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G&G GR4 100Y Plastic Blow Back Folding Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
[10547 / EGR-16P-1YF-BBB-NCM]
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by A. YANG Date Added: Saturday 23 March, 2013
For: G&G GR4 100Y Plastic Blow Back Folding Stock AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
First off this gun is horrible, do not buy it. There is more bad things then god things about this gun. So when I got this gun I needed a folding stock gun that was light that took m4 mags. This was my choice because my friend said g&g was good so I chose this over the rdw. Bad idea... After about 1 month of shooting the blowback mechanism broke. All these stupid people are saying "Oh the g&g pneumatic blowback system can be held in place and it won't break like standard ebbs". While this is true it is bad for the gun. I was testing it out about a month after getting it and the blowback mech broke. I kept the faux bolt in place and it broke off. 3 months later I let my brother use it and he shot a 20 round burst and he gave it back to me. After storing the gun in my closet and leaving it alone for a week to work on my we m&p I decided to tune the g&g m4. I removed the recievers and I saw a huge crack on the gearbox front end and the pistol was sticking out. I was shocked because the gearbox had very little reinforcements on the front end and when I looked at the metal it looked very brittle. The metal was about 1/5 of a cm thick at the front end so it was very weak, by then I couldn't send it in to be replaced so now I am stuck with a broken gearbox shell because it is hard to find replacements. And about the blowback, it moved the fake bolt like 1 inch and the dust cover wouldn't stay closed because the recievers were loose so the fake bolt would push the dust cover open. And when I was aiming if I was gripping the pistol grip towards be it would push the stock down so my shots would be off, the pin that held the stock was also very loose so I had to repaint it so it would stay snug on the stock. Over all, don't buy the gun because the gearbox shell is hard to replace and it will break.

Gearbox is finely tuned but the gearbox is god awful, there is little to no reinforcment to the front end.
The gun comes with a metal mag that is the correct size to the real steel stanag. Hop up wheel is very tight so it is not going to move. Gun comes with 1000 good g&g bbs. Has a spring detension lever (good and bad). Sights are decent but I couldn't line them up with the bb.

front end is horrible, g&g recomends a 9.6v nunchuck and it doesn't fit until you remove the zip tie and it is hard to get in.
Handguard is plastic and wobbles and creaks alot.
Flashhider is ugly and I couldn't take it off to replace it.
Stock doesn't stay in place.
Stock and the block that holds it to the receiver is heavy.
Screws for the ris fell out.
After 1 month the blowback mechanism broke.
After 3 months the gearbox front end snapped off.
The spring detension can be bad because the spring is long and the tension is pushing the front end when in storage, when the piston is lets say half way compresses it will only weaken the spring but it is better than the whole front end of the gearbox snapping under the spring tension.
Dust cover will not stay closed.
Gearbox is poorly reinforced in the front, it has like 1/5 of a cm of BRITTLE metal.
Fuse is hard to replace.
Magwell is not tight at all so your mags will be wobbly.
Aluminum barrel and no crowning, they could have at least got put crownings on the barrel.
Bad compression because most is lost going to the blowback mech.
Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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