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(Discontinued) G&G Full Metal G-MK16 L Airsoft Gun (BLK)
[B000302711 / EGSLBLK]
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by D. CAMPBELL verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 06 February, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal G-MK16 L Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Best gun ive ever owned. G&G in my opinion is one of the best gun makers, my friend owns two an RK and UMG both rock solid and shoot great and rarely have problems. Ive owned a CA m4, CA slr wood ak, JG, CA g36, utg m14. This gun beats them all, all the features are great this gun is solid as a rock. It shoots very hard to, mine is shooting about 380 with 25s stock. Everything about this gun is high quality. I wont repeat what the review said everything is accurate. If you buy this gun you wont be let down, and for the price you cant go wrong. I paid 450 when i got my ca wood ak (CA sucks balls there stuff always breaks) the body was nice but the insides were terrible it came shooting less than 300fps and had problems after usingi t twice. So yeah buy G&G and screw CA there a bunch of douche bags
by B. KARREN Date Added: Thursday 20 December, 2007
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal G-MK16 L Airsoft Gun (BLK)
this gun is the best gun ive had way better than the CA carbine and the m16 its built very very stirty it packs one hell of a punch and just love it all around great gun!
by A. CHURCH Date Added: Sunday 09 December, 2007
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal G-MK16 L Airsoft Gun (BLK)
The G&G version of the SCAR-L is a lot more superb than the CA. It is a lot lighter, the plastic is stronger, and the gun fires A lot better than the CA. The FPS is as posted here at ASGI, which is 400FPS.

The G&G version of this gun takes what CA did not do, and does them instead. As I mentioned before, the stock is plastic. But, the plastic is actually of a good quality. The days of ruining the battery cable are over also. G&G did a great job of re-designing the way you put your battery in. Instead of having to open the stock, and unscrew the screw holding the stock in place, on this one, you have to take off the butt pad, open the stock, and take the stock and battery out.

No pinched wires. And, no wire grounds or shorts. The hop-up, is a version of their GR16 hop-up, and is very well built.

The gun its self, is more realistic in weight, than the CA version. Because CA uses fiberglass to make the lower receiver and stock, their version of the SCAR weighs a lot more than most airsoft guns I have used. As one of my team players stated, "it was like picking up Arnold and trying to shoot him".

The sights, are very realistic. The rear sight is a little more easier to use than the CA. You can see out of it better.

The stock, is the updated version 3 stock for the SCAR series rifles. better shape, and feel.

The ROF, is right up there as posted by ASGI. The magazine, is of the correct length, and width. The CA magazine, is shorter. I lubed my mag with silicone grease right before I fired it for the first time, and I have not had any mag problems at all.

If you are looking for a great version of the SCAR, then this would be the one to buy. Great FPS, weight, durability, and ROF make this a great gun for beginner and expert alike.
Displaying 11 to 13 (of 13 reviews) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2 
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