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KWA Full Metal KM4 RIS 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
[05631 / 104-01105]
$329.95 $296.96
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by F. KLEIN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 19 February, 2012
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 RIS 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I just purchased this rifle and I have to say the build quality is superb. The RIS is very sturdy with minuscule to no wobble. The matte finish on the body is also a welcome touch in comparison to the standard semi-gloss polish usually on AEG's. I also own the KWA CQB 2gx m4 so this was a no brainer purchase for me.

The fire selector switch clicks firmly in place with each setting which makes it harder to bump and accidentally change your ROF. My only gripe is the crane stock, however it's my fault for not previously researching into which batteries will fit in the crane stock. only smaller stick or crane type batteries will fit and or lipos.

I ordered my battery before researching seeing as it said "crane stock battery". I ordered the Intellect 9.6v 3600 mah which is specifically designed for a CA crane stock. Don't make the same mistake i did.

Excellent Design
Sturdy RIS
Matte finish
decent weight

Smaller crane stock (research which batteries to purchase first)
by A. JONES Date Added: Thursday 29 December, 2011
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 RIS 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is one of the most solid guns that is sold on the market today. Unlike other Airsoft rifles, the KWA KM4 is accurate, solid, and it has an incredible rate of fire. On top of all of that, the range of the weapon is also astonishing. I don't think that there is anything more that I could ask for in an Airsoft rifle. I would have gladly payed more for it than I did for this outstanding rifle.

-good weight
-great feel
-excellent accuracy
-good range
-good for either CQB or Field (due to the collapsable crane stock)
-great rate of fire
-RIS makes attachments easy to install
-Over all, GREAT weapon

There are NO bad things about this rifle that I can think of. It has blown me away and has not failed me on either the field or in CQB. It is definitely worth every penny.
by C. KADUNCE verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 01 October, 2011
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 RIS 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is one of the very best guns i've had. I've owned very nice tompsons, $250 ak's, and a few gas blowback guns, but this gun outperforms them all. It comes strait out of the box with no upgrades in with a 400fps with .20's and 350-360fps with .25's. This gun is all metal exept for the peice on the crane stock you squeeze to shorten it with. I reccomend .25g bbs as it makes the accuracy insane once you adjust the hop-up. The orange tip does kind of ruin the realistic quality of the gun but just cover it with electrical tape. The internals are great, i use a 9.6v 3600mAh Nimh battery.

For those who don't know much about good batteries heres a helpful guide:

Firstly, the voltage DOES NOT increase the fps, it increases the fire rate (rof). The mAh is how long the battery lasts (not how long it lasts as in when you have to throw it away, but until you have to charge it again.)

Secondly and most importantly, the difference and the benifits and doubts or Nimh and lipo batterys. Nimh is an acid based battery. It can also be found in AA batterys you buy at walmart. DO NOT charge these batterys without them being completely dead as it will wear out the bettery much, much faster. With the 3600mAh you will not need to worry about charging much at all anyways. Now, Lithium (lipo's) batterys is a metal based battery. With these batterys you can charge it whenever you want without worrying about wearing the battery down, and it by far surpasses the Nimh battery in how much you can use it until you have to throw it away. If you want to use lipo batterys with this gun PLEASE listen to this. when you are using an 11.1v only hold the trigger down on full auto for at most 3sec as if you do any longer it will KILL your motor and wear your gears down very very fast.

Now that you know a little more about batteries, back to the gun. It is a very nicely constructed, very realitic gun mad of practically all metal. Most m4 mags fit this gun, but keep in mind SOME do not.

Very realistic
all metal (except peice on stock that you squeeze to shorten to stock.)
Very good with most batteries but if yours does not fit tape to outside of stock.
worth every penny


by J. ROBINETTE verified buyer Date Added: Monday 05 September, 2011
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 RIS 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Absolutely amazing! If you are in the market for a top of the line M4, buy this gun! It shoots hard and accurate and is just flat out amazing. I have a 6x Leapers scope on it, and on most rifles, the scope is just superfluous! But on this rifle, you can actually get a BB out to where you want it, and at very good accuracy. MAKE SURE YOU USE .25 BB's! It shoots around 375 fps with .20 BB's, but shoots more accurate with .25 BB's at the loss of about 30-40 fps. To me that's a good trade. This rifle is extremely versatile in ways of setting up your load out for any style of play you have in mind. The Rail Integrated System (RIS) allows you to put plenty of attachments on the rifle. When I play CQB style, I equip my iron sights and a tactical light and a fore-grip. When I play field I have my ACOG 4x zoom scope and a m203 under barrel launcher that shoots mini Nerf footballs for the m203 40mm grenade feel. I also have my rifle equipped with a 6.01 mm precision barrel so i have improved accuracy so when i decide to play my rifle as a DMR, I can attach my leapers 6x zoom scope with a bi pod and reach people over 50 yards away! This rifle is also lipo ready for an enhanced rate of fire, as well as a longer lifetime. The full metal body is unbelievable! I can't tell you how often I pray to the air soft Gods after I bought this rifle. My old rifle had a plastic body and cracked the first time I fell on it. So far I have put this rifle through hell and it is still kicking! The only problem is that it is pretty hard to find a lipo battery that will fit in this stock. All in all this rifle has everything you could want in a good air soft rifle. To me, this is a top of the line air soft rifle even thought there are more expensive options that DO offer better features, this one is often in the price range of more people. Now to the Pros and Cons:

Great Looking!
Lipo ready!
High rate of fire, even without the lipo.
Accurate straight out the box.
Good, solid mag.
RIS allows versatility.
Not TOO expensive, but definitely up there.

Slightly Expensive, not too bad though.
Hard to find a lipo that will fit in the stock.
Maybe just mine, but the safety pin broke pretty easily when I forgot it was on safety and pulled the trigger.
by M. MAZZUCCO Date Added: Tuesday 14 December, 2010
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 RIS 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
this gun is crazy good. i have a torso sized groupings 200 feet out. the rate of fire is nasty 23 with 9.6. I also chronoed this at 409.7 with a madbull chrono .2os and no hop up on. the guns crane stock is awesome. the gear box is amazing and is heat treated. everything on this gun is an alluminum alloy except for the crane stock. though the magwell is a little tight its almost unnoticable. the guns ris has no wobble and can fit any thing.

great fps(409.7)
great rof(23 with 9.6)
amazing range
great accuracy and groupings
sexy looking
little to no wobble
will be able to last a long long long time if cared for properly

the flashider is a really bright orange, solved with eletric tape:)
non working bolt catch
by C. PORTELA verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 09 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 RIS 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This weapon is heavy, but STURDY. I've ordered this gun a couple weeks ago now and although it did take like a week for the order to actually get shipped it came here all together and nicely packed. Nothing broken. It's SOOO FAST and it sounds AMAZING. Like seriously you pull this thing out and you think(more like wish :P ) it was mistakenly a real one they sent. I use a 9.6v 1600mah battery with this gun and literally played 2-3 times with it in one charge for AT LEAST 4 hours a piece and only after the last couple games on the last day I played with it did the ROF drop slightly and you could tell it was starting to struggle a little bit. It hurts like crazy when you get hit and has great accuracy. Although it's heavy its also very balanced. But I REALLY recommend getting a sling , preferably a 3point, because after an hour of just holding the gun you give up and put it down and just use a sidearm because its just ridiculous how heavy this thing really is. That is a little exaggerated but the point is get a sling and it will make your life heaven with this gun by your side.

Also in regards to the Mags, I have some D-Boy's and J&G M4 mags that have worked perfectly with this gun so although some mags are too big and don't fit right in the gun, I know those 2 I had worked perfectly fine.

Very nice finish
Strong metal, can take a hit

Heavy(might be pos. for some)
Needs a sling to be used comfortably without drop in effectiveness while playing
by H. REIGI Date Added: Friday 13 August, 2010
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 RIS 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
i have had this gun for a little pver 4 or 5 months and overall it is a very good gun... if u intend to use a lipo battery you should immediately change out the piston because it is plastic junk and wears down very quickly with a lipo battery...i have a 6.01 extended battery in mine and the range and accuracy is amazing with a m120 spring.the hopup is very nice but kwa has its own type of hopup so there is no way to upgrade it or anything. right now my ris is shooting about 17 rps with a m120 spring with a 9.6 volt battery which is pretty impressive i think

good feel
good weight
good rps
good fps
good range
i like the crane stock which fits a butterfly lipo perfectly
the mag it comes with is great

not upgradeable hopup
crappy piston(only one metal tooth)
breaks alot on me...i have prolly had to send it in about 3 times on the past 6 months.
by S. IVERSEN Date Added: Tuesday 10 August, 2010
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 RIS 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I purchased this gun back in April, and thus far, it has held up wonderfully. I clean the barrel and exterior after every skirmish, and it has kept shooting well. I don't treat it particularly carefully during the game, because my play style is very active, involving diving through windows, sprinting, etc. It has been dropped a number of times and still works fine. I have not opened the gearbox, and do not intend to until something breaks or I need to downgrade the spring. However, from what I understand from reading and observe from firing, the internals are amazing.

Full metal construction means it is amazingly durable.
Has good range and accuracy for a carbine.
Adequate rate of fire.
RIS means customization. I currently have a vertical foregrip and flashlight attached to mine, but intend to get a red dot sight and possibly more in the future.
Crane stock means the weapon is comfortable to shoulder and can hold a fairly powerful and long lasting battery.
Good sling mount - Great for 1 pt slings.

Range cannot compete with full sized battle rifles, but this is to be expected of a carbine. To remedy this, I intend to add a barrel extension with an extended tight bore barrel.
The paint or finish or whatever makes the gun black can wear off if friction is applied. The area of the magwell that rubs on the metal part of my ALICE belt is worn down to the silverish base metal. This isn't too big of a con, it makes the gun look cool and battleworn.
MAG brand magazines don't all fit. I had to sand most of mine down to get them to fit to where I could drop them for tactical reloads.
by L. DAVIS verified buyer Date Added: Friday 28 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 RIS 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I got this gun about a week ago and it is amazing. It is the most solid airsoft gun I've ever held. The only plastic parts are the pistol grip and the moving piece of the crane stock. my old jg m4 doesn't even compare. The gun has almost no electrical whine like most guns do. It is extremely accurate and the internals are great. The rate of fire is great with my 9.6 volt battery it shoots around 19 to 21 a second. My only complaint is that it's kind of hard to get the wires of my battery in the stock it has gotten easier.

Full metal
very solid

hard to get the battery in at first
by C. WALSH verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 18 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KM4 RIS 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Well, I ordered this and recieved it quickly. Thanks to ASGI for getting it to me before Operation Pine Plains 4, here in Upstate New York.

Anyways. This was used for 28+ hours straight at OPP4, even though it is a 21 hour continuous Op, it was on my 1-pt sling for far, far longer. I can honestly say that this thing has earned it's place. It is a workhorse, with .25's at the Chrono it was shooting 350. He shot it 3 times and it hit 350 every time, it got quite the chuckle before it finally hit 354. It's weighted but not heavy, it's long but not awkward, it's short but not stubby. It's a perfect model for going for a basic M4.

It was shooting constant after the hop-up broke in. I honestly had no problems with getting this gun to shoot. I did not order a battery with this gun, stupid me. Honestly, if you are buying this, buy a battery that will properly fit into the crane stock. Anyways, to my surprise this gun was not only turning over, but firing hard and fast with an 8.4 battery. Very shocking to say the least.

Anyways, after the break in period it was doing very well. At Op Pine Plains 4, a Semi-Only event inside of a US army MOUT course. I had one battery last me for 98% of the entire game. Which was surprising in itself.

The gun is easy to handle, and comfy to hold. Even after a couple hours. It comes with the standard Carrying Handle and triangle front sight. It works well with a full face mask and is great with just the goggles. If I wanted too, an EOTECH will fit right with the front sight, but any other red-dot that is not on the Carrying handle will be blocked by the Front Mount and the Front Mount will need to be removed if you want to use it without the carrying handle as a riser.

The RIS fit my NCstar green laser perfectly fine with no problems, and no wobble.

The High-cap included feeds and fits without problem.

There is very little wobble. It is sturdy, but this Airsoft rifle is not without it's problems...

Here is a quick list of some of the bad.

I use Midcaps, before this I had an M4 that was a very whorish gun. It would take any M4 mag and feed it without dropping it.

The KWA is a very... picky, gun. 4 out of the 8 midcap mags I had fit into it. So I had to buy an 8-pack of the MAG plastic 130 round midcaps (Which by the way always fed and never wobbled. Quite sturdy too, construction wise. Also OPP4 tested), So that didn't make me too happy, but what can you expect.

The KWA KM-4 RIS does not come with a battery, as all high-end guns don't. Very annoying. As I had to strap a Battery to it and electrical tape the end of my Crane stock. Not very tacticool, you know? But who cares, as long as it is working.

The Gun's RIS is seemingly picky as well, as a King Arms vert foregrip (In OD if it matters, it was the only one in stock) does not want to play nicely. It will sit, and stay, but it will not screw completely onto the RIS, it will also jog slightly foreward and back, as if it was between locks. I tried it in numerous positions and such, but to no avail. The Foregrip was solid to the gun, and it also lasted the entirety of OPP4, even with the harshness I put it through, but I can't say I'm pleased. Maybe it was just the Foregrip. I have yet to see. As I said before it fit a Green Laser perfectly fine. But we shall see.

The Gun itself is overall well constructed, but as I said the Magwell problems, as well as the battery is just an annoyance. This gun is a definite buy for those looking for a solid starting well rounded base M4 platform to expand with as you grow as an Airsofter.

It gets 5 stars out of the basis of what it endured and what it has to offer. There are cons, as there are with every gun, but i have had no mechanical issues in around 1300 rounds through it in just 28 hours on mostly semi with some Auto mixed in.
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