- use .25s they hurt more and they're more accurate
very reliable- had no problems, worked all the time
very sturdy
mine was very wobbly, I can fix it when it starts to wobble

Doesn't look very realistic, but it doesn't look like a toy gun.
by A. WHITES Date Added: Tuesday 08 April, 2008
For: JG M16A3 Enhanced AEG Airsoft Gun
Cost v.s. Quality

when i bought this gun the stock and the foregrip were incredibly wobbly, not that big of deal i just had to screw the buttplate and tighten the foregrip. the battery is a bitch to fit in the freakin stock, alot harder than my other guns. the battery is kinda iffy because it seems that even if i charge it for only like 2 hours it gets extremely hot and that is obviously not good for your gun. the magaznie it comes with misfeeds ALOT and is really irritating and mine clogged first 3 rounds i even shot out of it. My friend has the same gun and his problems are quite similar so i know its not just mine.

however yes the gun has awesome power and accuracy i was being an asshole and killed a rabbit and lke 3 birds with it in one day so you know its a good gun.
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