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JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
[03433 / F6613]
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by T. BLAIS verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 21 February, 2013
verified buyer
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
This was the first time I had purchased a gun from Airsoft GI. I purchased this gun along with a condor Battle belt, fore grip, smart charger, 9.6v battery, and a few king arm mid caps. I had to wait until Christmas, as it was hidden from me until that time. I will warn you right now, check the fuse in the gun. I tried to fire it that morning and it stopped after a moment of use. The fuse provided had one of it's end caps loose. Replace this IMMEDIATELY!!!! I love the gun because of its flip front and rear sights, makes it less of a hassle when putting on optics. The 6(or is it 7?) point stock is great, allowing me to make a comfortable adjustment with no hassle or frustration. The gun feed pretty well and hits consistently. The hop up unit is easy enough to access while pulling back the bolt. Very satisfying sound while pulling back the bolt, which in my opinion is the best part about the gun.It's easy to adjust so long as you can fit your fingers inside.
Every now and again, it does mis-feed, but that issue is quickly resolved. The battery compartment in the hand guard is impossible sometimes. At one point, it took me twenty minutes to try and close the pins. The gun is very front heavy, making my arm a bit sore even after a few minutes of running around with the gun in hand. This maybe because of the different make of the mags, but the Mid-caps I have a little wobble when they're in the mag well of the gun. It's nothing to worry about, but it does seem a bit annoying.
Overall, for my first purchase, I'm pretty satisfied. It's a solid gun for people looking for a good piece of airsoft machinery at a low price. However, because of the frustration I have had with this gun, I don't expect to be buying another JG product anytime soon.

-Flip up rear and front sights
-Adjustable Stock
-Great accuracy and consistent with .20 bbs
-Hop-up easy to access

-Most likely comes with a bad fuse which should be replaced immediately
-Horrible/extremely difficult battery compartment
-Too front heavy
-Occasional mis-feeding
-Slightly wobbling w/ other mags in mag well.
by J. POP Date Added: Monday 01 April, 2013
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
First off, let me say that every gun has its ups and downs. For the most part, this gun works fine as it is without upgrades. The FPS is high and perfect for field play. The range is decent and the hop works well. Most of the gun is plastic, except for the gearbox, sights, and rails. The biggest issue is getting the battery in the front handguard, but practice makes it easy. You just need to push the fuse and the wires next to the outer barrel between the RIS.
After getting the gun, you may want to re-shim the gearbox and get a 9.6v battery (you probably want to remove the fuse altogether, just look up a youtube video if you dont know what this means). A necessity for this gun is a tight-bore inner barrel to help with range and possibly a longer inner barrel. If you do happen to get a longer inner barrel, the flash hider comes off relatively easy by wrapping an old shirt around it and then using pliers to twist it off.
Another thing you may want to look into is longer rails, because the ones on the sides are extremely short and the bottom one isn't quite long enough to mount anything more than a grip.
All in all, this gun works for skirmishes, and if your an avid player, you can fix it up pretty easily and make it a monster on the field.

Hits hard out of the box
Looks tacti-cool
Different (at least it was when I bought it...)
Easily upgradeable

Mostly plastic
Needs a better inner barrel
Front heavy (thats where the metal is)
by R. YACKESCHI verified buyer Date Added: Friday 26 April, 2013
verified buyer
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
Not the best, but not the worst. This weapon system as one of the most annoying RIS ever. The "Rail Sections" are not long enough for some fore-grips and other accessories. Not to mention the body, the top receiver doesn't even have rails under the S-system rails(Rendering it completely useless when trying to upgrade to standard rails). Wire set needs to be replaced as soon as you get it. Nearly impossible to fit the battery into this special "Rail system handguard". Some plastic internals(normal). Then the worst part of it, is the terrible JG screws(I hate them because of it takes forever to find the right bit). It misfeeds occasionally. ROF is terrible. Now that the bad is behind, let me point out the good. Flip up sights are awesome! As well as the metal body(Adds a lot of realism). Functioning charging handle(Realism and easier to get inside to the hop-up). The high power motor as great magnet(Sign that it can pull high powered springs). Gears are great(Usable for a build). FPS is a bit high for CQB but good for field though you are stuck at semiautomatic. 14mm threading under the flash hider. Magazine is good, plus its metal. Overall, I should have got the King Arms.

-Iron sights
-Metal Body
-14mm threading

-Battery space
by L. VAZNONIS Date Added: Monday 18 March, 2013
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
for the price the quality is very high. although there is a good bit of plastic, they are very tightly fitting pieces. im a quality freak and this gun meets my expectations for 150$

very tight construction, seriously except for the sights, nothing wiggles on the gun.
shoots far and straight
ROF is great on 8.4v
safety switch is super crisp
has nice weight
both sights are removable, there are two grooves in the barrel for the front sight however.

putting the battery in this gun blows. once you finally figure it out its better but still the wires dont want to fit.
stock golden eagle battery doesnt last very long.
bb's tend to shoot slighly to the right, this is the case for me and 3 others that own this gun. consensus is the bucking needs to be changed.
by J. OLEARY III Date Added: Sunday 10 February, 2013
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
This is my first tournament-grade AEG. That said, This is a VERY nice gun for the price. I first used this gun when my friend got his about a year ago. I loved the feel, weight, and workings of it. After browsing many different brands, including G&G sportlines, CA sportlines, and others, The dollar to Quality ratio was unbeatable. I love the working charging handle and the fact that the gun has a LOT of metal parts, even moreso than the other brands. all that info given, there are a few drawbacks. the weight is nice, but gets heavy quickly. The magazine that is included misfed a bit for me, but that may just be me. The battery compartment is INCREDIBLY tiny, making entry and removal of the battery very difficult. my first purchase upgrade-wise will be a crane stock and Ill learn to rewire it. Also worth noting is that the ROF isn't all that great, but Ill figure out how to fix that. And the battery that is included is crappy. I havnt had a chance to use it at a regulated field yet, but just target practice in my yard killed the battery in 10 minutes, but no worries because I purchased a Tenergy 9.6v NiMH for 25$. All in all, this gun is amazing and I would suggest it to anyone getting into airsoft, or an experienced player who wants a cheap m4 to work on.

Tons of RIS, yay!!!
great FPS
feels very realistic
lots of metal parts
Very Sturdy
Awesome price
best looking and best made of any gun under 200$

Weight is just wowohouch after a few minutes
ROF is lame
Battery compartment is just this side of unusable
Stock battery just sucks
The RIS cut my hand while holding the magwell, a foregrip should be included.
Mag misfed a bit
by A. POLANCO verified buyer Date Added: Friday 28 December, 2012
verified buyer
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
This is an amazing gun. The weight is very realistic besides the polymer body. The gun itself feels really good and the pistol grip is great along with the RIS system. I've added a fore grip and it makes the gun easier to use/carry while you're running around and shooting. The retractable stock is also a great perk. There is enough space for a nunchuck 9.6v battery to fit into the holder under the barrel. The sights are also nice and adjustable. For my first purchase, it was an amazing deal at $143.95 and never regret buying it. Definitely a must buy.

very comfortable to hold
realistic body/weight
almost all metal except the body
RIS system is awesome
Very good price for what you're getting
easily adjustable hop up

a little tight to put 9.6v nunchuck but fits well.
by T. DURST verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 02 September, 2012
verified buyer
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is great. I've had it now for abound two-three months and i love it. If you are looking for a good priced, hard hitting, and great looking m4 here it is! When i got my gun it was shooting around 417 with .2's. A little hot for some places so i would just chrono with .23's. But I have used this gun in back yard battles, huge pro games, and i can't wait until i go play some cqb with it. The battery really isn't that hard to get in. Sure it takes a minute or two but this is my first age and i got it in only like two minutes. The mag it comes with is great and full metal, it has flip up iron sights, the stock it comes with is pretty good but i may upgrade to a crane. If you do get this gun though defiantly GET A SMART CHARGER!!!!!!!! There's one for like 15 bucks and it works great with the stock battery. The lower rail also is long enough for vert grips and angled fore grips. I got an aim panoramic red dot and an angled fore grip with this bad boy and it looks beast. I would also highly suggest getting a magpul two point sling cause your arms will get tired. But still love this gun!

-Great fps
-Pretty good ROF
-Looks sick (especially with some accessories)
-Great mag
-Comes with a good battery
-It's an m4
-Gives you lots of options to upgrade if you want to

-Doesn't come with a good charger so defiantly get a smart charger
-A little front heavy but nothing bad, just get a grip and sling
Nothing else this gun is great so get it!
by C. ROCHE verified buyer Date Added: Monday 30 April, 2012
verified buyer
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
Strait to the point, this gun is great for anybody, weather they are just starting airsoft, or are looking for a gun they can build on and use in multiple environments. For beginning players this gun will spoil you, It has components, like the flip up sites or rails, that most cheap good m4s wont come with. For advanced players those components mean you wont have to work as much on upgrades. The internals are good and work well, I cant think of any reason to change them unless they break or you decide to turn this gun into a sniper,(which I did.) I know other people have talked about the problems that this gun has and hears my input: The stock is not actually bad at all. it wobbles a bit and if that really bothers you then put some strips of electrical tape under it on the tube. The lower receiver feels kinda wimpy and is a different color then the rest of the gun, the plastic will actually hold up and it takes down the weight of the gun though which is another problem. The gun is very front heavy, I would highly recommend a vertical grip to help hold up the gun. There is also very little rail space, the top rail is fine but the side rails are maybe two inches long and the bottom one only about three. This does provide enough space for basic accessories, but not anything more. And lastly the battery compartment can barley fit the 8.4v battery it comes with. It will take a lot of messing around with to get right and larger batteries wont fit all together. I just got a Peq15 box for my 9.6v and that works fine. In my opinion the pros outweigh the cons for this gun, and the fact that it is cheaper than most m4s is another plus.

-sturdy(accept for lower receiver)
-flip up sights
-damn good range and accuracy
-has rails(even if they are small)
-very customizable
-works in a cqb and a field environment (check the power for cqb though, mine shot 411 out of the box with the 8.4v battery)
-cheap compared to most other m4s
-durable(I've used this against paintball players and come out with no problems)

-battery compartment is too small(just get a Peq15)
-rails are too small for more than the basics
-flash hider is plastic and glued(but if that ruins the gun for you then stop playing airsoft)
-lower receiver feels flimsy and is dark grey where the rest of the gun is black (all that really does is allow people to underestimate you because they think you have a cheap gun.)
-the battery and mag that it comes with are only decent (but that is no different with any other gun accept 300-600$ magpul guns or something similar.)
by C. O'NEILL Date Added: Sunday 20 March, 2011
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
this rifle is very nice... the internal upgrades are alot better then last years models and the externals as well the same.The stock,pistol grip,and forstock(handgard) are a nicly texterd abs polymer plastic.the upper,lower reciever is the standerd abs plastic as well as the falsh-hider.Both the front,rear flip up sights are metal as well the rails on the top and the smaller rails that can be mounted on the side of the forestock.And dont forget the rail on the bottem of the forestock witch is also metal.This also comes with a one peace tight bore barrel(inner) and a one peace aluminum outer barrel.The magizine is a 300 plus round with a included tool for faster winding. The battery that is included is an 8.4v 1100 mah and w/ wall charger.You can remove the flash hider with very small allen keys and will reveal the (counter clockwise) -14mm threads.

-Great offer and really good quality aeg for under $200.00.
-chronoed at 420 fps (give or take) (0.20g)
-great groupings from around 100 feet (o.20g)
-adjustible front and rear sights
-preaty good rate of fire 750 to 950 rpm's

-little woble in the stock and magizine once in the mag well but is a to be exspected with an m4 aeg.
by E. MANDELL verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 01 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
ive had this gun for about 7 months now and its great mine shoots 415-425 fps and nothing on it has broken at all and the only thing with it is that if you DONT know what your doing the battery is hard to get in it and i cut the plastic zip tie things holding the wires in place for the battery to make it easy to put it in

mine normally shoots about 422fps,
not too heavy at about 7-8 pounds,
durable plastic body,
full metal internals,

NONE at all
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