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Tokyo Marui FS3 SAS AEG Airsoft Gun
[00457 / TM-G3SAS]
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by N. HAIGHT Date Added: Saturday 26 July, 2008
For: Tokyo Marui FS3 SAS AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
All i can say is wow! this gun is amazing i have had this gun for a month after my friend sold it to me for $187 and got dual G3 about $600 total!

ROF about 900
fps chronoed abot 320
it can shoot around 150 feet.
and its a maruie!

there is a plastic screw on the handle that can strip easily.
and i wished there was more metal!!!
by A. NIKNEJAD Date Added: Sunday 13 January, 2008
For: Tokyo Marui FS3 SAS AEG Airsoft Gun
Let me begin by saying that I do NOT own this gun but i have a freind that does.
ABOUT THE "REAL" VERSION (it doesnt exist)
Also this is not a real gun, it has an mp5k cocking hande! thats not lond enought to chanber a 7.62 round. WTF?
If this was a real gun, I feel sorry for whoever had to use it cause the kick would be unbearable.(no stock, short barrel large round) even the full sized one has alot of kick (compared to an ak or m4)
great hop up, range (for the small barrel), 280 fps, and crys out to be upgraded.
by J. MASON Date Added: Sunday 15 January, 2006
For: Tokyo Marui FS3 SAS AEG Airsoft Gun
It actually was a real gun made by Hk it was prototyped for the Hk51 but never made mass numbers due to the more combat appropriate Hk51, you should do some research. anywase it is basically the same as an mp5 perfomance wise except it shoots about 10 more feet accuratley. my friend was using this on me and mean while he is using black colored bb's so i guess he couldn't see em hitting me but anywase, he liad the hammer on me and forgot to stop shooting. i was in pretty bad shape afterwords. for a slightly lower fps the ROF makes up for it considerabley. i think this is a Great qcb weapon and suggest it to anyone especially beginners.
by W. MOON Date Added: Saturday 19 November, 2005
For: Tokyo Marui FS3 SAS AEG Airsoft Gun
The G3SAS is not actually a real gun. It, in airsoft format, is a chopped down G3 without a stock. It's similar to a cross between a MC51 and an Mp5. The gun, out of the box has good weight, is solid, mostly plastic like most Mauris, and does not rattle. It sports a metal 500 rnd hicap that lends extra heft to the package. The gun's small frame doe allow for exelent CQB potential. The 500 rnd hicap mag is much better than an Mp5 Mag, and the gun has an EG700 motor, which gives it great ROF. The gun functions well in woodland areas, but works best in tight, enclosed areas such as office complexes, corridors or pretty much any other small, compact area. With the addition of a colapsable stock, vert. forgrip and a red-dot scope, this gun becomes an exelent submachinegun. It shoots and feeds well stock, but has limited upgrade potential in terms of metal body and aftermarket parts. Overall, the gun is very good, but I recomend looking for an MC51 instead, because the MC51 has a stock, is more accurate, and is the same price on most websites.
Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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