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KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
[02743 / 104-00105]
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by B. JONES Date Added: Tuesday 09 October, 2012
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
The best purchase you will ever make on a airsoft gun. I've had mine for a year now and have only put in a slightly longer 6.01 TBB. This is the only suggestion I would make right off the bat. With that single upgrade, I can easly out shoot a SR10 or most any other high performance AEGs I've come across. The only problem I've had is that I wish it had the RIS rail system. Buy this gun, you will not regret it!!

-Great ROF, FPS and range
-Easy to upgrade
-Great for seasoned players or rookies
-KWA's 2gx gear box

-No RIS rail system on the fore grip
-No function bolt catch, can be a pain to hold back and adjust the hop up
by E. SHORT Date Added: Monday 08 October, 2012
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is epic. I recieved it from The Mystery Box of Desire and boy am I happy. Right out of the box, the externals are very good. It's full metal, with quality that can be expected from KWA. The ROF on this thing is a beast even without using a LIPO. The magwell is tight enough so that the mags don't rattle around, but still loose enough to easily reload. Even my Magpul P-mags fit. The dissassembly is similiar to the real thing, and the instructions are in English.

-High ROF
-External quality
-Magwell fits every standard 5.56 mag.
-English instructions

-Will only fit a mini or an m4 handguard specific battery, which isn't included.
-With a high ROF, your ammo won't last very long depending on play style.
by S. WILLEMS verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 19 September, 2012
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
awsome gun. by far the best aeg i own or have ever used. i have several freinds that airsoft and there is no doubt whatsoever that this kwa m4 is highest quality best shooting gun of all the guns we have. i have made no modifications to this thing at at all, it simply does not need any. stock out of the box this gun is extremely accurate, exellent range, high rate of fire with a 9.6 nmh, it will handle a lipo no problem but i dont see the need for one. 370 fps with .25 bbs. when you hit your opponent with this gun they feel it. the hop up on this thing is the best functioning hop up i have ever seen. 300 dollars for this gun is worth every penny

gearbox is smoother then silk. accuracy is awsome rof is outstanding with 9.6nmh velovelocity is right where you would want it exellent range,

you will have to purchase the battery of your choice separate, but thats not really a con. go with a 9.6nmh and this gun is ready to go out and give you pure outstanding performance
by K. VANSCYOC verified buyer Date Added: Friday 06 January, 2012
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
KWA is true to there word when the say engineered to out perform. The 2gx m4a1 is without a doubt the best aeg I've owned and one of the best available on the market. Everything that's metal on the real weapon is metal on this aeg. I have friends and family that are veterans or currently serving and have said this thing is almost identical to the actual rifle. The only differences are the nonfuctioning forward assist, bolt catch, and the dust cover doesn't come back as far as the actual weapon. Other than that, I have no complains about this weapon. Word of advise, upgrade to a 9.6 to unleash this beast. An 8.4 will get you by, but the 9.6 makes this thing a monster. It is lipo ready, but for the sake of not shredding the gears in a years time I wouldn't recommend it. Stock barrel is the same as the battery situation. The factory barrel is fine but I upgraded to a 6.03 madbull barrel and it dramatically increased accuracy. I've had this thing for 9 months now and it hasn't had any malfunctions yet. KWA hit the nail on the head with these 2gx gearboxes. In the near future if I do buy a new aeg, KWA is my first choice.

full metal
High rof
monster out of the box

Paint scratches easy but gives it a realistic look
other than that, nothing
by A. HESSER verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 14 August, 2011
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is probably the best gun i have ever owned in my life, it has insaine rat of fire has perfest fps and looks awesome i would definately recommend this gun to anyone looking to play, a beginner or an expert

Crazy fast ROF with a lipo
looks awesome
full metal
very sturdy
realistic (minus the bolt catch)
best gun ever

my G&G gr16 ris doesnt fit on this but whatever
bolt catch doesnt work (it isnt supposed to but it would be cool)
by D. OWENS Date Added: Sunday 14 August, 2011
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Wonderful gun. Shoots hard and fast. I put a new piston and a new motor in it and its shooting around 400 at 25 a second. Definitley worth the $300.

Shoots hard
Shoots fast
Worth the price

Not a fan of the flash hider on this gun. For some reason I cant get it off.
by N. BROWN Date Added: Sunday 08 May, 2011
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
ok, i have had this gun for almost a year now and ive put it through hell, no problems this gun was built to last. origanlly i was running a tenergy 11.1 v 20c lipo and i played one game with that(did not correctly fit in handguard). it shot absolutley amazing. i could fire it on semi as fast as i wanted with no lock ups at all. fired about 5 to 6,000 rounds out of it with the lipo...... then the lipo charger broke(AAHHH) so i then purchased a 10.8 v 5000mah battery, i fired probably 25,000 rounds out of it no problems at all i was still hitting about 18-19 rps (vs 22 with lipo). i am nowing using the 9.6 2000mah battery that fits in m4 hand guards from tenergy. it fits perfectly and the kwa hanguard is VERY VERY TIGHT. still getting descent rof its actually very good for the fps. when you first get the gun youll realize that it feels like one solid piece of metal. the handguard is as tight as some real ar hand guards at first, but it will loosen a bit to a perfect balance of stiffness and easly removable. the only things i can really complain about(could be my fault) is the charging handle isnt always flipping down the dust cover, and the accuracy and range have seemed to just drop off out of no where(=l) idk prob because i never cleaned the barrel until recently... oh well im putting in a tightbore sooo ya. in my opinion. this is the best gun you can get besides a custom gun. absolutley love it never failed me. ive dropped it, dumped mags out of it, banged it against tress....... and it just laughs. creepy stuff.

field legal(right under 400 fps with a .20)
very reliable
2gx gearbox is amazing
very realistic
not to loud
rof is great
pretty heavy for an m4(8lbs)
sturdy as a rock
metal is very thick
likes pain
virtually no woble
stock has very little wobble for an m4(only thing that woobles at all.
accuracy was good( once again problem my fault, clean your gun!)
metal flash hider
realistic gas tube
engineered to outperform for sure!!!

selector switch is a little touchy put not to bad
have heard that certain mags may not fit in mag well
very heavy for m4(not really a con but wanted to run with an m203 and its just to heavy to so that)and im pretty strong.
range and accuracy could be better but a tightbore and new bucking are only like 50 bucks then its perfect.
no bolt catch :(
way to awsome for me
by A. ATWOOD Date Added: Saturday 01 January, 2011
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is top of the line. beyond a shadow of a doubt, KWA is the dealer to buy from. Straight out of the box, I was nailing a human with tree at 180 feet nearly every shot. Compensating for wind, i managed to hit my target 7 times consequetively at this distance firing on semi-auto. The accuracy fades away slightly and dies a little past 200 feet, but even up to 200, or 210, on automatic you dont need to worry about missing and the spread may even help you.

The appearance and detail on this gun are nothing short of fantastic. Someone I know is a gun collector and he says it is absolutely dead on for the real thing, which he owns. Another man who served in the marines says it was very realistic as well. The finish is flawless and is not shiny. The hopup is cool to access and easy to adjust. it also stays callibrated perfectly. I personally did a blue/white arctic camo on mine, but thats just me. not very functional, but doesnt really hinder stealth. Another nice feature is the clip feeds beautifully. No need for midcaps. It also can hold a 9.6v butterfly style battery easily.

The ROF is perfect. With a 9.6v intellect battery (highly reccomended) it seems to be firing 18-20 rps. Its not too much that it burns through your mag, but your shots are following each other very closely. As I said, the groupings are very tight up to around 180 feet, and past that, the spread combined with ROF makes it resemble a shotgun grouping (albeit a fairly tight one). The ROF came in handy in a game i'll talk about later, when i saw three people moving together a few feet apart from 60-70 feet. (yes i know thats stupid of them but I was close to their base and they didnt expect it.) I was concealed but had to move out to get a good shot and didnt really have time to individually aim for all three, or even very long on one, starting with the person on the left, i swept across the line with around 10 shots, and judging by their reaction I hit all of them more than once. And again, those 10 shots were under a second of trigger time.

I set up some targets to put some actual numbers on the precision and at 120 feet it was 15/15. In fact, all of the shots were within a 6 inch diameter, most within 3 or 4. At 180 feet, i fired a few more shots and it seemed to be about 70% hitting the target. There were a few factors affecting that though. Above all, a 1x1 square is a demanding target at 180 feet for an AEG with iron sights and ill accept some blame on the misses, also the conditions were fairly windy so I had to compensate for that, and while not all the shots hit the target, they all hit the tree it was against, and most of the misses went high not wide.

I brought this to my first legit airsoft event around a month ago (still firing perfectly around 4 months and 20k shots later) expecting to have a solid gun, but to not expect to be in the upper tier. It was a large event, 40 on 40 for 6 hours on a 200 acre farm with a large wooded valley area. This gun went head to head against 6, 7, 800 dollar guns and even more than that, one guy was bragging before that his lmg cost 1500 dollars, and not only met, but outperformed nearly every gun there. The precision was only matched by snipers and dmrs. The fps is perfect, i chronoed at around 360-380, but I forgot to turn my hop up off before hand so thats lower than it really is, and automatics can typically only be 400 in competitive play. The game play was, for anyone who has played COD, domination style with 12 capture points. Me and my friend went pretty low profile and i finished the day with 16 kills, 3 deaths and four captures.

WAR STORY: There was a thick tree line the enemies were trying to push through, they had superior numbers and cover and we were being pushed back, but were in no real danger, because we were getting pushed back to a fortefied bunker. Me and my friend decided we wernt doing a whole lot in this situation so we snuck through an adjacent feild of high grass and came out behind enemy lines. Directly up a hill to the left was a capture point which was only guarded by one person. He was looking the other way and I shot about 6 or 7 shots from around 100 feet to be safe. EVERY shot hit him directly in the back of the head and neck. We radioed in the capture and kept moving. We moved through a tree line and saw the next capure point which had no one on it, but 10 enemy players around 100 yards further on. We captured the base and i set up behind the fortifications (which were pretty bad, a waist high row of boards with lotsss of gaps) They noticed us and approached, but took them awhile as my gun had a lot more consistancy at long range. My friend moved back into the treeline behing us. I managed to get one of them before being nailed through a hole in the boards, my friend held them off at the next base for a little while but was too badly outnumbered. All in all, theres the real life application of the 120 foot grouping, and holding off several people let alone 10 for any amount of time cant just be the player. And the K/D speaks for itsself on the comparison to other guns, I got plenty on sneaking up like at the capture point, but you cant stay alive that well with a poor gun, I was actually 14 and 1 until the skirmish at the tree line.

The box says engineered to outperform and I agree completely.

*clip feed

*hop-up needs to "warm up" with about 20 shots each time you play, but its nothing bad at all, and ive heard you can fix this by washing the hop up unit.
by A. HESSER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 29 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is absolutley GREAT. The rof is insain even when i used an 8.4v i cant imagin how it would be with an 11.1 lipo, it also has a very sturdy exterior with a metal body, carry handle, outer barrel, and iron sight. even though the handguard, pistol grip and stock are plastic they are still sturdy and feel great. also the stock has a little window on the top that shows what position ur stock is in. even though its $300 its definately worth it.

Full metal
pretty light
rof is crazy
shows what position ur stock is in
gearbox is really smooth
just amazing

ups dropped off the gun right infront of my garage door and i almost ran it over
orange tip is bright
some plastic parts( who cares they are good anyway)
in the picture it looks like its all plastic(it obviously isn't though)
by J. GEIS verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 31 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
First off this gun... And airsoftgi are amazing. This was my first aeg and it was the best airsoft choice vie made. I ordered this gun on a Friday early in the morning and by the afternoon it was in ups' hands and by Thursday, mine. My friends fear this gun due to how hot this gun is shooting and rof. Put about 2000 rounds through it and I couldn't be more pleased. If you are a new player that doesn't have bookoo money to upgrade.... This is the best gun outta the box for the price.

Mostly metal
Parts that are not are of high grade (polymer or abs, not 100% sure)
Crazy rof even with a 9.6 volt
High fps ( also a con for cqb players)
Li-po ready (I don't recommend it personally)
Typical KWA, summing everything up

One small thing... Not too bad. This gun will not fit a 9.6 1600 mah mini type without modification. It has replica gas tube on top and realistic flat/wide barrel making a little different then a chinese m4. With some puzzle skills and patience though you can fit a 9.6 2000 mah nunchuck.
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