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Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
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by P. SWALLOW Date Added: Wednesday 07 May, 2014
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
Over all this is a great gun for CQB but is not very accurate in a field setting because of its full metal construction is a durable gun the metal high cap mag that comes with it gives you plenty of ammo for games, as a bonus the blowback adds realism to the weapon. while it is a little front heavy that is to be expected for a gun of its nature. so again Airsoft GI has made this a great gun for CQB.

Full metal
Comes with a High Cap Mag
lots of rail space
Takes M4/16 magasines
Intimidating sound

Front heavy
Not accurate at longer ranges
by T. PHAM verified buyer Date Added: Monday 18 November, 2013
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
The gun shoots very smoothly and is pretty comfortable overall. My only gripe with the comfort is that the gun is a bit front heavy, especially when there are accessories on the front. most of the body is plastic, except for the place where you attach the sling. The plastic is high quality and does not feel cheap. The butt plate takes a little work to take off, but it doesn't detract from the gun too much. The amplifier makes it loud which is a positive for me, but may not be for you. I've found that the mag has a little bit of a wobble, but is definitely not bad at all, but my magpul pts mags tend to wobble quite a bit. The blow back is a cool feature, but it really isn't necessary and I know it will eventually break.

It's cqb legal everywhere
It's very accurate for a cqb gun, won't do much at distance on a large field
The grip is very comfortable
The gun feels solid
It's pretty light weight
It's very loud
original mag has very little wobble

Please note that my cons are very nit picky.
The butt plate is hard to get off
The gun is a bit front heavy
The gun is made of plastic (not really a con for me)
My magpul mags wobble a lot
The blow back is cool, but really doesn't add much to the gun other than that
by C. JENKINS verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 02 December, 2012
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
I have owned my G4-A2 Flaming Hog for 3 years now. This gun is amazing and through the past 3 years has never once given me any problems on the battle field. This gun has a scary fast Rate of Fire and for a CQB sized weapon this gun has amazing accuracy. I can easily hit any human sized target from a good 30-40 yards away, my record being a head shot from about 50 yards away. It's the perfect weapon for people who like Close Quarter Combat and is great for laying down support fire from a fair distance. Note that the barrel (both inner and outer) end about a half inch before the rail system does, which give the gun a great look when using the amplifier or suppressor but is surprisingly hilarious looking with just a flash hider.

The magazine is a 450 round high capacity magazine which last me an entire match and when I forget to reload half way through the next one. Spare mags might not be needed if you only attend small backyard meets, but with this guns 20 rounds per second rate of fire it literally eats BBs up and spits them out faster than you could imagine. So I would suggest if you intend on staying on fully automatic for long periods of time (support fire) to invest in a box mag or auto feeding double mag. Another note is that with the high rate of fire it becomes costly to use .25's which this gun can shoot very accurately so I tend to use .2's when laying down support fire, but what I like to do is to have a designated mag for .25's and another with .2's so that if I need to hit a target at range i can pop in the .25's.

This gun DOES NOT COME WITH A BATTERY (it didn't when I purchased it at least) I use and recommend a 9.6v battery. The crane stock is compatible with small nun-chuck style batteries If you intend on using this gun solely for extended airsoft events I would bring a backup battery and/or a smart charger the battery doesn't always last when I use it for over 5 hours of game play.

These sights are highly adjustable... from left to right, there is no altitude adjustment on either of the sights. This isn't necessarily going to happen to everybody but when i first received my G4-A2 the rear sight was broken/non functional, Airsoft GI's staff was very helpful and set me a replacement immediately. The sight are good my gun tend to shot left but the sights adjusted perfectly and I hit spot on nearly every time.

The amplifier alone make this gun a useful support gun, every time I fire this gun loaded or not it gets a jump out of everybody nearby, I have honestly successfully laid down support fire with no ammo. It's great if you're the kind of player who likes making their presence known or trying to create a distraction but it's fairly unhelpful when the mission calls for stealth or to anyone who just doesn't like the enemy knowing their exact location.

-Amazing Rate of Fire
-Highly Accurate
-Very Sturdy
-Very Durable (Third year of use and shooting as good as it did first use)

-Back up sights could be more adjustable
-Needs a larger battery compartment or ability to accept larger batteries
-Doesn't come with battery
by R. BERNIER verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 19 February, 2013
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
When I got the gun all I could say is AWESOME ,this gun is very durable and not too heavy and it's a perfect gun for cqb

Light ,very good for cqb, very loud,very accurate

Barrel feel out on the field but not a big deal just needs to be tightend,other than that this guns a beast
by J. CHUN verified buyer Date Added: Friday 15 March, 2013
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
This gun is amazing. Its the perfect weight for CQB, can hold up on the field, and is LOUD. Would recommend not getting the foregrip that it is "paired" with, as it is an extremely tight fit and it is impossible to get off. My only complaints are that the stock came a little wobbly, and the FPS is only 300. Of course, both of these are easily fixable. The spread from about 60 feet is about 5 inches. Overall, this gun can hold its own against guns like KWA's CQR Mod 2 and other CQB M4 type guns. Would highly recommend for any airsofter who wants a competitive edge with a nice intimidation factor.

Cool Looking
Perfect Weight
Rails are light and compact, but have a lot of usable real-estate
Battery is in the stock (No PEQ Box).
Cool dust cover that say "Infidel".
Did I mention blowback that you can actually feel?
No scary clown on the side (Thanks GI).

FPS on mine was only 300.
Stock was a little wobbly.
by B. SWALLOW verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 26 March, 2013
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
this is by far the best gun i have bought it has a sturdy feel and is very accurate for its build. it has a very intimidating sound, if you are within earshot of this weapon when its firing you will ant to take cover. however this thing eats up your battery life definitely look into getting a second battery for it. it also has a medium fps, this will allow use on most fields with a fps limit.

sturdy full metal construction
medium fps

takes up a lot of battery
medium fps
by R. MCCLAIN verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 02 April, 2013
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
I got this gun last week. I immediatly took it to my local cqb field to use it. Right out of the box itis extremely comfortable to use. It chronoed at about 290, but dont let that fool you. This thing is a beast!!! I put my utg flashlight on it and it was unstopable. Also, it is LOUD!!! It intimidated all of the new players even without the amplifier.

Loud (could be a con)
Blow back
Size (small, great for cqb)

Only thing I can think of is the fps...but it does fine for cqb (290 with .25 bbs)
by B. SOLIS verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 05 May, 2013
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
This custom G4 from GI does not disappoint. Not only is the base gun a combat machine, one of the best plastic builds on the market, but it incorporates a plethora of high-end parts that, for the price offered, is unbeatable by anything you can find. From a high quality G&G gearbox and internals to sturdy externals such as the DD RIS on this bad boy, it will definitely last me a while. It's also fantastic how they rewire the cables to the back and adding a crane stock (much better than the original front wiring featured in the GR16 base gun). The included Noveske amplifire also makes this gun one of the LOUDEST out on the field.

FPS and ROF effective in CQB environments
Short length
"Rear-wired"/Crane Stock
Internals and Externals

Minimal stock and magazine wobble
by J. LOPEZ Date Added: Monday 21 February, 2011
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
I thought I'd write a review since I have had this gun for a while and have used it a lot. First of all the performance on it is amazing. Although the barrel is small, it has really good accuracy for the barrel size. And the gun is LOUD! This adds a great intimidation factor for CQB since people will think that it is shooting a lot harder than it actually does. I have actually used this gun on field games and it was holding its own with the longer barrel guns. The rails are nice too and add a nice weight to the gun. The only problem is that the gun is front heavy seeing as the rails are metal and the receiver is plastic. But the gun is still light that it is easy to move around with. I have lost a few parts withe using this gun in games like the small button on the opposite side of where the selector switch is at and the stock release lever which allows you to adjust the crane stock. But those parts dont affect performance so Ill live without them. Overall this is a great performing gun and is a great base for upgrades. Definitely recommend for CQB and is not bad in field games too

LOUD! adds to intimidation factor
comes with a 450 round high cap so you can last longer in games without having to reload
amazing accuracy for such a small barrel
pistol grip feels nice
light gun, easy to move around with
crane stock so no need for a peq box to add more front weight
amazing performance for such a compact gun
great gun to upgrade

front heavy
some parts may fall off while in games
by D. ELLIOTT verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 19 December, 2010
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog w/ Daniel Defense Lite RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Custom)
Product Information:
This is my first G4 and all I can say is I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I was so impressed that I sold my KWA and am fixing to buy another G4. This gun is very well balanced, the pistol grip feels incredible, the rail system is awesome, it shoots accurately for its size, and it had everything I wanted in a CQB gun.....all I had to do was ad an optic, a foregrip and a flashlight. Ive been running Dboys 500 round hi-caps with no problems and the rate of fire with a 9.6 is very good.....my lipo crane battery gets here next week, but with my other lipo the ROF is thru the roof. I have a good tip for getting the plate off of the crane stock. Like everyone says, it is difficult, but I used a woodworking clamp (quick grip with the soft pads removed) to pinch the 2 lower tabs together and the plate comes out easily that way. I just hated the idea of breaking anything on such a beautiful gun. All in all, if you're looking for a great CQB gun look no further, BUY THIS THING, you'll never regret it.

perfect set up for cqb (rof and fps)
I like the graphics
seems to be compatible with a wide range of magazines
extremely well built
crane stock, rail system, 6.03 barrel, blow back....you haven't bought this yet?!?!?!
the polymer body is beautiful
very comfortable grip

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