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Tokyo Marui M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
[D000501349 / TM80]
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by J. ZANDEE Date Added: Tuesday 04 December, 2012
For: Tokyo Marui M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
The tokyo marui m14 is the perfect semi-automatic sniper (DMR) on the market for the price if you are willing to pay $435. Shoots extremely flat and far at only 300 fps. Realistic rotating bolt and metal construction. At 100 ft it shoots within 3 inches standing up. (.20 BBs)
I recomend getting a rail system instead of plastic heat shield, and a holosight or 3 power scope. Also buy hi-caps.

rate of fire
metal construction
battery life
realistic field stripping
durable plastic and body
adjustable sights
threaded barrel

I would only upgrade this gun externally unless you want to up the fps

only comes with one mag
plastic heat shield
weight (you will get used to it)
length(may be a problem for some)

these are very minor details
Tokyo marui builds the most long lasting, reliable guns ever. I recomend this gun over the G&G m14. One of the most expensive guns out there is a tm m14 with an EBR stock at $1,200. So this gun is cheap in comparison to those that shoot similar to it.
by J. STONE Date Added: Tuesday 12 May, 2009
For: Tokyo Marui M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
bought this gun from a friend but it is amazing internals are great! but comon its a TM what do you expect. Pretty heavy at first but you get used to it. plastic wood is ok could be better, I've seen the CA maple looks much nicer but I doubt the internals are as good as the TM and thats what counts!

silent piston head makes this a veryyyy quiet gun which is awesome buuuut its an m14? shouldn't it be loud?
shoots 300 fps but EXTREMELY ACCURATE my groupings are within inches at over 100ft the hop up is great!
But the low fps I've noticed people can dodge my bbs before they reach them.

silent piston head
great accuracy
metal body
great internals

low fps
70 rd mag
by J. CHEEK verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 31 March, 2009
verified buyer
For: Tokyo Marui M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
All I can say about this gun is SWEET!!! It is the 1st that I've bought and I was very impressed with the quietness of the shots. Range is decent. Shoots kinda slow only 303fps. (but very accurate) Good for the sniper of the team.


batteries tend to not fit in stock
slow fps
comes with a 75 round clip that goes quick
by P. KOKENES Date Added: Wednesday 26 December, 2007
For: Tokyo Marui M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
This gun may not have the fps of Classic Army, but the Hop-Up unit in the Marui M14 is second to no other rifle. The Marui stock outranges the Classic Army version by far, and is very accurate and precise. This gun is very reliable, you can thank Marui for that. You get what you pay for in this gun. Less fps yes, but MUCH more accuracy and range due to the hop-up. No "rainbow shots" either. Yes, the hop-up is that good. Best DMR (designated marksman rifle) platform out there. Easy to upgrade, easy to maintain, easy to play with. A+.
by S. PETERS Date Added: Friday 08 June, 2007
For: Tokyo Marui M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
THIS GUN KICKS ASS!!! I bought a 4200 mah bat. and one upgrade to 400fps so the stock 70rnd mag lasts no time at all BUY HI CAP!!! the slide (cocking handle) makes a very sweet metal to metal clank. It is a trademark gun with all springfield marks. When out on the field with my teammates and every thing is silent and you hear that slide it is erie.
by N. MCCOURT Date Added: Sunday 18 February, 2007
For: Tokyo Marui M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
this gun flat-out rocks. i had it pre-upgraded so i have no idea what it shoots out of the box, but its extremely accurate and sounds pretty cool. Its heavy and realistic with the features of the real steel deal. The hop-up is easy to adjust, and you dont have to mess around with opening the bolt to adjust it. the sights are easy to adjust for elevation and windage, but the mag is a little hard to put in under fire. the realistic field strip is pretty cool too, though the wires are annoying to get back in.

overall, great gun.
by K. SANDERS Date Added: Thursday 01 February, 2007
For: Tokyo Marui M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Well what can I say? Solid weapon and the mags are great. Shooting it stock as of right now and have'nt fealt like I've been outgunned at all....sights are awesome and the moving bolt is cool. Hop-up works great and is easily adjustable in a battle if needed. With the long inner barrel (500mm) it shoots extremely far and works as a suppoort weapon if needed (440 rnd hi-cap).
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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