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(Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II. Full Metal M16A4 Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
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by K. BOERMAN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 21 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II. Full Metal M16A4 Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
I've had this gun for 2 months and used it in a few wars, it has a longer range than most my competition. I am going to upgrade to a 10.8v battery (from the 8.4v 1800mah it comes with).

metal body
full metal internals
comes with great bbs
comes with battery and charger
metal hop up
fully adjustable rear sight
high quality paint
Comes with two high cap. (300rd.) clips
The barrel length is 509mm

hand guard is wobbly
low rate of fire (with stock battery)
heavy (pro?)
long (pro?)
The pins holding the body together are starting to rust.
hard to disassemble (maybe that's just me)
paint on the clips scratch easily
by R. GRABOW Date Added: Saturday 16 May, 2009
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II. Full Metal M16A4 Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
good value with the battery the BBs the charger (piece of crap) and the 2nd magizine. It has a good ROF and decent velosity. Sometimes when you shoot the gun the first shot will have a lot of top spin and hit the ground after 15 feet. The cover that covers the hop up is to small. When you pull the charging handle it is really stiff and when you push it back in hits the hop up wheel and you have to push it up to clear the wheel.

Good value.
full metal
great range
2 magizenes

difficult to field strip
difficult to get the cary handel off the gun
slight wobble
by P. SOLSKI verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 19 April, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II. Full Metal M16A4 Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
I got this gun a little under a week ago, and so far it's been performing very well. It comes with two hi-cap 300 round metal magazines, a bag of 4000 BBs, another little bag of 100 BBs, a charger, battery, manual (not very useful unless you have absolutely no idea whatsoever as to how to use an airsoft gun), cleaning rod, and front sight adjuster. When I first took it out of the box, I thought of how similar it was in quality and detail to the real AR15 I once held. It's a very, very good replica.

The gun has a very good, solid feel to it. Although the buttstock is not metal, it is a very durable and sturdy plastic (the buttplate it metal) that adheres well to your shoulder. The sights on the carry handle (which is removable, as it is the A4 version. Once you remove them, a very nice rail is available to mount any sort of optics on) are very good, although my shots do tend to be lower than where I am aiming -- however I fixed this with a little adjustments. The orange tip to show that it is an airsoft gun is not so prominent either, in my opinion. It's still prominent of course.

My biggest complaint is, as many M16 owners know, with the barrel wobble. I have yet to fix this, however the wobble, although slightly noticable, does not throw off your aim. My second biggest complaint is the fact that when pulled back, the charging handle does not show all of the hopup; only half of it is visible (although this might be how it's supposed to be and I just don't know). If this does happen to be normal, my charging handle does not retract automatically if I push it back too far. Instead, I have to push and force it forward, making small scratches on the outside of the dummy bolt. The handle itself is a bit wobbly (side to side), but it really isn't an issue.

Finally, the battery compartment is extremely difficult to close once the battery is inside. It takes me 5 - 10 minutes each time to actually be able to close the buttstock door before shooting. Taking the battery out is the same, although if you tape a handle made out of tape on it, you can easily take it out.

- Full metal (plastic stock is extremely sturdy, great feel)
- Removable carry handle/adjustable sights
- Nice black finish
- Very strong pistol grip with selector switch conveniently close by
- 1:1 scale replica. I have held a real Bushmaster AR15 and it feels exactly like it
- Almost same weight as the real thing (off by a half a pound or so)
- Accurate
- Metal/steel/something good insides
- Comes with good accessories
- Overall high quality
- Marvelous (Picatinny?) rail

- Barrel wobble. Doesn't affect anything, but it's noticable
- Eight days to arrive
- Charging handle doesn't retract when pulled back all the way
- Although the gun's length is very appealing, it's certainly not a close-quarters weapon (not a con, but just a side note)
- Front slight mount isn't fixed (intentional) which makes it rattle; although this isn't a major defect it can get to you

All in all, it's a fantastic gun -- I'm glad I got a solid, full metal gun as my first; I'm sure it'll last me a while. Nice metal insides, too. It gleams with quality, and I'd highly recommend it -- just pay attention to what I've pointed out. I'd give this gun a 9/10.
by A. KELLY verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 21 December, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II. Full Metal M16A4 Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
Got this gun in fall, deciding now that I should write a review. This gun is simply amazing. When I first got it I was shocked at how nice it looked. It felt good to hold, heavy and sturdy, and a realistic size that makes you feel powerful. The barrel does wobble like people say, but you get over it fast. The barrel has no affect on the inner barrel where the BBs shoot though, so you will never have any firing problems due to it. When the gun was charged I tried shooting it and was in love with it. Perfect acurracy, very good FPS, and great range. This gun has always shot dead on for me. I switched out the carrier handle for a red dot, put a bigger battery in, and it is already a great high end gun. Simpley a great gun.

-Good FPS, 260 with .23's
-7-10 pounds, big and powerful
-Very real looking, with a switched out orange tip you cannot tell its airsoft
-Perfect accurracy
-2 metal high caps, cleaning rod, big battery, 300(I think) BB's, charger
-Very nice top rail under the carry handle

-Barrel Wobble
-Long battery charge time
-Dust cover dosent stay up well
-No sling included
-takes skill to get battery in well
by S. VRANEY verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 30 November, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II. Full Metal M16A4 Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
Very good gun. If your looking for a gun that has firepower, speed, and accuracy, get this gun! When i first got it, i thought it was a gun that was going to break right when i pulled the trigger, like my past guns. Well, it suprised me of the weight, the real life size, and, the best of all, the metal body of itself peroid. When i had it in my hands, this really felt like it was about 10 pounds, and i get to use mags from my M4 i have on this M16. Very good gun. The only thing is that the barrol is wobbly. When i read the reveiws, i thought that i made a mistake getting this gun. Well, listen to me, IT IS A GOOD GUN, even though the barrol is a little wobbly. Also, the battery is very hard to get it into the stock, but just read the directions and it will tell ya' how to put it in. All in all, a great piece of airsoft equipment.

2 High Cap Mags.
Tore a can to shreads with water in it
comes with ALOT of BB's
hop-up system has a guard that slides back and fourth
comes with HUGE battery and charger
All metal exept hand grip and fourgrip
Orange tip
Battery is protected in the stock
And real life size almost

Wobbly Barrel. (Will NOT, i repeat, will NOT affect shooting and accuracy)
hard to insert battery into stock.
by M. PATTERSON verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 07 August, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II. Full Metal M16A4 Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
Very good gun, just got about 15 hours ago and i love it already, i had a small night time skirmish...played alamo (3v1) i was in the alamo and shot the other 3 not in the alamo with no problems from the gun...i was very surprised because my friend had a JG MP5 SD6 (which i have to admit is a nice gun), another had a WELL L96 sniper (this gun shoots about 480-500fps with .2g) and my other friend had a high powered co2 pistol....and i took them out very easily. i will do a basic layout of pros and cons.

HIGH RPM!! I mean it this battery is HUGE.
High Fps (about 390 id say).
Very sturdy.
Nice feel to the gun.
BB's that come with are high quality.

Long and kind of the way...dont buy this gun if you play alot of cqb, you will get pwned no questions asked.
Gun sometimes misfires BUT very rarely.
Battery is extremely difficult to get in.
Hop Up is awkward but once you get it it is fine.

Overall this gun is a great gun, and the pros vastly outweigh the cons..the only reason the gun is long is because im 14 and still kind of small...and the bb's only misfire like one in every 20 shots...5 stars!
by P. VILLANUEVA verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 03 June, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II. Full Metal M16A4 Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Just got this and very impressed with the full metal construction. Except for the barrel wobble, its pretty sturdy. Anyone know how to fix the barrel?

metal construction

barrel wobble
battery charger (slow to charge)
by G. TINDALL verified buyer Date Added: Friday 30 May, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II. Full Metal M16A4 Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
I've had this gun for about an hour now and I love it already.

But can anyone tell me where I tighten to get the barrel to not wobble?
by D. PARKS Date Added: Monday 26 May, 2008
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II. Full Metal M16A4 Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
This gun is absolutely amazing. Once you have your hop up set the bbs fall right in the iron sights. However get a new charger. it takes almost a day to charge this battery. Barell wobble happened but i tightened the screws but its now rock solid. This gun can take an m120 right out of the box. Get it but with a new charger.
by F. WILLIAMS verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 24 May, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II. Full Metal M16A4 Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
I got this gun from ASGI two days ago. This gun is awesome. I bought a Madbull 6.03 tightbore (I have not installed yet because I do not know how to), and a leapers 40mm red dot. The gun can hit, without a a tightbore, almost everything I aim at. The front sight does not get in the way of the red dot at all so that is also awesome (although you do have to angle it sort of to get it lined up, but that DOES NOT effect anything). If you are a beginner and want to "own" you friends the first time you play, this gun will give that to you.
High fps (350-380)
Mostly metal body
Range and Accuracy

Some Large batteries are really hard to get in.
Small to Large connector (yes it came with one) come off when the battery came out (gun still is operational)

Overall great gun. I give a 4.66666666666666666 etc.
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