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JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
[02108 / AE-5860-T]
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by K. HOLDEFER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 03 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This was my first AEG, its working out pretty well for me, mine shoots about 410 fps on a fully charged battery, which chrono-ed too high for me to play in my local airsoft/paintball parks, all I did was turn the hop-up all the way up and it chrono-ed lower than 400. Set the hop up to the right setting this will shoot very straight, and far enough for most targets. Gun is very balanced, easy to keep clean. I'd buy some mid-cap mags, high cap doesn't feed so well. I have a sling mounted to it, with one problem where the stock mount starts to slide out of the body mount. Easily fixed or if it comes all the way out, easy to put back in. Could probably epoxy or crazy glue it. For a beginners gun this is a great way to start. Though i recommend the enhanced version for someone thinking to invest more into this gun, or someone who uses it very often. Good gun for the money

Fully charged battery, gun may shoot 410+ fps
Balanced (good for easy and quick reload)
Shoots straight at right adjustment of hop-up
Pretty sturdy

High-cap mag (like any high cap) is nothing special
stock mount to body issue (stated above)
firing on semi can sometime lock up (easy fixed by switching to auto, firing and then switching back)
by S. JOHNSON Date Added: Friday 29 May, 2009
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
first off, wow, about 5/6 metal including inner and outer barrel, with metal stock bopher. and right out of the box 370 feet per second. with a rate of fire around 1000! it's easy to dissemble and assemble again, i do it at night when I'm bored. cleaning is easy, maintaining is easy, and it looks great. compared to the classic army version this wins in most aspects. including metal parts and over heating issues, the CA over heats after about a 300 round mag where as this gun can go for about a 5000 round c mag and still be cool. i highly recommend this gun to both pro and beginners. and as far as i can tell, there are no problems. but watch out for shipping, they say shipping's free with orders over $100, but if you buy something else like an extra mag or bb's they just throw them in the box carelessly. plus there's still handling fee's.

nearly full metal
high rate of fire and excellent feet per second ratio
comes with everything you need to start, this includes the gun, nothing else :P
best value on the web, (better than Ebay!)
almost 1000 round per minute
easy to disassemble and assemble
easy to customize
great for beginners and pros.
$115? come one what better price could there be on the internet for such a great product?

issues with shipping.
sometimes mag with unload while in mag well and you have to rewind it.
receiver is the only abs plastic part.
by Y. BROWN verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 05 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I just got this gun about an hour ago, and for $115, HOLY COW! 370 fps out of the box, and an INSANE rof. It split a coke can in half! I love the working charging handle and forward assist, it makes it really realistic. Like almost every M4 there is, the battery is tricky to get in. Also, if you shoot semi-auto too fast, the trigger will jam. I like the removable carrying handle, the hidden rail can mount pretty much any scope you have. Overall, one of the best values for an AEG I've seen. A must have for first timers.

excellent fps
around 950 rpm
very modular
not that heavy

hard to get battery in
semi-auto jamming problem
none other so far!
by S. GOOD verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 24 March, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
first off, let me say WOW!!! i was looking at buying JGs MP5A4, but then i found this. ive had this gun since last july and its still as good as when i first opened the box. either airsoftgi sent me the enhanced version by mistake or this gun is really good. the boys at this site clocked my speed for me before they sent it. 410 FPS!! this is with .20 gram BBs. whichever version i got, it shoots fast and accurate. the last match i played, i was spotted by a sniper but when i fired back, he had his head down then entire time. this was with about a half strength battery. i'd definitly reccomend buying this gun.

410 FPS stock (cant beat that)
a little heavy for realism
metal parts where they count (barrel, gearbox, motor, internals)
charging handle and forward assist are functional for realistic reloading actions
selector switch clicks so you know when its ready to go full auto

stock gets a little wobbly after awhile (don't abuse your gun, its sturdy but not metal)
mag is a bit loose in the well but it wont fall out

overall this gun is a 5, despite some little things here and there. this isn't just for new players. this might even out shoot a high-priced CA or Tokyo Mauri. if you want a hard-hitting and accurate gun, look for JG. they wont let you down
by B. GOLDEN verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 14 March, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I've had the gun for about a month now and I am very satisfied it is my first AEG. It has a great rate of fire and battery life is INSANE. Only complaints are when I first got it I needed to spray some lubricant but next day it worked great. Also battery is very hard to get in but if you just charge it while it's still in the gun you'll never have to worry about putting it in or taking it out. One more thing could be good or bad depending who you are- it's quite heavy and doesn't have a strap-- realistic, but it slows you down in games. Overall great gun though

Rate of fire is really good
Battery life is VERY good
Key included for 300 round hi-cap magazine
Iron sights are nice

Battery is hard to get in, but just don't take it out when you charge it.
No rails =( or strap included
Weight (could be good or bad, depends on your view)

Nothing else, great gun for it's price and great entry level AEG!
by C. CHAMBLESS Date Added: Tuesday 17 March, 2009
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is a very reliable gun. Although the body is made out of sturdy ABS plastic, its VERY accurate (up to 170 ft. from my experiances). its ROF is very good. i would recommend u get more mags because if u play in a big area (like me)... u may need them

Light but durable
Retractable stock
CAN take off iron sights

Kinda hard to get battery in (at first)
SMALL type battery

All in all GREAT rifle . i recommend it to everyone!!!
by A. RAMIREZ Date Added: Monday 09 March, 2009
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Amazing gun bought it in Febuary and man i love it! best gun for the money. Out of the box mine shot 355 with hop up all the way down. If your scared this will be to fast if yoiu go ro airsoft playground turn the hop up up a bit and it shoots consistantly atg 400. Takes time with the hop up shot a targets from 20 feet out and shredded it. Shoots through cardboard fast. The rof(rate of fire) is amazing shoots so fast on full auto. one bad thing is the battery. To get it out its pretty hard but once you get it in youll know how to do it over.

Good fps
Insane rof
nice wieght
battery lasts long
metal internals
great retractible stock
very accurate at 20 feet
metal clip

battery is hard to get in
by D. SCHMEER verified buyer Date Added: Monday 09 March, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
First off, let me say that this gun is AMAZING for the money! Right out of the box, this thing is mean. Even though mine is the basic version, it EASILY goes through the bottom of a Coke can and wil totally shred cardboard. This gun (once you get the hop-up tuned) shoots EXTREMELY accurate, even in alittle wind. The iron sights are a perfect fit for the gun and having the 2 different size apperatures helps in all enviorments. The hop-up works great, but it took me about 75 to 85 round to get it ABSOLUTLEY PERFECT, and yes it can be absolutley perfect. The barrel is 6.04mm which isn't super tight-bore but close (CA's are normally 6.05 or 6.06mm stock). Nothing on my gun wobbles now (had to send it back because the spring guide was stripped which allowed the buffer tube to come off) but now it is rock solid steady. The rate of fire is crazy high and accuracy isn't affected at all, it looks just like a solid stream of BB's coming out of the barrel.

-Hop-up is great, allows for perfect tuning
-Pin-point accurate all the way up till about 95-105 feet
-Amazing rate of fire
-Very duralble
-Great magazine, no mis-feeds in almost 450 rounds
-Rock-solid steady
-Iron Sights work perfect on this gun, absolutley no complaints
-On Airsoft GI's part, AMAZING customer service, very willing to help
-Would have given the gun a higher rating but it only goes up to 5...

-Had to send back to fix stock problem
-Shipping takes a little long
by G. GOMEZ Date Added: Friday 19 December, 2008
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Great gun very reliable my first gun still have it, great except i bought when it was $135

great gun cheap, durable plastic the whole shabang

adjustable stock
rof is awesome
mag feeds well
can be upgraded and customized to ur liking=0

iron sight is crap
battery is crap ( i have 1600mah intellect way better)
get universal charger this ones crap
nothing that can't be fixed
by S. STEWART verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 08 January, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I bought this gun ang it got to me in like a week and i live in NE ohio
its heavy and well made,try not to take the reciever apart because its hard to get the silver plate back in with out bending it(it happened to me) its very accurate and shoots really fast. the ROF is like 950 or around there. it shoots fast.the stock is really nice plastic and the tube is metal.
the mag is metal to.the barrell is metal to.the receiver is a light black not dark like atual metal,it kinda stands out against the rest of the gun.

high ROF
lots of metal
nice plastic.very sturdy
nice stock
no wobble at all. i mean nothing at all
the orange tip comes so you can put on a silencer or a diff. flash hider
very realistic

plastic is weird color
hard to take off foregrip and to put the battery in/out
plastic body
thats about it

its a really nice gun and i would say but it is you dont want to pay alot for a marui. i think its better than marui. if you want a nice M4 thats awesome with lots of metal BUY IT IM NOT KIDDING ITS A NICE GUN.
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