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Elite Force IWI Elite Tavor TAR-21 AEG Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
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by J. KNOPP Date Added: Monday 09 January, 2017
For: Elite Force IWI Elite Tavor TAR-21 AEG Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
I've owned this rifle for 3 months. I wanted to wait until I fielded it a few times before writing a detailed review.

1st off, I love this rifle. It's my main Airsoft rifle because of how user friendly it is. Virtually no inner upgrades are required for this gun, unless of course you want a better spring. This comes stock with a M110, shooting between 350-360 FPS.

The rifle is back heavy, but this is good because you don't want to be lugging around a 9lb AK around. Or, well, you would have gotten an AK. The weight in the back allows you to keep it shouldered longer, and allows for quick, precise corner/room clearing capabilities in CQB. The ABS plastic helps reduce the weight, and it's sturdy against heavy use. The Bulpup design maintains a long barrel length for increased accuracy, in a compact profile. I chose this particular model with the longer barrel because...

2nd off, it's amazing outdoors. I can adjust the hop-up no problem to shoot atleast 200ft, and even with the blowback, the rifle is quiet from a distance! You don't hear that electric metal clinging of the piston and the spring on the inside. It doesn't sound like an RC car. The blowback of the bolt gives that realism feeling, and I really like having that extra recoil. It makes the kills feel realistic, and I also own a Tavor X95 5.56 rifle.

The battery compartment easily holds a 7.4 lipo without any snagging or tucking. If you're not running a lipo on this rifle, then you're only hindering yourself. The sights are just fine, but you should think about rocking a red dot optic. A cheap optic will get you buy no problem, because it's Airsoft afterall. You don't need these $150 red dots. An easy $40 red dot with a few changeable reticles will do just fine. If you can't hit your target with a cheap red dot, then you need more practice and your loadout needs to be second nature.

Onto the Cons which I took a star for...

The trigger pull is long. This kinda creates this weird period of anticipation, but it eventually gets better with practice. I deducted a star for this because in CQB, some fields only allow semi-fire. Some people with shorter trigger pulls are going to shoot 3 rounds WAY quicker than you are. This forces you to be accurate and smart when you play, but that's also why I like it. This could be a con for most, so that's why i'm talking about it.

As for this mag release... Your wrist is going to hit it. It's an absolute pain. If you're rolling plastic MAGPUL or P-Mags, you're going to have a tough time. Metal Mags are going to be the way to go if you're rolling with the Tavor. The metal mags lock in no problem, and have no issues feeding. The plastic mags slide out easy, don't sit magwell very good, and don't feed sometimes. Even with mid-caps, I found that I'd have to shove it up/use my bicep to keep the mag secured. It's just a pain, but it's something you'll have to deal with if you're looking for lighter loadouts.

Besides the plastic mags which is my choice, I'm only dinging the gun for the trigger pull and the flimsy mag release.

I'd choose this rifle over your standard AK and M4's any day of the week. You can take care of the gun internally with the Quick Spring Change, the Spring Tension Release, and the Easy Disassembly. You won't need to maintain your rifle if you take care of the rifle properly, as it's very well put together right out of the box. The lighter weight in the front makes it easy to manage in combat, and there are easy conversion kits for shorter/longer barrel lengths on the site for $40. You can customize the gun with lights/lasers on the awesome rails, and even get different handguards with lights built in.

- Lightweight Construction: Ideal for long periods of play
- Plenty of Battery Space for a 7.4 Lipo
- Awesome blowback
- Non-RC sounding piston/gearbox
- Accurate shot
- Hop up is just fine
- Comfortable to hold

- Long trigger pull: Not ideal for semi-only CQB fields
- Terrible magwell for plastic mags. Metal mags only are recommended
- Fire Select can easily be hit if you're semi-auto only.
by E. YOUNG verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 28 July, 2015
verified buyer
For: Elite Force IWI Elite Tavor TAR-21 AEG Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
I bought this gun with the hope of having a great field gun that could shoot accurately with range. This gun is exactly that. This gun just stands out from the rest in more ways than one. The blow back is fantastic and adds a sense of realism and intensity.

Good quality body
Great accuracy (almost a laser)
Spring de-tensioner
M4/M16 mags
Catches peoples attention
Nice and compact with a looooong barrel

Absolutely NO videos for a breakdown of the gun
mold lines along the body
0 sling mounts
but that is literately the only issues so far. And those are not a big deal.
by T. CURLISS verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 08 April, 2014
verified buyer
For: Elite Force IWI Elite Tavor TAR-21 AEG Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
This gun sure seems to get a bad reputation on airsoft forums because of the manufacturer and I was a little hesitant to get it, but I really like the design of the Tavor and the prospect of having a very accurate gun that is not too long was very appealing. I am so glad I took the chance and have to say I full heartedly recommend this gun. I play in a setting that is wooded with a few clearing areas. I used to steer clear of the clearings with my AK, but with this thing I rivalled the upper-level guns that were at the field. The rate of fire is very satisfying with a 9.6 mini and the accuracy is incredible. I was hitting people 150 feet away! I am very pleased, and very impressed that Airsoft GI sent the package so fast. The $11.99 flat rate shipping to Canada was all it took to convince me to buy from them and based on their service and prompt replies with all my questions in my quest to find the perfect AEG, I won't be purchasing from anywhere else.

Good FPS (around 380)
Great accuracy
Really solid feel to the gun
Takes M4 mags
Integrated back-up iron sights
Nice rate of fire
Not too heavy
Bull-pup configuration

Loud (really, really loud because of the blowback)
Hard to put battery in at first
Not a lot of battery room
Rear sight peephole is really small - recommend using an optic
by A. PRICE verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 15 February, 2014
verified buyer
For: Elite Force IWI Elite Tavor TAR-21 AEG Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
Love the sound this thing makes. Overall this is an exceptionally well made aeg. I much prefer the ergonomics of a bullpup over standard rifles as they are more comfortable to hold. My pros and cons will address things that I haven't seen addressed.

Excellent build quality
Metal rails
Metal sights
Metal trigger
Metal fire selector switch
Easily fit a 1200mah lipo with alarm
Sounds incredible
Nice weight
1 yr warranty
Deans conversion won't void warranty per umarex discussion I had
About the same length as a mk18 cqbr

Too heavy for small teenager
No sling mount
Some of the body dreams are rough
Kmags and supplied high caps wobble in mag well
by L. GAUTHIER Date Added: Wednesday 29 January, 2014
For: Elite Force IWI Elite Tavor TAR-21 AEG Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
This gun is amazing. I've only had it for a month, shot it a lot and can tell you it is great. I can honestly say I highly recommend this gun for anybody 5 feet tall or taller.

Feels extremely sturdy.
Takes M4 mags and feeds well.
Quick change spring.
Iron sights are actually great.
Color is crisp and has no glare.
Selector switch clicks nicely.
High rate of fire.
Great power and amazing accuracy.
Blowback is loud and really good for suppresive fire.
Without blowback it is extremely quiet. (Pull charging handle back and leave dust cover back)
Easy battery insertion.
Flip up sights.
Meta rail on top and side.
Easy to get to motor in case if you need to get to it.
Looks epic and is different from an M4, unique.

Large, hard to handle if you are smaller.
Sometimes the blowback is sketchy but works 95% of the time.
Long reloads.
Rear sight can get easily knocked to the side so you will be constantly correcting it.
Shoots to fast for CQB (but can be pro or con to me it doesnt matter)

Just want to say again, it's an amazing gun.
by E. VLCEK Date Added: Thursday 02 January, 2014
For: Elite Force IWI Elite Tavor TAR-21 AEG Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
this is a great gun I've had it a long time now. its been dropped shot and abused and it still works like its brand new out of the box. i highly recommend this gun to any beginner or even pros.

its very strong has a rail for a laser light or camera. This gun is really fun for out door or indoor QCB. its a good gun i highly recommend it.

the only cons about it is that it docent have a bottom rail for a for grip or bipod. other then that i highly recommend this gun and AirSoft Gi for your airsoft needs.
by A. DELHOMMER verified buyer Date Added: Monday 30 December, 2013
verified buyer
For: Elite Force IWI Elite Tavor TAR-21 AEG Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
I first picked this up as a DMR and it works for that role perfectly. It reaches further than everyone else that has a M4 platform. I recently went to a local field and was pop shoting people at least 180 ft away. This is with no upgrades and a regular 9.6v 1600 mini battery. On simi it feed great but on full auto it skipped (May be the king arms midcaps) no cracking in the stock like other tar21's seem to have. The fire selector feels like its loose but it doesn't shift on you so it's fine. It's a high quality gun for cheaper than its ares counterpart. For the player who wants to try something new (Gator Bones)

Decent weight
509mm barrel
No cracking sounds
Solid polymer construction
Very nice hop up
Electric blowback is nice
License trademarks by IWI
One year warranty

King arms mid cap mags fit but feeds inconsistently
Heavy for smaller players
Seems are noticeable in some areas
Can't find any elite force trademarks anywhere
Iron sight are hard to use
Small pin that holds trigger is loose
by J. CLELAND verified buyer Date Added: Monday 25 November, 2013
verified buyer
For: Elite Force IWI Elite Tavor TAR-21 AEG Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
Overall, I really like this gun. It's one I bought that I was going to leave largely stock. Most of my guns are heavily modified, I needed one that I could take out to the regulated field and use legally. Plus, the ability to change springs quickly makes it really flexible. I was shooting about 380 FPS out of the box which was pretty impressive. Something else about this gun that I noticed was that the BBs really carried for a long distance, travelling perfectly level once the hop up was adjusted. I know this is how it's supposed to work, but this gun does it better than any other I own. I'm shooting Elite Force 0.28 and KWA Perfect 0.30.

Ok, so there's a negative: After maybe 1000 rounds, the gearbox stripped. I thought it was a piston/sector gear strip, but it was actually the motor pinion. The set screw that adjusts the pinion/bevel gear engagement had backed out which will definitely cause this. So, the gun came apart (no small feat, but not the worst I've seen). While I was in there, I replaced the piston and head with a Deep Fire Titanium and Modify Poly, Siliconed the cylinder head, and replaced the motor with a Lonex A2. I also updated the bucking to Mad Bull Blue. One thing I noticed: The nozzle leaks pretty badly. This is subjective, but I can push the piston all the way through in about 4 seconds. A small amount of silicone grease helped, but I really need one with O rings.

I run 11.1V LiPo now and it's almost too much. Fires about 24 RPS with an MS120 and the A2. Spring upgrade got me about 360FPS with 0.28's which should be about 425FPS with 0.20's.

If you happen to buy this gun and get into it, Teflon tape the barrel with about 2 layers, maybe three. It's loose in the outer. Accuracy improved after I added this, but it shot very well to begin with.

Overall, I like this gun. I think it can be easily maintained and seems to perform well. Please though, take that butt plate off and check the motor engagement. You could easily remove the spring, switch to FA, then hold the trigger while tightening until you hear a slight grinding. Back it off a little. Done. Threadlock. Seriously.

Feels solid
Good FPS out of the box
Accurate, I was pretty impressed.
Gearbox, while TOTALLY proprietary, is easy to work with/comes apart cleanly with no parts flying everywhere
Well balanaced - weight near the back makes the gun easy to hold raised for long periods
Despite the leaky nozzle, FPS is pretty consistent (0.28's are 356-362FPS out of 12 rounds)

Loose pinion/bevel engagement screw after a few hours led to minor overhaul. THREADLOCK :)
Mags are a little tough to install unless aligned well. Not as easy to swap as, say, your average M4
Louder than any AEG you own. Even with the bolt cover open, it's not quiet, but the blowback is loud.
CW flash hider? Really? Magpul Blackout looks good on it, but I'd like to fit my G&G tracer unit without a reverser. Ugh.
Plastic nozzle w/o O Rings leaks, not much you can do about this.
Stock motor, while adequate, is slow on FA. I was expecting 13-17RPS, got about 10. I can semi that fast.
by L. DAEHNICK verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 20 October, 2013
verified buyer
For: Elite Force IWI Elite Tavor TAR-21 AEG Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
This gun is pretty good. Although it is unbalanced, it is quite comfortable. the mags don't wobble very much, and it is quite powerful (mine was chrono'd at about 395 with elite force .20g). The plastic is quite durable and handles well in the field. The iron sights aren't too great, so I suggest buying a red dot scope or holo-sight, if you don't already have one.

-good mag release (takes some getting used to but i love it.)
-high fps (395)
-solid grip
-very long barrel
-easy battery placement/removal
-easy to disassemble

-The wiring attached to the motor in the rear of the gun is very poorly made, seeing as how one sight bump can break the motor system, leaving you with 2 choices; either return the gun for a new one, or you can try to sauter it, but it will not hold for long
-the blowback function can be a little sketchy at times, a little WD-40 can fix that
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