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KJW Full Metal M1911 Tactical GBB Airsoft Gun (BLK)
[03789 / GBB-614]
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by M. VANDERVELDE verified buyer Date Added: Monday 05 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: KJW Full Metal M1911 Tactical GBB Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
This is a really fantastic gun. I only got it a week ago, but its overall performance so far is great. Its a very realistic weight and operation. This gun is extremely precise, but not terribly accurate. but easily compensated for. Overall a Great performance gun.

Realistic kick,

only get about 90 shots off for each co2 cartridge,
hop up doesn't easily adjust, a field strip is required to get at the dial.
not terribly accurate, shoots a little high.
by A. NAPTHEN verified buyer Date Added: Friday 02 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: KJW Full Metal M1911 Tactical GBB Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
ok I got my awesome M1911 about a week ago I think. Not to put down any of one people who said that there some things wrong with this gun. But personally i cant find any thing wrong with it. the gun works great right out of the box, but the only reason the gun would break with CO2 is because CO2 has no silicone. also the number one rule of and airsoft gun is DONT FORCE ANY THING, if it doesnt fit, or if somethings jammed dont be an idiot and force it cause then it may break. well other than that i love this gun, i've fired about 500 rounds out of it so far and nothings gone wrong with it.

great feel
very good weight distrobution
nothings rattles that isnt supposed to (cause the slide is and if it didnt it would jam)
excellent sights
definitly not cheap plastic very durable
solid trigger
a very safety paranoid gun
It rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

orange tip. not really cause i do not care. its called flat black paint + electrical tape
by M. PAUKNER verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 29 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: KJW Full Metal M1911 Tactical GBB Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
overall, its a nice gun, but after it breaking so easily, im just rreeeeaaaaallllly disappointed and that was my blood money! BTW, it broke because it fell onto my bed and it must have jiggled something out and now the back safety is locked and the trigger has no spring -.-

looks great
nice hand grip
blow back is strong
ability for all gases is great
sounds good

paint scratches easily
cylinder is very weak(thin)
co2 mag is heavier than gun prob.
fragile, do not let get into any bad conditions
guzzles gas
rattles sometimes
extra safety mechanism makes it prone to getting trigger and entire safety area broken
no spare parts?!
by J. HARKIN verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 13 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: KJW Full Metal M1911 Tactical GBB Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
Hi actually I'm Joe, Dawn is my mother.

Firstoff I hate writing a one sided review seeing as I just got the gun yesterday but I figured it can't hurt too much. Maybe I'll write another in 6 months.

Anywho, when I recieved the gun (via UPS in great time!) I was amazed. This thing was no toy at all. It is a beast, although smaller then I thought (though my hands are rather large). I imeediatly took it home and filled it up with propane (+ silicon), but I filled it wrong in my excitement and forgot to turn the canister upside down. I called ASGI and talked to Tyler, he told me what I was doing wrong and I felt stupid. But it was great customer service (Great job Tyler!), I only felt stupid because I already knew that.

When I filled the gun correctly (on a burst of perhaps 10 seconds) It would easily take 1.5 mags, maybe 2 if I wouldnt machine gun it. I was impressed by the range and accuracy considering its small size. It could reach almost as far as my g36c (jg, stock) and at near the same accuracy!

Dissasembling it was a piece of cake too. I watched a youtube video a couple times on how to do it (seeing as I have no past experience with 1911s) and it was almost to easy.

Only problem with this is the black paint on the outer barrel in the chambering, the slide will scrape it off in time and it won't look so good, so i think ill acetone that when i might do the barrel (My dad is a cop and he can get a little anal about safty, especially because I am crazy and I run into public places and unload on small children...jk.)

anywho great gun, definatly deserves 4.5 stars (because I have yet to see many more) but I'm going to give it 5 =)

-All metal exempting grip and the firing cylinder.
-good fps of 330, legal on all fields I know of. (although theres only 1 here in Iowa)
-excellent accuracy.
-crisp blow back (feels like a .22)
-gas efficient?

-black paint on outer barrel
-no lanyard spot (although I know you can make one yourself)
by T. SCHENDT verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 08 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: KJW Full Metal M1911 Tactical GBB Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
When I first got this I thought wow. Its real heavy because my last pistol was a plastic spring and weighed nothing. This though has a nice weight and fits nicly into my hand. I love it because its loud and makes everyone flee. Its very accurate and powerful. The only bad part is it goes through gas like nothing else. A single CO2 canister only lasted 2 magazines worth. I mean we use Co2 to fill are bike tires and one of them can fill 4 tires.

Strong and Durable
Very Accurate
Very Powerful
Nice sights
Little amount of recoil compared to my friend(stil some though)

Eats all your gas
by B. CHEN Date Added: Friday 01 May, 2009
For: KJW Full Metal M1911 Tactical GBB Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
Excellent gun, but if you want it to last, don't use CO2.

First off, the gun is excellent. Very fun to shoot, green gas mag has no leaks, very smooth cycling, nice sights with white dots, satisfying recoil, and very balanced weight. My only complaint is some rattling on the slide and mag.

I've had this gun running only on green gas for 6 months and so far I have not run into a single problem. No stuck slide, no breaking parts, no leaks, works perfectly. Some paint has come off certain parts (inside of hammer, slide rails, and some internal parts) but nothing significant. There are no trademarks on this gun and the orange tip is only removable with nail polish remover or paint thinner (take out the outer barrel and soak in it for an hour).

However, my friend has the OD green version of this gun, bought at the same time, but he uses CO2 most of the time. Before buying the gun, I had done some research about CO2 in this gun, and figured the risks outweighed the benefits, so I avoided using CO2 at all. Turns out, this was definitely the smart thing to do. A month later, my friend's slide kept getting stuck and his mag started leaking like crazy. Eventually he ended up spending $60 on a new upper frame and went to using only green gas like me and has no problems now.

Very nice weight.
Nice recoil.
Fairly accurate (don't expect to be sniping people with this on a regular basis; it's not nearly as good as most maruis, but better than similar WE's and KWA's on average.

Slide and mag rattle.
Orange tip is difficult to remove.
by C. BONAFEDE Date Added: Wednesday 22 April, 2009
For: KJW Full Metal M1911 Tactical GBB Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
Amazing, very nice pistol, Incredible range and great feel to it. Has a nice hard kick and you get two mags

Hard Kick
Full Metal

Orange Tip is all metal and tough to remove.
by J. FERRET verified buyer Date Added: Friday 27 March, 2009
verified buyer
For: KJW Full Metal M1911 Tactical GBB Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
This Pistol was amazing from the first moment i took it out of the box. the weight and feel of it are incredible, plus it looks totally badass. i havent found a way to take orange off of the tip yet but im sure ill get around to it :) the sights are awesome, but impossible to see in dark areas so id definitely invest in a laser or flashlight to mount. This pistol lives up to its name, every single thing about this pistol is solid metal which adds to the weight but also makes it more steady when firing. the blowback action is really smooth and ive had no jamming problems so far. it fires about 350 fps after constant use for quite a few months, and thats just on average. with a new CO2 cartridge you can fire at least 400fps the first 6 or 7 shots. Unlike most blowback guns this one is not a big waster of gas. i can go through about 2 and a half 31 round clips when im firing about one shot per second so you dont need to reload too much on the field. the only disadvantage ive had with this gun is that it is nearly impossible to field reload without taking like a year. You need a coin or tool to take out the CO2 (if you use CO2) and you CAN NOT speed load bbs into the mags due to the design at the top of the clip. other than that though i give this pistol 2 thumbs WAY up. i had some trouble with the safety at first but after you pop it out for the first time it works perfectly after that. i just hit it witht the back side of a screwdriver.

Amazing FPS (350-400)
Awesome look and feel
Accurate up to about 120 ft, but can shoot much farther
Doesnt waste gas
Comfortable to hold
Slide action is alot of fun
FULLY FIELD STRIPPABLE, and i mean fully, you can take everything apart on this thing
Accurate sights
Since its metal it can take all kinds of abuse
Has a metal railing for flashlight/laser

Cannot see sights in dark conditions
Extremely difficult to quickly reload
Hard to get rid of orange tip
by C. SCARCELLA Date Added: Saturday 28 March, 2009
For: KJW Full Metal M1911 Tactical GBB Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
When it first arrived i was pleased with the overall build its a solid piece and i always remember when i ran out of ammo in my primary and pulled it out of the holster and got three guys out. The Co2 mag is powerful. I got a guy twice in the chest at 75 ft away... however the moment i got home to brag i put a new c02 cylinder in the mag to show my friend how good it shoots and what do you know the damm Cylinder head and nozzel assembly blew out of the f@#cking gun just like it was ejecting a shell... and for anyone that thinks KJW is a good idea try to find any replacement parts......they dont have any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good build and heavy
Easy take down just like the real steal good for cleaning

Cylinder is made of a Cheap and i meen cheap plastic its only papper thin
No Custmer support
The part list is irrelevant there are no replacement parts to get
by M. CLANCY verified buyer Date Added: Monday 09 February, 2009
verified buyer
For: KJW Full Metal M1911 Tactical GBB Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
this pistol is amazing, it is very durable and very powerful, a must have for m1911 lovers. it comes with a propane mag and a co2 mag. although it is very accurate, the shots are still high of the sites when you use the co2 mag, even with the hopup all the way off. i switched to the propane mags and they work better. the shot is lower but just as straight. the co2 mags are also a pain to put the co2 in, a bit large so they wont fit in mag pouches. when u try to take cartridges out they get stuck and very hard to unscrew. i completely twisted a quarter trying to do this, thats y i switched to propane. if you get this, use the propane mags, not co2!

-very accurate
-gas efficient (3 mags to each fill)
-full metal blow back
-can use both co2 and propane

-co2 bit too powerful for iron sites (sightly too high with hop up off)
-co2 mags wont fit in mag pouches
-co2 mags very hard to open to remove cartridges, damaging

all these ca be avoided using the propane mags, doing so will not sacrifice power or accuracy
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